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Give Yourself Permission To Be Your Authentic Self | You Don't Owe Them Your Life Force Energy

Updated: Dec 14, 2023

I want the best for you. I really do.

I hope all your wishes and dreams come true.

I see you healthy.

I see you prosperous.

I see you with family.

I see you shine.

I wish you could see it too. There are so many ways I tried to tell you.

I am at a crossroads, contemplating my conflict with the eternal and physical interdict.

Deciding that our journey together must come to an end.

We are moving in different directions up the vibrational scale.

We have lost our symbiotic trail that is causing a derail in our fairytale.

We have been singing this old song for far too long, and it is creating energy blocks in our bond.

We have to separate for a little while so that we can focus on our own happiness and

abundance in our lives.

I am going after my own pot of gold.

The weight I am carrying for us both is becoming too heavy for me to hold.

I tried, I tried, I tried my best.

Even sacrificed my own happiness.

I no longer choose to witness your destructiveness.

If I stay any longer, I am failing my own test.

Our energetic bond will have to loosen its grip.

Otherwise, we will both get stuck on this eternal trip.

There is no right or wrong. I just have to move on.

It is me who is not accepting what is.

It is me who is not letting go.

In the hopes, you will see things from my perspective, which is a futile goal.

I release myself from any responsibility. I set you free.

I have to make space for new experiences to take place.

In essence, you already had me replaced.

It was just me who was stuck in my own importance of my fake reality.

I’ve awoken, and I can clearly see that my unwillingness to let you go

is preventing me from exploring new territory.

Maybe this was your way of showing how much you love me.

Farewell, my friend. I wish you all the love and success.

I want you to be your extraordinary self.

Maybe I am just standing in the way of “you and reaching that quest.”

I do not want to be blamed for preventing you from reaching your own higher levels of consciousness.

There is a longing in my heart that needs to be expressed.

I remove the chain attached to my mind.

I am no longer blind.

I stopped recreating my past.

I am moving toward my True Self.

No longer will my feelings be suppressed.

I will never forget the bond we shared until we meet again. Take care.

I hope one day you will find what you are looking for.

You are a diamond, and you deserve to soar.

I am going after my own treasure chest.



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