Conscious Mind vs. Subconscious Mind | Episode 2

Updated: Jan 28

Hello, Fabulous One.

Welcome to another Secret Podcast. In today’s episode, I talk about the conscious mind vs. the subconscious mind. I received a question from one student asking me to explain more about the conscious mind and the subconscious mind from the perspective of Fabulous One Philosophy. There are many chapters where I explain the two. Each chapter as well shows you a different angle of how the 4 minds work together. Especially one of my last sub-chapters in believe it’s in Chapter 15 called “One last time,” I explain the subconscious mind and the conscious mind by comparing it to our phone.

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I don't know to what extent or depth you are familiar with your phone, but I'm going to teach you how your phone works lol and by doing so, open you up to a higher level of consciousness. When using analogies, it’s easier to see how your conscious mind and your subconscious mind operate.

In this Secret Podcast, I will explain who the conscious mind and subconscious mind are.

How they influence your thought patterns and behavior. With this understanding, it becomes a lot easier to handle your day to day and get the things done you plan to do without sabotaging yourself. It’s the disconnect between the two, why things don't work out the way you want and cause suffering. This misalignment constantly activates your shadow self and your inner saboteur steps in and takes over.

What’s extremely important to understand is that we acknowledge we live in modern day times where the new sciences of the 21st century are expanding our awareness of what is happening inside mind and body. So many concepts that used to be mysterious are no longer. We can no longer deny because science has completely debunked it.

We need to get up to speed with the new science, otherwise we’ll keep moving further and further behind. There is a lot of faulty thinking passed down from one generation to the next. Certain beliefs simply just no longer apply.

It’s a matter of doing the work, reading the books, and knowing which books to read.

Where do you find this information?

How did I do it?

I went through a spiritual awakening to unite my conscious mind and subconscious mind as One. But what does that mean in practical terms? How does that play out in my actual life?

It means when my conscious mind asks a question to my subconscious mind, I just wait for her to provide me with an answer or show me through synchronicity. I trust her. Something always happens when I wait patiently. Someone or something will show up in my life and make me aware of something I never knew before. I have learned to trust the process and made it my own.

When you allow the subconscious to guide you. You will stumble upon works of other people that, under normal circumstances, you would have never found. But suddenly, it pops up in your newsfeed of your phone or someone sends you a link about a certain book. I've learned throughout the years to trust my subconscious mind because I know when I propose a question to her with my conscious mind, she always shows up for me.

But this process can create confusion if you don’t understand the goal of both minds. The conscious mind likes to think in details and the subconscious mind is always focused on the whole. She always gives you the information that serves the bigger picture, which sometimes is frustrating to the conscious mind because the conscious mind doesn’t understand why the subconscious is doing what she's doing. This can create a lot of friction.

So, we need to go back to a foundational understanding of our minds, and that is where it becomes blurry, too. Everything is new. We have new sciences created now in the 21st century that did not exist a century ago, or two centuries ago. Sciences like epigenetics, neuropsychoimmunology, quantum physics, new biology. If you just read a little into these topics, your whole mind is going to be blown open. You will as well understand FOP on a much deeper level and therefore understand yourself on a deeper emotional level.

For example, are you familiar with The Human Genome experiment completed in 2003? No? Why not? It’s a significant game changer. It turns everything upside down. I have integrated many scientific studies into FOP and therefore this framework or philosophy is completely up to date with the new world we live in today. The paradigm shift on earth already happened. It’s us humans who can’t compute the data.

Natural law plays an important part in our psyche and we can no longer deny it. We have to realize it, learn it and assimilate it to our day to day. So, I have a big message out there for those who will receive it. The new science of today is going to determine the difference between living in a mental cage or setting yourself free.

For example, did you know there is a thing called “neuromarketing?”

Neuromarketing advertises to your subconscious mind. Very smart subliminal messages in an ad that completely bypasses your conscious mind and goes straight to your subconscious. You are not even aware you are being influenced, and yet you find yourself with this beautiful red sweater the next day. If we probe a little deeper, you will find out that they are already doing many experiments on our brain because of the new technology available today, and neuroscientists can see on a computer the choices you are going to make before even presented with a question. How?

Our subconscious connects to the field on a much higher level of conscious awareness than the conscious mind. Unfortunately, throughout the years, the subconscious has been influenced by society or collective unconscious to control the choices your conscious mind makes. But when you ask your conscious mind, how did you come to this conclusion? The conscious mind will look at the outside world and say; “Well, I love red roses. Red is my favorite color. That's why I chose a red sweater.”

But if you probe and look deeper, it's the subconscious who already had a certain association with the color red and she knew already before we asked the conscious mind, she will choose red.

Therefore, the conscious mind received the impulse and chose what she thought was best; red.

Your subconscious chooses first, you choose on feeling and later you explain with words the logic or reasoning behind it, but you are not aware of that.

So, when the conscious mind gets put on the spot and she needs to focus her attention on how she came to this conclusion. She won’t go inwards and ask her subconscious. She will go outwards and she will look at the outside world and base her conclusions on what she sees on the outside.

The conscious mind believes she is deciding based on rationale.

She doesn't acknowledge the significant role the subconscious plays in the totality of who you are.

It’s all me, says the conscious mind, and that’s how we create trouble in paradise.

The conscious mind and the subconscious mind are constantly in a fight to be heard, seen, and validated by each other.

The two books that made a profound impact on me are Molecules of emotion by the late Dr Candace Pert. She was a neuroscientist who has proven that the body is our subconscious mind on a scientific level. And The Master and its Emissary by Dr Ian McGilchrist who gives a complete overview of the 20th century and 19th century development of the divine masculine and divine feminine energy and how they always switch dominance every other decade or x number of periods of time from a neuroscientific perspective. Both books are profound and if these books would become mainstream teachings our entire world would drastically change for the better.

So, there are years where the divine masculine energy rules and other years where the divine feminine energy rules. If you combine these findings with Ancient Philosophy, for example, in an old teaching called The Hermetic Principles, it states that “The All is Mind.”

If you add that to the equation, the findings of Dr. Candace Pert are profound because she says; The body is the subconscious mind. Our body is a mind, too. Our body has an energy body, a subtle body or light body, and it’s our subconscious. Science has demystified the mystery. This opens us up to so many new ways of seeing ourselves and the world.

This goes deep, and that is why I have given you my book FOP not to show you how smart I am but to give you a foundation. This is where we start. This is just the beginning.

I am going to take you all the way inside the conscious universe and show you how all the puzzle pieces fit together. When you complete the puzzle, you will feel whole again, but first we need to look at every piece before you can truly understand how each component moves separate from the whole, and later I will teach you how they form the whole and create synergy.

Dr. Ian McGilchrist even argues in his book that the left hemisphere of the brain is the territory of the conscious mind and the right hemisphere of the brain is the territory of the subconscious mind.

Why do we do the things we do? It’s so much deeper than comforting your inner child.

Now that you understand that your body is a mind as well, you might wonder which mind is in charge?

There is so much more happening behind the scenes that is outside of your conscious awareness. But what is incredibly dangerous right now in the world is that we are increasing our consciousness through meditation but do not know how the whole mechanism works. So now, you are opening yourself up to higher levels of consciousness and must suffer the consequences. Your conscious mind can’t handle the information coming in and becomes overwhelmed. What happens when you feel overwhelmed? You shut down.

Confusion will be your indefinite state because of your inability to understand how the conscious mind and subconscious mind work together and as long as they don’t, we create separation between mind and body and therefore we are no longer in our truth but in a distorted version of our reality.

These two energies, the conscious and subconscious, are constantly in resistance with each other for a very profound universal reason. In science they call this as well, “a-symmetry breaking.”

What that means is that one energy will always be bigger than the other energy. There will be an imbalance. There has to be an imbalance in order to grow. You cannot move towards a higher level of consciousness without it. So, you got to understand that these two are playing their role in the conscious universe by constantly expanding each other.

The conscious mind expands the subconscious mind, but as well the subconscious mind expands the conscious mind. And so, if you go back into the new science, we have finally reached this point where they openly admit that the mind influences the body, but now we finally know that the body is as well influencing the mind.

There is another book written by Dr. Julia Ross, neuroscientist, called The Diet Cure. Her book explains that our food intake heavily influences how our body behaves and therefore influences our mind and the way we think.

So, if you lack motivation, which mind is influencing you? If you believe Dr. Julia Ross, which I do, it means that my lack of motivation could be the cause of what I put inside my body and not the negative thoughts I hear in my mind. My negative thoughts aren’t coming from my mind, but from my body’s mind.

If you want to learn how this applies to you and your life, I offer one-on-one sessions called: “Snatch Your Saboteur Session” where we discuss your path and see how the fop can serve you on your journey of self-mastery. You can schedule a session for free. Just go to my website and click on the page Free Session.

To make our lives easier, I have created these four archetypes, these four minds, and I call them fractal selves because they are miniature versions of the whole. Meaning that they will be here with you forever, you can’t get rid of them. If you want to connect to your Higher Self, these 4 minds need to be in alignment.

In Fabulous One Philosophy, I have named the conscious mind, the fabulous self, and I have called the subconscious mind, the frequency self. The conscious mind is the persona as Carl Jung calls it, the fabulous self is the persona that you show to the world, the person who you want the world to like, so everything you show the world is going to be from a fabulous perspective, you want the world to see what's fabulous about you because you don't want them to think you're fake.

So, what's unfortunate is that the conscious mind has her own ideas about what is fake and what is fabulous. And so, throughout the years, you have made a decision that certain personality traits about you are fabulous, and that's what you're showing the world that's what you're leading with. Those are the first personality traits you activate when you meet other people, but your shadow side. Your fake self. She's in the background, she's in the back, and you keep her away from people as long as you can. Your fabulous self accepts nothing that isn’t fabulous, anything that's fake. She hands over to the fake self. That’s how you have created a shadow self. A version of you that hides in the closet because the fabulous self doesn’t want to show these parts of herself to the world. So, the fake self becomes the garbage bin, the dumping ground for the fabulous self to dump all her grievances, all her dislikes, all the things she doesn't want to deal with. She passes it on to the fake self. You can’t get rid of parts of you, no matter how much you dislike them. Carl Jung says: “Anything your resist, will persist and grow in size.”

So, it's like you have a closet full of skeletons, but the skeletons are getting bigger. At a certain point, the closet cannot hold all the skeletons anymore, and the door will burst wide open. Exposed!! The entire world can see who you really are. OMG, now they gonna think I am a fake?!

The unconscious mind is part of the subconscious, it lives in the same field. So, unintentionally, you are influencing your body with all these negative thoughts you don’t want to deal with. Your body will get sick. Suddenly, all kinds of bodily ailments will happen to you because you are not dealing with your negative thoughts. Your body will remain on a low frequency and can’t move forward. You are holding yourself hostage in the name of self-protection, but you are hurting yourself on the inside out. You need to clean out the closet if you want to raise the vibrational frequency of your body.

If you don’t, your body will no longer want to move to a higher vibration, and she will become familiar with this low frequency and try to keep you here. Once the conscious mind decides to be more positive and move towards expansion, it’s too late. Your frequency self will keep you on a low vibration. She no longer listens to you anymore. There is another mind who is in charge of her behavior. A mind you have no awareness of that you created; your unconscious.

So, yes, we can have an intellectual understanding that we need to raise our level of consciousness, but only when you rise the vibration within your body can you actually see from a higher mind. Anything else is fake. In order to raise your vibrational frequency, you need to change the patterns of the subconscious mind. Your heart needs to come into alignment with your brain. So, it doesn't matter how smart you are, doesn't matter how many diplomas you have, it doesn't matter how much money you have.

If your heart, your frequency self, does not believe or accept what the fabulous self is saying. Nothing will get done. She will not move you to the next level, and that can cause frustration because the conscious mind thinks she is in charge. She will try to bull herself into submission to no avail.

So, if you want to get meaningful results, your subconscious mind will have to trust your conscious mind again. This trust will only be given to your conscious mind when she sees the worth of her subconscious mind and surrenders her trust. It’s all about trust between the two.

When there is no trust, that's when the disconnect happens, that's when you activate your shadow.

That's when the shadow steps in and becomes the referee between the two. The shadow becomes the veil that creates the wedge to keep these two apart. So, your inner saboteur grew up with you from childhood to adulthood and grew stronger inside the closet. Now, as adult women, we have created this giant monster within ourselves and do not know how to handle her. The inner saboteur is as well a grown woman, and she took over since the other two can’t get along. I call her the fake self. So, the name of the game is to get your conscious mind and subconscious mind to play nice together, all the time, so there is no need for the inner saboteur to be activated. And allow for a-symmetry breaking to happen without losing your alignment.

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