How left and right brain work together | The Divine Union | Alchemical Sacred Marriage

If you wish to connect to your Higher Self, your left brain and right brain must work together. In this drawing, I will show you how they do so. I create these drawings myself; I see an image in my mind, and then I try to copy what I saw to the best of my abilities. I call these drawings: Visionary Visuals and you can find them on my blog. This is my way of not just telling you, but also showing you what awakening means.

There are a few recurring themes in my philosophy, and that is the Fabulous One Fractal Selves. If you wish to have more details about them, you can find an in-depth explanation about them in my book. They also look the same in every drawing. I did that on purpose, so you will recognize them. The fabulous self has blue hair, the fake self has pink hair, the free self has black hair and the frequency self is bald. The frequency self as well looks like an amazon warrior. I did that on purpose because when you think of the divine feminine most of us have this Cinderella image and anything more powerful is front upon. The divine feminine is not a little innocent princess. She can go deep and dark, and we integrate that part of ourselves into the light.

I don’t draw often, but it’s something I would love to get better at. I have so many images in my mind’s eye and I do not know how to express them. So, I will keep practicing and making more drawings to improve my skills.

The left brain is your conscious mind, your divine masculine energy, and I call her the Fabulous Self. Because we are women, I refer to our divine masculine energy as a “she” because she is an energy and not a gender. The divine masculine energy lives in the domain of the known.

Your right brain, or divine feminine energy who I call Frequency Self, she lives in the unknown. Together, they unite as One and form the whole.

The left brain is the puzzler. She tries to find all the separate puzzle pieces. The right brain takes all the pieces and puts it all together as One. She makes them work as one whole. Once the pieces are all put together. They become larger than the sum of its parts.

We can never explain how a human being works in its entirety, but science can show you all the separate pieces and even restore or fix a piece inside our body if it breaks. What remains a mystery is how it all works together as One.

Our brain is one but separated into two halves with the corpus callosum that connects both hemispheres. I call that spot the empty throne in my book. The Seat of the Soul. Not trying to use Gary Zukav’s words, but yes, and she is missing. The master isn’t in her seat. There is a magnificent symphony between these two hemispheres if they work together in harmony. I am 1000% convinced that when the soul enters back on her throne. She will change the neurochemistry in the brain. And the pineal gland will release natural DMT, which is known as the spirit molecule and gives you experience of higher dimensions. That’s when you get to see full HD color images and if you have artistic abilities, you could paint or draw them. Of course, I am not a scientist, so I am just thinking out loud.

So when the left and right brain unite it will feel as if you are listening to a beautiful symphony orchestra. It’s the left brain who is shown the vision and writes musical notes on a sheet of paper. She tells each instrument which notes to play and how to play them. It’s the divine feminine energy who makes sure all the instruments play harmoniously. The divine feminine is the orchestra.

"The whole is greater than the sum of its parts." - Aristotle.

All the separate instruments belong in the domain of the divine masculine energy, but when you allow all instruments to play as a group, they form the whole and play a beautiful performance.

Another example:

You are a family of three: husband, wife and child. Each individual belongs to the domain of the divine masculine energy, but together you form the whole. You are a family that’s the divine feminine energy. She brings all the separate parts together as One and makes it greater than the separate parts. It’s a mystery how it’s done, but her work can not be denied because it’s clear to see like day and night.

Very often, the part of the divine feminine is overlooked. Nobody considers emptiness something special, since it is just, well, empty. There is nothing there, but without it, there would be no musical concert to go to.

The divine masculine energy rarely understands that it’s her other half. The divine feminine, the glue that holds everything together. She is the white sheet of paper that allows for the music to be created. She is the one who makes all musical notes blend and sound like a symphony and not just noise. And when the two truly realize each other’s separate powers and combine them as One. They will create magic.

There has to be a surrendering of the divine masculine energy to the divine feminine energy, but in return as well the divine feminine energy has to surrender to the divine masculine energy, so that she allows the divine masculine energy to improve or renew their work by pulling her apart.

So, when the divine feminine energy is being pulled apart. Separated. She needs to trust the divine masculine energy will put her back together again, new and improved. It’s an upgrade.

In our marriage, we want to improve each other, but it’s our reluctance to surrender to each other that prevents the magic from happening. If you would allow the other “to tinker” at you, so they speak. You would come out better than before and more in harmony with your spouse, but what often happens is that both energies don’t want to be tinkered with.

We don’t understand this attack on our persona and decide there is no need for improvement, and that is an innocent mistake. We are energy in motion and therefore always a work in progress. We should always move towards betterment of ourselves. Our partner is the best person to help us do so because they love us and want the best for us if you would allow him or her.

So, this dynamic is happening in our mind. It’s a seesaw. It’s a seesaw of these two energies, switching dominance, so the work is never done. Surrender not just once, but all the time. This will never end. That’s why you will keep hearing me say the same thing:

“Enlightenment is not the end, but where we start.”

And sometimes in life you reach this point where you no longer want to surrender, you no longer want to grow, but stay where you are. That’s when the divine masculine energy becomes toxic, because it doesn’t allow the divine feminine energy to grow. It refuses to upgrade the pieces, so to speak; it refuses to write a new song because it’s so enamored and so in love with the old song the divine masculine already wrote, but in the conscious universe, there’s no such thing, you’re not allowed to stand still in the conscious universe. We’re always in motion. Sing a new song every time until you can sing no more. It ain’t over until the fat lady sings.

This creates all kinds of problems within us. Once we are familiar, at a place where we feel that this is where we are supposed to be, we no longer want to move or keep moving. We reach a point of complacency. That’s where trouble starts. We become toxic because the divine feminine energy is connected to the universe, and she never stops growing. She will always outgrow the divine masculine energy, and if the divine masculine energy refuses to move with her. She will put the divine feminine energy in a box. A mental cage to prevent her from expanding to higher levels of consciousness. Of course, this angers the divine feminine energy, and she will allow the shadow to take charge, and then she will become the dark feminine. The dark feminine wants to destroy so you can build or create a new. Even though it’s very volatile and extremely dangerous, usually what happens after is beautiful because they both have to rebuild and usually something better comes out of it. But it also means you have lost what you’ve built before. This could mean divorce, separation, loss of a job, loss of money, loss of a loved one, loss of a house. So, when you are really fed up and you can’t take it anymore that’s when the dark feminine destroys so you can build a new. But if you never learn the lesson, transcend your unconsciousness this pattern will happen over and over, again, and it can feel extremely exhausting. Always wondering why you always end up in the same situation, or always meet men who are no good, or always end up fighting with loved ones. It’s because there is no union between these two energies.

The divine masculine energy and the divine feminine energy are always in this debate with each other. They have to find alignment every time and if they don’t, they hand over their authority to their shadow self. There has to be a referee to keep these two at peace, so the inner saboteur happily takes charge. But in this drawing, I am only showing you how beautifully they work together when all is well. This is what harmony looks like. It just flows.

If you allow this process to happen, you will quantum leap to a better version of you with no fear. Our mind is a beautiful and a scary place, but when these two energies are in harmony, there is nothing to fear. Whatever it is you want to do in this world, when you are in a fabulous flow, it will be done easily with no struggle or strife.

And that’s what we want, right? To be of service to others without losing our own alignment with Self. And if we could all accomplish that on an individual level. The world would be changed forever. You can find this drawing on the blog on my website. Link is down below. There are many tiny details in this drawing. I am interested to know if you can spot them and describe what you think you see. There is no right or wrong. Try it, leave a comment down below.

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