3 Myths that keep you stuck | Episode 9

We can’t receive the message because the little self switched of the receiver. There is a saboteur that lays hidden in your mind but pops up every time you have a great idea or want to do what is right. She blocks the light.

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Hello Fabulous One, welcome back to a new episode of the Secret Podcast.

In today’s episode we will discuss the 3 myths that keep you stuck at Stage One. I am referring to the 5 stages of self-mastery which I wrote about in my book. If you are not familiar with the 5 stages, you can go inside the school and read the introduction of the Fabulous One Philosophy. 68 Pages that give you a complete overview of these 5 stages and what happens at each stage. Today, we talk about what might could prevent you from moving forward.

The advantage that someone 10 years older than you has, is life experience and valuable knowledge which mistakes to avoid. Unfortunately, who do we have in our lives that is 10-20 years older and wise enough to do, so? And when we find someone who qualifies what makes us think we will listen?

Chances are we all had parents who tried to give us advice?

Did we listen?

Was it accurate advice?

Some yes, some no. How do we know when we can trust the advice we hear and which one to take to heart and the ones to disregard? In this episode, I will tell you about the 3 myths that keep you stuck and why you need to the 5 stages of self-mastery to get unstuck. Each stage is very important to increase your level of consciousness and of course in the end, connect to your Higher Self. After all if we want to live in harmony and follow our bliss.

Wouldn’t we first have to understand what needs to happen in order to get there?

The problem with most young adults, and I was guilty of that myself, we always try to skip steps. We think we can shortcut our way to abundance and happiness. And that is the hard lesson I had to learn, after all this time. It’s necessary to go through all stages and learn the lessons, because each stage is a steppingstone for the next one. If you try to skip a step, the foundation for the next stage is missing and you will always sink your ship.

Let’s do it right this time. It’s never too late to learn. I wholeheartedly believe that. Never. I don’t care how old you are. Whenever you feel ready, that is the best time, to take yourself all the way and do it right this time. The biggest mistake we make in our twenties is that we try to follow the herd and do what we see others do, but it doesn’t mean it is in alignment with your soul. You have a unique soul signature you must discover, but with all the distractions and misinformation we have nowadays it’s much harder than it was before.

You end up doing the same routine chores or copying others, never challenging yourself to dig deeper and find your Inner Truth. Let me know if this is true. There are moments in time, you have a burst of inspiration and feel a surge of energy, motivating you to act, but as you take steps towards it, what was once a bright idea seems to wither away in the distance to this dim flickering light.

Where did my excitement go? A few days ago, I was enthusiastic about this idea. Now, I don’t want to think about it. You know what I am talking about, it could be anything.

That weight loss program you wanted to start, that business you dream of having, the extra effort you say you would like to make to have a better marriage or find your future husband. Oh yeah great ideas, but when it comes time to do the work, you are not in it to win it; the fire is missing, no drive and there is always a good reason.

Why is that?

You are not doing anything wrong, but still at some point you just get angry at yourself because you catch on. Ah shoot, I did it again; I didn’t follow through. If you wish to put a stop to this and end self-sabotage, you must find your soul’s purpose. You must find your why. Nothing else is more important than that. You must find out what makes you tick. What sets your heart on fire? Otherwise, you will do this dance forever. But there is a huge misunderstanding about how to find it. We think we can find our soul’s purpose in our outer world. We think we need to give it a name or label.

For example, if I say: My soul’s purpose is to be a self-mastery teacher, I would be wrong. That is not my soul’s purpose. It’s an egoic desire because it is a goal in my outer world. Stop thinking you have to give yourself a goal, label it and call it your purpose. It is trickery of the mind.

I can only find the purpose of the soul in my inner world, and I will have to meet with the soul in my inner world in order to discover it. No intellectual understanding of what I want will suffice. I have to connect to it with my heart. My soul’s purpose is to achieve greatness within the boundaries of my personality. Express myself and offer my help to those who wish to receive with no expectation of the end-result. Challenge and improve myself every step of the way. In order for me to stand behind this statement, I had to first figure out who I was and second learn the language of my soul. And here is where the trouble starts: We can’t hear the soul because there is a self who blocked the signal. We can’t receive the message because the little self switched of the receiver. There is a saboteur that lays hidden in your mind but pops up every time you have a great idea or want to do what is right. She blocks the light.

The reason it is hard to catch her is that she works with universal laws. She hides behind infinity and throws you off with distractions. If you wish to follow your bliss with no disturbance from your inner saboteur? You must know of her presence and how she operates. How she blinds your vision and makes it impossible for you to discover your true purpose.

What is her connection to the soul?

Why is she always around?

There is something about your inner saboteur you must know. She is not doing this on purpose. The conscious universe has given her instructions to always be the opposite of you. This way, you remain in balance at all times. But it doesn’t feel like balance, does it? It feels like she is pulling you under. It feels like she is trying to bury you under all this heaviness. The conscious universe is a complex web of many unpredictable events and you have to learn how to navigate before you decide to follow through on any plan. The inner saboteur knows you are on a journey to self-discovery, so she dug some holes and covered them up. Every time you set out to execute on your plan somewhere along the way you fall in one of her holes.

Learn the 5 stages of self-mastery to understand how your inner saboteur is always one step ahead of you and prevents you from connecting to your Higher Self.

Stage 1. Teach

Stage 2. Transcend the mind

Stage 3. Transition

Stage 4. Transcend the body

Stage 5. Total Transformation.

Each stage needs a whole podcast on its own, so let’s start with Stage 1 Teach.

Society thought us an outdated mental framework. It does not equip our mind to deal with the new digital age. We need an upgrade, and our parents are the ones who should have thought us that, but it’s fair to say that they don’t know either. One of us has to do the research and figure this out because we are all drowning in the ocean of distraction and misinformation.

What is wrong with our mental framework?

The 3 myths that keep you stuck in this new digital age.

Myth 1

“I think therefore, I am.” – Descartes, a famous philosopher from back in the day who was very successful, but the question arises: “Who is the I that thinks?”

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