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  • 68 pages of Fabulous One Philosophy (Self-Mastery Study Guide for Moms)

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Imagine, a self-mastery system that shows you how to:

  • Silence your Inner Saboteur so you can stop comparing yourself and focus on your own spiritual purpose and growth. 

  • Validate and celebrate your role as a mother even when you can't see the proof in your real-world because you master your emotions.


  • Stop second guessing your choices and bring clarity into your life so you can make faster decisions that lead to expansion and abundance.  

  • Become more confident and outspoken to stand up for what you believe in without feeling guilty (so, you get to parent exactly how you choose too.) 

  • No longer procrastinate and do what needs to be done even if it's not fun.

  • Master emotional eating even when the outside world is trying to get the best of you and make you feel lesser then because you don't look bikini-perfect. 

  • Connect from a heart-centered place and activate the soul-bond with your husband so other women can't tempt him, no matter how hard they try.

  • Have much more understanding and empathy towards your children and help them master their own feelings, so you no longer feel out of balance when they erupt into chaos.


  • Align soul, mind and body so you can dramatically slow down aging, increase your energy and stay on top of your daily work-load without stressing out.

  • Use a mind-map, so you have a tangible method you can always fall back on when your mind is trying to make you feel small. 

  • Have the confidence to say; “Yes, I’m Fabulous!” and walk with your head up high even when we drop off the kids in our pajamas, hair all messy and no make-up on.

The most important skill you need if you want to live life on your own terms is...


Quieting the mind is the old
Learning how to think is the new

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Learn how to silence your inner saboteur and unlock your mind 

What's Inside
The Self-Mastery School For Moms?


Receive 68 Pages of the
Self-Mastery Study Guide


A full introduction of the Fabulous One Philosophy and how it can help you become The Awakened Mom. Learn about the 5 stages of self-mastery and see where you are on your spiritual journey. You will go from mom to master in the comfort of your own home even with all the chaos of family life around you by pure understanding. There is nothing you have to do, but something you have to remember. Read my book to find out.

You will receive 9 out of
21 Mind-Expanding Illustrations


They say a picture speaks a 1000 words. The illustrations in my book will help you expand to a higher consciousness. The drawings come with a full explanation to help you deepen your knowledge about enlightenment and awaken your multi-dimensional nature.


Access to
Student Level Membership

You will have your own account as a student inside the school. On the registration form you will be asked to create your username and password. Once approved you'll receive a Student Badge and gain access to the student level membership.


Become part of the
Fabulous One Family

A sister-community of like-minded moms who all want to connect to their Higher Self and become Masters so they can contribute to their family, community and serve the world in a way that feels authentic to them without shame or guilt for being who they are. 

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Access to my
Secret Podcast

A monthly private podcast to discuss all questions in regards to the self-mastery study guide and additional teachings to deepen your knowledge about the Fabulous One Philosophy so you can you remember who you are and connect to your Higher Self.  


Access To The
Fabulous One Philosophy Masterclass Series

Learn to see the world through a new lens and no longer perceive yourself the same way again. Rome wasn't build in a day, and your mind won't transform in a day either.  In these one-hour masterclasses you will learn about the philosophy in bite size junks. So, you can implement what you learn in real life and take the small wins. Every month a new masterclass will be added to the school.

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FOP Masterclass Image

and many more to come...

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Why Now?

The world has changed, but have we? 

New technology and modern-day living has expanded our view of life, but we are simply struggling to keep up. Distraction keeps is stuck in one place. As long as the matrix can keep us distracted with chasing shiny objects. We will never discover our True Worth. Society has painted this false picture of a woman who should have it all. A woman who functions like an energetic robot all day, is present with her kids 24/7, cooks a five-course meal, keeps the house spic & span, sexes her husband while she operates a million-dollar business....(sigh)


It's exhausting and absolutely not necessary. We are not human doings. We are human beings. If we could only believe that who we are, right now, is enough. 


It’s Awakened Mothers who will change the world. We will wake our children up. When no longer stuck in illusions our children will be free to create heaven on earth. 

 True Inner Power is not a fairytale, but a logical consequence of your spiritual evolution. 

Are you ready to become Fabulous One?

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