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Align with your Higher Self by making the spiritual practical

Updated: Dec 14, 2023

How does it feel to be connected to your Higher Self?

How will my day differ from a usual day?

What I find important is that we make the mystical material so we can recognize the feeling. It’s a feeling you are looking for. Moving at the speed of light in peace. You are the Higher Self when the vibration of your soul does not upset your ego. What I would like to propose is to use everyday tasks and turn them into spiritual practices. As a busy mom, I have so many things on my to-do list, and when I can’t get them done, I feel I have failed myself. How do you feel if you can’t stick to your to-do list?

Embodiment means you are peaceful within, no matter what happens in your outside world. Stop trying to be at peace with the world. The world is always in some kind of turmoil and somehow always messes up the flow of our day. We have to let go of the world and learn how to listen to our inner world. Here is a way you can test your listening skills with your inner guidance.

You have two minds, the conscious and the subconscious mind. The conscious mind is the divine masculine energy, which I call your fabulous self. Your subconscious mind is the divine feminine energy, which I call your frequency self. I call her fabulous self because if you are a physical woman, I don’t want you to think that the divine masculine is a man. It is not. It’s an energy focused on your physical reality. Your subconscious mind is focused on your non-physical reality and how you feel. We can as well call the fabulous self, your mind, and the frequency self, your body. That is why she is called frequency. She determines your vibration. The frequency you are on is based on how you feel. When they work together, there is tremendous harmony, and you will feel fantastic about yourself all day long.

As mothers, we have all these routines we have to stick to and a tremendous to-do list that we never get done. And then we feel bad about not keeping our promises to ourselves. But we don’t have to feel this way.

Foremost, there is always another day. We should let go of this idea if it doesn’t happen as I thought. I have failed. We should have a more flexible approach where we allow room for mistakes, dropping the ball, and just not getting it done without cursing ourselves out in our heads. This method will work with your divine energies instead of against them.

Your conscious mind is the creator who creates the instructions. She writes the to-do list. Brain dump everything in a notebook. Everything that needs to be done for the week. Get it out of your head and on paper. Don’t schedule the activities per day, but leave it open. The life of a mother means we are always interrupted while we make our plans and feel we can’t get the things done that matter to us. There is always an unexpected situation we did not account for that makes us behind on our to-do list. The key is to write a to-do list without fixed days and times, especially if you are not 1000% sure you will get it done. Plan nothing and leave it open. Just read over your to-do list a couple of times and give yourself time to write as much as you can.

The divine masculine energy writes your complete to-do list for the week. Here is where the magic happens. The divine feminine energy will fill it in based on how you feel on that day. She already knows what needs to be done since you wrote it down and you made her read it. She has a photographic memory, and she will get everything done. Trust her. Let go of control. The divine feminine has a way of doing things in her own order, which makes little sense to the divine masculine. Don’t rationalize your behavior. Just allow the day to unfold and follow your natural instincts. When the nudge or the thought enters your mind to get an item done on your to-do list. Take action.

When do we get so frustrated?

When the mind says, this needs to be done today, but we can’t get our body to get the job done. Because when it’s time to do it, our body doesn’t want to move. You told yourself; you were going to go to the gym, but when it’s time to go, you are just too tired, and your body won’t move. What’s happening?… The divine masculine gave an order, and the divine feminine became rebellious and didn’t listen. You can scream and shout, curse, berate, and belittle her, but that will only solidify her position even more. But if you allow her to play and fill in the day. She will get it done faster than you can imagine. You will fly through the day and feel good. That is the most important thing: Feeling Good. Even if it’s not all done that day. Trust she won’t forget. All you have to do is, from time to time, go over your list again, read it to yourself, and cross out the things that got done.

I have my notebook. I write everything down. I just read over the list, and I decided on that day itself; “ Ok, this is what I want to focus on and get done.” I pick 2 things on that list to get done and focus on that alone. Because I brain-dumped everything in my notebook, I am confident I won’t forget anything and will get to every item on that list. There is balance and peace within my body. I am not stressing myself out with 1 million thoughts. I still need to do this, and that, and this, and that, because my fabulous self can go off on a tangent if I let her.

Of course, as you get better and more comfortable with this, you can schedule certain activities at a certain time. But here, at the beginner stage of embodying your higher self, this is a good way to get the ball rolling without stressing out. Whatever doesn’t get done just moves to the next day, and you won’t give yourself a deadline. Just tell yourself to get it done. Once the divine feminine trusts the divine masculine, she will open up and allow the divine masculine energy to set stricter rules and deadlines because she feels their relationship is symbiotic and not parasitic.



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