How to understand your mind | The sacred bond between the divine masculine and feminine energy

We have problems getting along with others, but even worse we can’t get along with ourselves. Whenever we have to spend time alone. We feel like keeping ourselves distracted so we don’t have to deal with our thoughts. In school, we never learned how we can use our thoughts in a powerful way to help create our lives. Instead, we feel our thoughts cripple us and make us feel small. All we wish for is for the thoughts to shut up. We do not master the self and it causes most of our problems.

What if I told you that thoughts are your superpower and its pure misunderstanding of how our selves work that makes us feel the way we do? We need a better framework that helps you see yourself and the world from a higher perspective, and allows you to empower yourself instead of always dimming your light.

In this video, I will show you the true function of the divine masculine and feminine energy, and how they function in the world. I will use an old psychology example of the iceberg theory and later I will add my own ideas to the model. In the iceberg theory, you can see the conscious mind is the iceberg that’s above water, and what is underneath the water is the subconscious mind.

Neuroscience says that the arena of the conscious mind is only 5% and the arena of the subconscious mind is 95%. It means that what we see in our physical reality is only 5%. The remaining 95% remains a mystery to us. We are walking blind, but don’t want to admit it.

In the book The Master and his Emissary, Dr. Ian McGilchrist has concluded after over 20 years of research that the domain of the subconscious mind belongs to the divine feminine energy.

After my spiritual awakening, I have seen some other elements that are missing, that can add more perspective to the whole. The conscious mind is the arena of the divine masculine energy, but the distinction that we need to make that is very important is that everything above the water we could classify as physical, and everything under water we could call non-physical.

This extra element changes the whole dynamic of how the divine masculine and feminine energy work together as a team. The part that is hard to accept and understand is that it means that the divine feminine energy is invisible. It as well clarifies why we women feel the way we do. Unheard and unseen.

But don’t make the mistake of thinking that invisible means insignificant. The divine feminine energy is much more powerful than the divine masculine energy, but one can’t live without the other.

As well, in the arena of the conscious mind, the divine masculine energy belongs to the arena of “self-actualization,” and the arena of the subconscious mind belongs to self-realization.

And now you can see why we have the problem that we have. Because we are all One. There is no separation between yin and yang (masculine and feminine). They are the same. In Buddhism, they say; “The dancer and the dance.” It means when one rises, the other must rise as well.

Another element that will put things in perspective is that they don’t rise at the same time. They alternate in elevation, but the only rise you will see is the divine masculine energy because that energy belongs in the domain of the physical. This as well creates a distorted illusion that the world belongs to men, but every man was born from a mother, a woman.

Whenever the divine feminine rises, you can’t see any changes with your physical eyes, even though you just became a new you. The changes are only shown in the expression of who you are. The words you use, and how you behave towards others and yourself. The divine feminine energy cannot be seen. The divine feminine energy is always working behind the scenes.

The divine feminine is not a physical woman, nor does it represent the beauty of a woman. Everything we can see with our physical eyes belongs in the domain of the divine masculine energy. Therefore, the way I look, my hair, makeup, and clothes are governed by my divine masculine energy. The subconscious mind has nothing to do with my physical appearance. The divine feminine energy is not equal to female traits.

Let’s say hypothetically female traits would represent 1 dollar, the divine feminine energy would be an infinite amount of dollars. There is no number that could even describe this energy. The only number would be infinite. There is no comparison.

So we have to separate this idea that whatever makes me a woman is divine feminine energy. Men have the same divine feminine energy within them. How you behave has to do with who you think you are and how much of each energy you used to create your life with. They both serve an universal purpose that has nothing to do with being a specific gender.

If you wish to become a powerful co-creator with Source Energy. You must unlock the 95% you are unaware of. Both energies have to wake up to who they are. You are both. The divine masculine and divine feminine, but they both operate under different rules. The divine feminine energy wants to be heard and seen by the divine masculine energy. They have to both acknowledge each other’s worth and trust. They both have a divine purpose, different from each other.

If you have no awareness of how these energies work together. It will feel as if you are walking yourself into an invisible wall. The part of you that can’t be seen. At some point, you will stop moving because you don’t want to hurt yourself anymore. What’s the fun of being blindsided when you think you are on a roll?

Before we embark upon the journey of self-actualization. What needs to happen first is self-realization. Or, as Carl Jung said, the individuation process. You must remember who you are because when you do. Your subconscious mind becomes available to your conscious mind. You will see in the dark. Creating your physical reality will become so much easier.

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