How to grow spiritually | Increase your spiritual power by doing this | Episode 12

Today’s episode is about true spiritual growth and how to obtain it.

How to quantum leap your progress? Short answer: Have a beginner’s mind. Allow others to be the expert. Allow other women to be the expert. Learn from them instead of judging them. If I judge, I do not belong here. I need to find a different environment to be in. Find that woman that you will listen to. You will learn a lot. Don’t be afraid to be a student. Does it have to be a woman? Yes, but that is a topic for another time, not this episode.

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This is one of the missing links in the 21st century. We can’t be humble anymore. Everybody believes to be an expert themselves, and can’t take any new information in. This is how you become stiff. Not being open to learning new things will make you go backwards, fast. We live in an ocean called Infinity, and if we believe there is nothing more to learn. It's pure ego talking because that’s impossible.

Just look at your life and be honest. What do you see that is missing? Any desire still lingering? Or do you have everything you want?

Would you like to find a great husband?

Would you like to buy a half million dollar home?

Would you like to be in the best health?

Would you like to have a better relationship with family members?

Where there is a desire, it is a sign. There is more to learn, but that is not the lesson we take from our desires. When we desire, we think there is more to have, and what’s even worse is that when we don’t have it, we actually believe we are not good enough. We feel shame and guilt for no reason. Why?

Because desires not acted upon become trapped energy that will destroy us on the inside. The true lesson is that our desire is telling us, we want something that we have no access to at the moment, and if we learn the lessons, we can have access to it. Desire as well means it is within your reach. If it wasn’t you wouldn’t even desire it. Don’t believe me? Come on now. That is easy to prove…

Do you dream of becoming a rocket scientist? No, ok, I rest my case. You have a soul purpose, and your soul will send those desires to you, and nothing else. Now, the soul is very vast, so we can interpret the desires in many ways. There is not only one specific outcome the soul wants. The soul sends you on a journey to desire specific things at certain periods in your life. Just think about it. When you were 10 years old, you wanted the latest barbie doll. At 20 you desired a car and a boyfriend. At 30, we want a house, husband and steady finances. Our desires grow, as we grow, and we want different things at different times, but it is not about having those things. It’s about the process of going after your desires and learning along the way. It’s about learning new things. If we lose sight of that, we can get stuck in the need to have and feel completely empty until we get it. Which leaves you in a very unpleasant state during the whole journey of acquiring that new thing.

Always remain a student by finding better teachers. Never stop learning, and give back, by becoming a master to others who know less than you and seek guidance. Give and take. Take new lessons in and give old lessons out. They are old to you, but will be new for your students. Keep this balance. When you give too much and don’t feel you are receiving back. You need to change your environment. Keep searching until you find others who can pour into you. New teachers who balance you out.

The biggest mistake we make as women is that we believe if we pour into someone that the same person needs to pour into you with the same intensity as you. It’s not possible because you should always remember the yin and yang balance. If you are very generous, it means you are a plus, so there has to be someone to receive this generosity, and therefore they have to be a minus. There is always this student - teacher dynamic. If you function as a teacher for someone, it means they won’t be able to pour into you because they are students. They need your teaching. They need your advice, attention, or energy to balance themselves. In other words, they have nothing to give you. They are trying to hold on to themselves with what little energy they have.

So, if you feel the people in your environment aren’t pouring into you. It is because they don’t have to or they simply can’t. They don’t have the energy. Even if they wanted to, they wouldn’t know how. Chances are they have been operating on a very low level vibration for as long as they can remember and so, therefore pouring into others is a very foreign concept. They can only hang out or stay around people who are at their same level. And give at their level, but for someone like you who is on a much higher vibration it will feel like breadcrumbs, and it won’t satisfy you. You will end up frustrating yourself, wondering why they so willingly accept your fruit, but don’t hand you any new seeds. Forgive them because they don’t have any energy currency to give you.

So, once you catch on, you can clearly see who is on a high vibe and who isn’t. Unfortunately, you will meet more low vibes than high vibes in real life. That is why the internet is such a wonderful place to be. You can find a lot of female teachers nowadays who are on a very high vibe, generous enough to share their energy with you through their channels if you can’t meet them in real life. Work with what you got until you can meet them in real life.

You need to seek “teachers,” women with a higher level of consciousness than you who will pour into you because their cup overflows. They are abundant and have no problem sharing from their overflow. This is how you will replenish yourself. Stop asking those to love you who do not love themselves. It’s like asking someone to fill your glass with water, but you can clearly see she is holding an empty jar. Why would you ask for water? It’s easy to see in the physical, but the same thing is happening in the non-physical. As above, so below.

Why do we keep judging others?

Because the mind can’t help herself. She is seeking her equal. She seeks connection with likeminded women. She knows it when she thinks she sees it. But it never truly works out. Why? Not in the right environment. Always staying too long in old environments and then trying to change the environment instead of yourself. Focus on changing yourself. Your environment will automatically change with you. You will automatically navigate towards people who are like you.

Western women have the government to protect them. They do not need men anymore for that protection. They created the laws for freedom, for safety and security. But these same laws are the reason we feel confined. You can’t escape these laws. It will hold you against your will. This is the Human Matrix. Our own doing. The laws that set us free are now becoming the laws that restrict us to be who we are. Because it does not mean a form has to be the same form forever. It should make room for new forms by disintegrating. So, we can create a new form, a new box. But some people are very happy with the old box, some aren’t, the fight has begun.

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