Become The Awakened Mom

Silence your Inner Saboteur and Transform her into your Inner Strength, so you can awaken The Self-Master within and make each day your Masterpiece


Why Moms?


It's hard being a mom in this new digital age. They tell us we can have it all, but nobody tells us: "How?"

Everything is coming at us at a rapid speed and always changing in the next. They say: "Be The Real You!" But what does that even mean?

We have enough on our plate and becoming Superwoman sounds exhausting. On top of that, our kids are losing themselves on the internet and we will be lost right next to them if we don't come up with a solution. 

Our mind is not able to handle the world we live in today because we are still operating from an old faulty framework. We are building our castles on quick sand.

It's time we upgrade, and reach a higher level of thinking, so we can create a solid foundation that is unshakeable. Positively deal with whatever is in front of us and live our lives on our own terms without overwhelm or comparing ourselves to others. 

A mother who sees the world through the eyes of her Higher Self and therefore is able to handle whatever comes her way. If we want the world to stop dictating to us, who we are supposed to be, and become who we really are. We need to take our power back and expand our consciousness. 

Imagine, a self-mastery system that shows you how to:

  • Silence your Inner Saboteur so you can stop comparing yourself and focus on your own spiritual purpose and growth. 

  • Validate and celebrate your role as a mother even when you can't see the proof in your real-world because you master your emotions.


  • Stop second guessing your choices and bring clarity into your life so you can make faster decisions that lead to expansion and abundance.  

  • Become more confident and outspoken to stand up for what you believe in without feeling guilty (so, you get to parent exactly how you choose too.) 

  • No longer procrastinate and do what needs to be done even if it's not fun.

  • Master emotional eating even when the outside world is trying to get the best of you and make you feel lesser then because you don't look bikini-perfect. 

  • Connect from a heart-centered place and activate the soul-bond with your husband so other women can't tempt him, no matter how hard they try.

  • Have much more understanding and empathy towards your children and help them master their own feelings, so you no longer feel out of balance when they erupt into chaos.


  • Align soul, mind and body so you can dramatically slow down aging, increase your energy and stay on top of your daily work-load without stressing out.

  • Use a mind-map, so you have a tangible method you can always fall back on when your mind is trying to make you feel small. 

  • Have the confidence to say; “Yes, I’m Fabulous!” and walk with your head up high even when we drop off the kids in our pajamas, hair all messy and no make-up.

What's Inside?


This Study Guide has 15 Chapters & 21 illustrations to help you feel fabulous from the inside-out

These illustrations will help you visualize the self-realization process and understand how to transcend the inner saboteur into your inner strength

Copyrighted illustrations of Fabulous One Philosophy
Copyrighted Illustrations of Fabulous One Philosophy
Copyrighted Illustrations of Fabulous One Philosophy
Copyrighted Illustrations of Fabulous One Philosophy
Copyrighted Illustrations of Fabulous One Philosophy
Copyrighted Illustrations of Fabulous One Philosophy

What Makes This Study Guide Different:


Fabulous One Philosophy...

  • Teaches you the Fabulous One Framework, a self-mastery system that helps you take your power back from the inner saboteur. A framework compatible with the new digital age we live in where we are bombarded with distractions and temptations.  

  • Teaches you about the Fabulous One Fractal Selves, the four selves that rule your day to day in the background. They have to align as One if you wish to become the Higher Self. 

  • Teaches how to go through The 5 Stages of Self-Mastery.  You will learn why you don't have go from negative to positive. And that there is a better way that rises above duality and allows you to see through the eyes of the non-dual mind (Source).


  • Will not teach you how to follow a master but to become your own Master


  • Empowers you to think with The Universal Mind.


  • Teaches you how to expand your conscious awareness by using the Three Matrixes.


  • Shows you how to use your role as mother to speed up your Awakening Process.

  • Will help you go through the self-realization process so you can Set Yourself Free.

What you won't find in this Study Guide:

  • Advice on how to meditate and quiet your mind. 

  • How to recite positive affirmations or create vision boards

  • Psychic readings, tarot cards, or witchcraft are not part of this book 

Instead, it's based on neuroscience, epigenetics, advanced nutrition, psychology, philosophy, metaphysics, and spirituality.

Are you ready to become Fabulous One?


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About The Author


Hi, my name is Jeanice Nelson,

Author and Founder of Fabulous One Philosophy

Self-Mastery Teacher Jeanice Nelson

Born in Surinam, South America, raised in The Netherlands. Fell in love with an American and flew around the world to live our lives together. In 2010 we resided in Abu Dhabi, UAE and I became a stay at home mom. I realized it was a great opportunity to sit still and ask myself: "Who am I?"


Little did I know, that was the plan all along. My Soul made me a mother because there was something I had to remember about myself - an inner wisdom I had yet to tap into. Once the seed was planted in my mind, I became a seeker of truth and realized that motherhood was the catalyst that put me on the journey of my spiritual awakening process.


In 2017 I had an awakening of my energy body and my separation was healed. Now that I can see through the eyes of my Higher Self, I no longer fear my shadow and unleashed The Awakened Mother you see, today.


I've made it my life's mission to help moms all over the world remember their True Self, because I am convinced when mothers "wake up," we will create a life full of joy and happiness and our children will bring innovation and positive change to the world.


There are plenty of spiritual teachings out there, but this one is specially dedicated to moms. Allow me to be your guide. 

Love, Jeanice