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About The Self-Mastery Teacher

Born in Suriname and raised in The Netherlands. Fell in love with an American and flew around the world to live our lives together. In 2010, I got pregnant, and I became a stay-at-home mom. I realized it was a great opportunity to sit still and ask myself: "Who am I?"

Little did I know that was the plan all along. My soul was waiting for an opportunity to have me all to herself so I could remember something important about myself - an inner wisdom I had yet to tap into. Once the seed was planted in my mind, I became a seeker of truth and realized that motherhood was the catalyst that pushed me into my spiritual awakening journey. Now that I know, I can not un-know, and I want to share my newfound wisdom with all mothers around the world.

I've made it my life's mission to help you remember your Higher Self because I am convinced that when mothers awaken, we can create that beautiful family life full of joy, happiness, and abundance. We will raise children who will no longer accept unconscious living.

There are plenty of spiritual teachings out there, but this one is dedicated to all moms who are on the search for something greater than themselves. If you would like me to be your guide, I invite you to join my Self-Mastery School for Moms. Can’t wait to meet you inside! 

Take care, Jeanice.

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