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Student Inquiries

Questions & Answers

Student inquiries about the school, your account, rescheduling booked appointments, payment issues, navigating the study materials, positive feedback/complaints or any questions about running services are welcome on designated days and hours.

Days & Hours

Response Days & Times: Mo to Fri - from 8am-8pm


Not available on Saturday and Sunday

Text & Audio Chat Only

You can send text or audio chats during school hours. Video and phone calls will have to be by scheduled appointment only. Reach out through chat if you wish to schedule an appointment. 

Response Time

Response time on School Chat or Whatsapp Chat will be within 48 hours.

How can I reach you?

Click the pink chat box icon at the bottom of this page, and choose which platform you wish to send a message from.

For Business-Related Questions:
You can send an email to


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