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3 Mind Boggling Misunderstandings That Has Kept Your Ego Running In Circles | Public Podcast

Updated: Dec 14, 2023

Ok, serious question; What makes you feel better?

The idea that you have to let your ego die? Or the idea that your ego has to be reborn as new?

There is a major difference between both questions. The first question implies you will have to get rid of your ego. The second question makes it clear that the ego may stay, but just not in the same old form. She needs to upgrade herself.

The first question is the one that has been dominant for centuries, but it is absolutely wrong and incompatible with our 21st-century way of living. Anybody in the 21st century who is still trying to convince you to get rid of your ego is delusional, and please run away from them as far as you can.

Here are the 3 mind-bending misunderstandings of the ego that have kept you asleep for many years.

Misunderstanding #1

You can not, ever, get rid of the ego. The ego is immortal. The ego is the mind. Anything mind means it will be here forever. The ego can not die. So, what they tell you to accomplish can not be done, and that is why you are so frustrated. You feel “not good enough.” Such a failure you are. Can’t get rid of your ego? Ahhh, you will never be as enlightened as them? Maybe that’s why they did that to us. So they can appear higher than the rest of us. We never reach that level. They are so “awakened” it’s just only for the chosen ones, not us regular folks.

So, you need a new framework, a new way of seeing things. The newest way of seeing things is not to get rid of your ego but allow her to be here. She serves a great purpose, one that we all experience daily but denies. You cannot live in this 3d reality without an ego.

So let’s give you a real example: Who are you listening to right now?

Me, right? Who is “me”? Jeanice Nelson.

Who is Jeanice Nelson? My ego.

Then why do you claim to be a self-master, Jeanice?

Because my ego is in the service of my soul.

When your ego serves the soul, you are in complete alignment.

The words coming out of your mouth will flow, heal, uplift, and illuminate. But make no mistake about it. Every person you are listening to… I don’t care how spiritual or how “enlightened” they say they are. I don’t care if this person floats in front of us; even that person will have an ego.

Words can only be spoken through the ego. Anybody that is trying to convince you it’s not ego or that they don’t have an ego anymore is speaking from ego. They’re stuck in their ego, and their ego has now become so delusional that they have the audacity to tell you; I have no more ego. That’s false teaching and leading people off the cliff.

Guess what all you want to do now? Get rid of your ego, right?

If the most high are telling you that your ego is bad. And you need to get rid of it if you wish to awaken. Who are you to question the greatest masters?

Yeah, that’s where you are wrong. You are supposed to question them. We are not supposed to stay the same and just repeat the same old teaching, especially if it doesn’t work. Just look around you.

Is it working?

Are we successfully getting rid of our ego?

No, cause it is impossible. The ego is created with the same life force energy as the soul. We will never do away with her. The whole purpose is to get used to her presence. Accept she is here for a reason. Which is to be your opposition. Without it, you couldn’t manifest yourself in a 3D reality. You need the tension or friction from the opposition to hold yourself in the middle. My teaching is not Spirituality 101 nor Spirituality 2.0. We are taking it to a whole other level. Spirituality 3.0. A new mental framework that will allow your ego to play, but in a different form. She can’t be the same old ego always sabotaging you. Therefore you need to transform her first from your inner saboteur into your inner strength so that you can awaken the self-master within.

But Jean, but, but, but this is preposterous! Lol.

Yeah, many greats before me have been called “heretics” before people, after many years, adopt the same philosophy the teacher had been preaching for decades and act like they always knew the ego was part of the plan. Ugghhh... it is what it is.

Lucky for me, my ego isn’t after recognition. I am here to help you awaken, sister. That’s my only mission.

“When you hurl yourself into the abyss and realize it’s a feather bed.” - Terence McKenna.

But not so fast. Hold up, pull it back a little, wait, waaaiiiitttttt! Lol.

Let me explain how even that quote walks us off the cliff.

Misunderstanding #2

You don’t have to hurl yourself into the abyss one time...

You have to do it over and over and over. Do it so many times it becomes fun. Once your ego finally catches on. She will realize that her only way to upgrade is to go into the unknown. You must become so familiar with it that you can’t wait for the next turn. You can’t wait to jump into the unknown again. Like an eager beaver waiting for the portal to open. Asking your soul; Can I go now? Can I? Can I?

I want to go because I want to be reborn again.

Why would your ego be so excited to do so?

Because every time you are reborn. Guess what happens? Everything becomes new. It’s like having a new experience all over again. Struck by awe. This feeling will never be boring. It’s the most exciting feeling you will ever have. The biggest misunderstanding is that it’s not what you are looking at, but it’s the way you look at it. Look at the same thing with different eyes. When you see a rainbow for the first time, you are struck by awe, but after the second time or many times after, it won’t affect you that much anymore.

This happens to everything we see in life, even our husbands. It is called “hedonic adaptation.” Something that once was so special now feels like an everyday thing. You got used to it or normalized it. Yeah, that guy, oh yeah, that’s my husband, hmm hahaha lol. Don’t be lying, be honest!

How many of you, after 5, 10, 15 years, scream from the rooftop… That’s my man!! While he’s drinking a beer watching the game on tv?! It’s more, oh, you watching a game, again? How many games are there in a day?

So, it is not the rainbow that changes its appearance. No matter how many times you look at your husband. Yep, still there, still the same him. He didn’t shape-shift or anything, lol.

So, there will never be another first time seeing the rainbow. But when the ego has a rebirth, you see that same rainbow for the first time because you see something that wasn’t there before, and you can’t believe how you had missed it all this time. You never noticed it, but since your rebirth, new things come into your vision. You’ll be walking around like a little child with your mouth open. Can’t believe your eyes.

“The other world is this world, rightly seen.” Nisargadatta Maharaj

This is the reason your marriage becomes stagnant. If your mind doesn’t go through a rebirth, it means you are recycling the same old thoughts and experiences cause that’s all you got—the same perspective of reality, day in, day out.

Once you allow your mind to be reborn, you will see your husband with new eyes. You will discover new things about him you never knew before. You will ask him questions you never knew how to ask before. You will connect on a whole new level you didn't know was possible.

You can’t be afraid of your own mind. The depth of your relationships depends on the level of depth you have met yourself. You can only reach a higher level of consciousness if you willingly detach from the old paradigm and allow yourself to be reborn into the new paradigm.

That’s the key.

I can look at my husband over and over and over and over, and I constantly find something new about him. Something amazing, something wonderful, something that I did not see before. We’ve been together for 20 years, and I’m still discovering new things about him. I would have never known he had such depths if I had not been courageous enough to go on the hero’s journey and wake myself up.

So, if you want to upgrade your relationships, if you want to be struck by awe and feel completely blissed out. Don’t kill off your ego, but allow her to be reborn.

This way, you never have to change your environment or change the people in your life. You just learn to see them through new eyes.

Misunderstanding #3

This will never end. No, I am not joking. You will have to do this “jump” over and over again until you die or quit. But if you quit, you will die, so you have no choice but to keep going. Anything not used will be dissolved by the conscious universe. You don’t use your body. It will be dissolved, and if you don’t use your mind, it will be dissolved. I say dissolved, but in physics, they call it “entropy.” Entropy is the reason everything breaks down back into nothingness. Everything is impermanent, and you will have to do this dance for eternity.

So, a huge misunderstanding is to make the ego believe there is an end station. An end result to gain that will keep your ego in this wonderful state of bliss all day, every day, without having to do any work. No, you will have to work for it forever. Hurl yourself once more into the unknown. And if you tell me, Jean, I am tired of this. This can’t be…

You have been put asleep by your unconscious mind because anyone who has truly experienced a rebirth will become forever curious. Your seeker’s mind will be lit. All you want to do is find out how much more you didn’t know. Life becomes this huge, magnificent exploration of so many things yet to be explored by you. You will no longer seek a final destination but understand it’s the journey that makes it all so beautiful.

So, the ego has to understand, which is a hard pill to swallow, that she will never be the soul because you have to chase her for eternity, and the body doesn’t have eternity. The body will one day run out of time. Your feelings of imperfection serve a purpose so that you can chase after yourself and discover new things over and over again until you can no longer.

And when I say “imperfect,” it is not an insult. Imperfection means you will always keep a beginner’s mind. An open mind for improvement and betterment of who you are. Make the most of this life.

Have as many experiences as you can because that’s the only thing the mind can truly take with her. Your expansion will elevate the entire world to a higher vibration and allow the next generation to build upon your discoveries and build new things.

And when I wholeheartedly throw myself into this quest as a side effect, you will as well wake up the rest because they will look at you with wonder and ask:

“So, what is it again that you did, rebirth?”

When you are ready, you know where to find me...



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