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My Spiritual Awakening Story

It all started 20 years ago when I met my husband, and his job took us to Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates. Living in a foreign country, I felt I had nothing to lose and went after something I always wanted to do...


I became a Model in Dubai, and it worked out. The market agreed I had the right look for the right environment.

Jeanice Nelson
Jeanice Nelson
Jeanice Nelson
Jeanice Nelson
Jeanice Nelson

But what I didn't have, was an awareness of my Higher Self.


Insecurity, self-doubt, and self-sabotage were still part of my life, controlling my behavior.


Lack of focus was my default state.


Back then, I lacked the drive, discipline, and determination to dive deeper because my inner saboteur always stopped me from discovering who I really was. 

Self-Love is what I forgot

Until… my whole world changed, my daughter was born, and I decided to stop working and stay home for my beautiful baby girl. Being a SAHM removed me from my outer world and confined me to the walls of my house. At first, it felt isolating, especially for someone like me who was always used to being out and about.

Jeanice Nelson

But, in retrospect, I know now this wasn't a coincidence. Something happens when you are alone. It's an opportunity for The Soul to invite you back into your inner world. 

Motherhood became the catalyst for my spiritual awakening

 A door appeared in my mind. I opened it and became a spiritual seeker. 

I see now how all the steps of the past have prepared me for this next phase of my life. I understand my purpose and am passionate about expressing it. 

My Mind and Soul became One Body

I have let go of my outer world, and now my inner world inspires my drive, discipline, and determination. I move from a place of inspired action because I am finally aware that we never get to stand still but expand to Become More. I heard the call. I chose to listen and restored my love for Self back in my heart. I trust my inner voice again.

Trusting yourself brings inner peace, and you will see others in their true form. You will accept them for who they are and stop arguing about your worth. Before we ask others to see us, what's more important is that we see ourselves first. It made me a better wife, a great mother, and a fabulous person to hang out with. My mind has become a wonderful place to be. Motherhood has set me free.

Fabulous One Philosophy

I wrote Fabulous One Philosophy to show you how I have silenced my inner saboteur, restored self-love, learned to trust my inner guidance, and explained why motherhood is the gateway to your Higher Self. 

In my book, you can read about The Five Stages of Self-Mastery I had to go through to reach The Awakened State. Excited to start your journey? Join my free student membership and start by reading my book Self-Mastery Study Guide for Moms and ask your questions through Free Clarity Chat


Love, Jeanice

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