How to stay consistent with goals as a mompreneur | Episode 19

Today’s episode is for my creative mompreneurs who struggle with creating content and staying consistent. The struggle is real. As a start up myself, I am aware of what you are going through, and I feel excited about the whole process, but I see the challenges as well.

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I do not know where FOP will go, yes I have a clear vision and mission, but it still doesn’t mean the universe is going to do it in the order I want. I have to trust that everything will happen in divine timing. I have faith in myself, and I focus on what I can control. What I feel I have control over is my day and how I spent the hours. I spend a tremendous amount of time assessing my week and daily schedule to make sure I am optimized for the day.

Doesn’t sound very spiritual, does it?

Well, I think it’s very spiritual, but it just depends on who you ask. There are different teachers out there. I am one who allows her left and right brain to work together, which means one is structured and the other one is free flowing. Together, they are the structured soul. That is how I see the higher self, a structured soul who is free to be in this world as she is, but understands if she wants to accomplish her goals. She will have to do the work and the best way is to combine motion and stillness. So, that you can stay inspired every day and create masterpieces without feeling burned out or overwhelmed.

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Why are we overwhelmed?

There are all these things that we feel we do that just drain our energy and if we could just hand it over to someone else we would do it in a heartbeat. Yes, I agree, but it doesn’t make you feel better. It makes you feel worse, because now you fantasize about not doing the work and therefore what is right in front of you becomes even harder. There is massive resistance here, and I want to take a deeper look at that resistance because in theory there shouldn’t be any problem to do what is required with something we say we really want.

If we say we want a successful online business. There are certain things that are required and if we can’t motivate ourselves to get the work done. What should be the solution? Quit? Tell ourselves we are not cut out for this? Yes, it’s always an option because not everything we think of is divine alignment. It is possible that we have decided based on ego and realized while we were in the doing o f it we are not as passionate as we thought. You may change your mind. Absolutely.

But before you move on to the next thing, I would like to explore another option. I believe the reason we always quit on ourselves is that there is an imbalance between the divine masculine and the divine feminine energy. In order for you to feel inspired, those two have to be in alignment and work together. Very often, we think we are, but we can feel from our involuntary body movements we are not.

There’s an imbalance between the divine masculine energy and the divine feminine energy. The source of inspiration, the depth of how far and how deep we can go, depends on our level of access to the divine feminine energy. To be correct, the level of access the divine masculine energy has to the divine feminine energy. The divine masculine energy is your conscious mind, the genius, and the divine feminine energy is your subconscious mind, your source of inspiration, the unknown.

If the writer, your conscious mind, feels empty, no inspiration to write or create it’s because the door to your source of inspiration is closed. The divine masculine is therefore constantly circling in the known. The arena of the collective unconscious where everything is already known and done before aka human matrix.

When the divine masculine energy is not connected to your divine feminine energy in order to feel inspired or come up with new ideas, you will go into the outside world and look in your 3D Reality. You will find other creators who inspire you and copy them. “Oh, that’s a good idea?!” And you will try to do what you see, mimic someone, but it will never be exactly like that other person because you did not have the experience or know how of the person you are copying.

Very often we underestimate the creators we see and say to ourselves how hard can it be? But even when we copy them we can’t get the results we want. It will feel great in the beginning. It might pay off a bit, but soon enough we will have to branch off and do it on our own and that is where your inspiration ends. If not careful, we will go back to another creator to get inspired again. And we ’ll keep copying other people and never tap into our own inner wisdom.

The moment we stop copying other people we feel at a loss. You’ll even become bold enough to ask them and they will help you because they are tapped into their divine feminine energy. When you receive the answer or the idea, you might think: “Damn that is such a good solution. Why didn’t I think of it myself? Sounds so simple. Of course I should do that. Duh?”

But we can’t do it for ourselves because our fabulous self is disconnected from our frequency self. The left brain isn’t communicating with the right brain. How many times is this woman going to tell us the same thing?! LOL

If you don’t know who the fabulous self and frequency self is, I encourage you to read the first 68 pages of my book, Fabulous One Philosophy, for free inside my school. I explain and tell you about the hero’s journey, the voyage of Fabulous One, and explain about the Fabulous One Fractal Selves. The four minds that need to unite as one to become the Higher Self. It would be great if you read it because I have created my own terminology and my podcast episodes built upon the teachings of my book.

If you want to be a source of inspiration, if you want to be the full expression of self, if you want to be creative in your own unique way and say things in your own unique way. Create things, design things, make graphics in your own unique way. And be so inspired that you just keep going and going and going and you don’t stop, like inspiration, popping out of your mind all day, every day. You can’t stop yourself because you’re so inspired.

If you want that type of inspiration, that type of fire, depth, excitement, you’ll have to master the left brain and the right brain. Mastery will not happen overnight because you have to learn to master them one at the time. We can’t master them both at the same time. That's a mistake many of us make.

You’ll have to first start with the divine masculine energy. That is the easy one because...

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