An easy method to test your level of consciousness | Episode 7

Updated: Jan 27

How do you know if you are awake?

You are on the path of awakening, but do you know where you are on your journey? A spiritual awakening doesn’t happen all at once. It’s important that you do self-inquiry to check in with yourself. Where are you on the road that leads to no end?

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Keep a spotlight on yourself. Never think there is nothing more to learn. A spiritual awakening is just the beginning. The journey lasts forever. Every step you take towards your Higher Self will elevate you to a new level of consciousness. It’s important you know you are on your way up because once you catch on. You can speed up the process and reach new levels faster. The secret is: “Knowing you will never reach.” There is no there. You are on a road that never ends. Close your eyes, visualize a deserted highway, a small breeze, your hair moves across your face and you are standing there all alone. Which way do you go? When you look further, you can see the horizon. It’s sunset and there is this beautiful orange, yellow glimmer in your eye and the road disappears into the sky. There is no end. I am the beginning. There is no end, so I will stand right here. There is no end, but I will walk until my legs can’t take me, anymore. Until there is nowhere to go. There I go, following the horizon. One day we will meet, but until then I will just keep following the road that leads to the never-ending me.

Why is it important that you understand your journey never ends? Well, because if your inner saboteur told you there is a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. You will seek to no end. She will lead you in circles because she knows what you desire. Dangle it in front of your face and use emotional blackmail to make you walk in the wrong direction.

Why? Doesn’t she want success and abundance? Isn’t that why we do all this? No, it’s not. The inner saboteur is in search of what she already is. You don’t need success and abundance because you already are. You are here on this earth living your truth. It’s the inner saboteur who sends you on a wild goose chase, making you feel if you walk faster, if you try harder, if you make the right sacrifices, all will be yours. You will receive everything you want once you realize you already are everything you want. As long as intention is tainted with something we want out of the deal, our journey will feel hard.

That’s the struggle everybody talks about. We just made it real because we all talk about the same things. Just because a large group of people have the same dream. It doesn’t mean it’s real.

Becoming a master has to be out of pure intention. As soon as you connect a material desire to this process, it will slow you down. Let go of any result you seek to find. Trust yourself to lead you where you need to be. This way, your inner saboteur can never lead you in circles.

My journey took me 7 years. I started my awakening process in Dec 2012 and I waited this long before I started speaking up. I questioned myself, every step of the way, not because I have self-doubt, not because I was sabotaging myself, but I understood how the mind can take you on a joy-ride and when you come off, you feel so dazed and confused. The inner saboteurs’ strongest weapons are distraction and confusion. You don’t know which way to go. You end up walking yourself in dead-ends. Now, you have to turn around again, and find your way back to the beginning and start over. This happened to me so many times. More than I care to admit. This time, I stuck the course, not take a left or right. I remained straight and walked straight into the light. My inner saboteur could no longer persuade me to take the easy route, the shortcut. I already knew where that ends. I had to do something different, something I had never done before, which is stick the course, stay on the same path, don’t deviate, don’t get tricked into left or right. There are no turns on the road towards the mind of Source. It is one straight shot into her arms, but most of us won’t know that because we are so busy playing the tourist in our own life. We get lost in our travels and can’t find our way home.

During my travels, I have identified 3 phases of awakening.

Phase 1–The Small Awakening

Phase 2–The Big Awakening

Phase 3–The Awakened State

There is a method if you want to test how aware you are. I will teach you how to identify where you are on the vibrational scale of enlightenment. A method that uses your environment and new technology.

Look around you and listen to what the people in your environment are talking about. Does it resonate with you? Who are these people? What do they speak of? On a scale from 0 to 10, how would you rate their level of consciousness? Ten being enlightened. You don’t have to stick with people you know. Rate the people you watch online, too. Rate the books you have read and the authors who wrote them. Yes, that would mean me too. I am not exempt.

The people you rate the lowest, that is where you are yourself, but the people you rate the highest, that is where you are going if you stick to the path. If you keep walking the road less traveled. I understand, nobody wants to hear that the people they don’t think highly of is where they are themselves. But a true master would understand why I say that. If you are getting upset, don’t worry, I will not keep you in suspense, and tell you why.

We are ascended masters, each one of us. The ones that don’t behave that way, they just forgot, and therefore they have dimmed their own light with layers of unconsciousness. They are blind, but you are not. You are on a higher level of consciousness. You will not condemn others to a lower rate than you are, would you? Do you miss seeing the ascended master in others? If you do, you won’t see her in yourself, either. What you see in others, is what you see in yourself. If you feel someone you know has to become a better version of themselves. There is still work for you to do, as well. Keep a beginner’s mind. Never assume we are better than others or that we would have handled it differently if we were in their shoes. It’s our inner saboteur talking. They are on their own journey, walking the path to the horizon. They are no different from you. There is always room for growth. That is why I told you to think of teachers/people online who you believe have a higher level of consciousness. Wise people you can learn from. But in time, you learn that even those you put on a pedestal are nothing more special than you. You have the same brilliance and magnificent light within. But allow them to show you what strategy they used to come out of hiding.

What experience has taught me, is that you will only resonate with the teachers you are ready for.

A friend can call you and tell you about this amazing new teacher and that you have to check her out. She is just fantastic. You might look this person up and watch some of her videos. Maybe even read her book because your friend insisted, but it did nothing for you. You are not seeing what your friend sees. Who is right? Who is wrong? Nobody. There is no right or wrong.

You meet the teacher you are ready for and once you have taken the lessons. You will move on to the next teacher. Never get attached to one teacher. There are going to be many people who will help you on your path to infinity. It’s a long journey, after all.

There are plenty of great masters out there, but do we know them all? No. I don’t. There are so many of them who I have never heard of. And one way to measure how your learning/studies are going. Is when you ask deeper questions and you can’t find the answers in the books you have already read. You wonder, is there someone who can answer these questions? And suddenly, you meet someone, or you will see someone on social media, who answers that question for you!

It’s no coincidence. It’s how the universe communicates with you to show you where you are on your journey. So, the questions have to become more complex. When you reach a deeper level of consciousness, you will ask deeper questions and you will notice fewer and fewer people will have answers. This is how you will know. You will search for those teachers who can answer your questions.

This has happened to me so many times, I know it’s real. In 2014, I was fascinated with the soul, mind, body connection, but there was something missing. I was not satisfied with the answers spirituality gave me, and I wondered. What is more powerful? My mind or body? I asked my friends; they all said; “Mind.” It was nagging me. I couldn’t let it go. I knew something was missing, but I did not have the knowledge. How do you look outside your mental box?

Ask different questions. Here is when Google comes in handy. I came across the work of Dr. Candace Pert, who wrote the book, Molecules of Emotions. Mind-blowing! She was a neuroscientist who had discovered the opioid receptor. She proved on a scientific level that our body is the subconscious mind. I knew it! I knew it!! There is no mind or body. It is all One! It’s all Mind!

I went down the rabbit hole after that hahaha if you have read my book. You will know I went all the way. Another example, in 2017, I had my Phase 2, Big Awakening some might call a Kundalini Awakening. But I had even more questions after that. Why do I feel “Mastery” was still out of reach? I made it this far. How come my mind and body are still rebellious? They still want to