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None of this stuff on the internet is helping you move the needle forward, because everything is designed to make you feel good. You like listening to me as long as it feels good. That’s why we love comedy so much. It’s the truth, we laugh, but we don’t have to do anything to change our dark hearts.

We live in a dual universe therefore, your mind is split in half. It has light and dark. The problem is not your dual nature. Your problem is that you can’t see above it. You can’t see the third option. You can’t see the whole because your focus is on one or the other.

We are oblivious to the fact that positive and negative create the same response in our brains. The addiction to drama or the dream is all the same to the unconscious mind. The shadow doesn’t judge. If she can keep you distracted with one or the other. She is doing her job.

How do you transcend the shadow?

Don’t choose a side, but go straight to the mind of Source.

The All is judgment free. Rise above duality so you can see reality.

There is nothing wrong with being entertained on social media, but that’s all that it is, entertainment. Ask yourself after you watched or scrolled for an hour or 2.

Have I learned how to keep myself on a high vibration?

What can I implement right now that helps me reach a higher level of awareness?

We use the videos on social media as medicine. Something provided from the outside to soothe the inside. We need to learn how to provide the medicine on the inside. Once you know how to heal yourself from within. You won’t seek any substance outside yourself anymore. There wouldn’t be a need for it. It would not even cross your mind.

Where do you learn how to stay in alignment with your Soul?

If taking medications, positive affirmations and meditations were enough.

Wouldn’t we all be healed by now?

The methods we use are not healing but drowning our minds. Just more rules to learn how to “act enlightened” definitely not how to be. To be is much simpler. You are. Full stop. There is nothing you need to learn. There is so much we need to unlearn. That is why we have teachers. The teachers help you unlearn all the things you have either learned through the group mind or from your unconscious mind. We need to decondition ourselves. Peel off all the layers of unconsciousness. All the blocks we have placed upon ourselves prevent us from seeing our inner diamond. We can’t remember who we are because that door in our mind is locked, and someone sealed it with a huge steel lock.

Who did? The dark feminine.

Do you wish to stand face to face with the parts of you that you have denied for so long that she has become grown?

Our denial made her grow stronger in the dark. We find it hard to admit she exists and use spiritual tools and techniques to drown out our minds until our bag of tricks no longer works and then what?

The dark feminine energy is an energy, not a gender. She is within man and woman. When I say dark feminine energy, I am talking about Hannibal Lecter, The Joker, Ursula, and The Wicked Queen in every fairy tale. There is a force so strong inside of us that could turn into one of them.

Have you ever felt her strength?

Or has your mind never held you underwater to that extent? I’m sure she has; you are just not comfortable saying it out loud, so you pretend. Put that nasty thought away, put it away, until it consumes you, I don’t want that to be you.

The writing's on the wall. I can see it coming. It's already in motion. This is The Age of Aquarius which means the rise of the divine feminine energy. Who do you think will oppose her?

How do you think the divine feminine energy will rise?

By stopping the toxic patriarchy?

By stomping the toxic masculine energy?

You are misinformed. The strength of your light is equal to the strength of the dark feminine energy. She is your mirror image.

The True Divine Feminine Energy can only rise when she stares the dark feminine energy straight into her eyes and make her realize what’s the real price.

What needs to happen?

Short Version: Restore the energetic link to the mind of Source, and the dark feminine energy will bow down.

Once you reconnect to the Great Divine Mother, you will remember. Your soul will wake up and realize what she has done. She has forgotten herself.

The soul had created a finite version of herself so she could experience life on earth. She became so identified with the finite that she forgot she was infinite. Once the energetic link is restored. The soul can release herself from this prison of limitation and restore the balance between the other three fractal selves. All four selves will unite, even the dark feminine will transcend into the light, and together they become the Higher Self. They become Fabulous One.

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