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How to use Time & Energy so you can make your Dream Woman appear in real time | Timeline Jumping | Becoming Her | Self-Mastery for Moms | Fabulous One Philosophy

Hello, Fabulous One.


Are you ready for the summer?

Pretty soon, school will be out, and all the lovely children will be at home, all day, aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaalllll day, lol :)


As we wrap up season 2, I can't help but feel a sense of relief. No more early mornings, breakfast prep, or school runs. It's a break I'm eagerly anticipating. But fear not, Fabulous One, this is just a temporary pause. We'll be back in action in the new school year. We will start again in the first week of August 2024 with season 3.


I am excited because, during the summer break, I will be working on the Master's Program - Fabulous One Framework. Your mini-transformation will happen here. In this program, I will help you reshape your mind into a safe space for your dream woman to shine. Making the dream woman real is the same as allowing more of your feminine energy to come in - as above so below. The mystery teaching that has been kept secret from us for centuries.


Right now, most of us are calling in our feminine power without realizing it has a destructive nature. If not handled with care, you will expand beyond your capacity to understand, creating chaos instead of clarity.


The Master's Program will show you how to stay aligned, strengthen your mind, and renew yourself without fear of the unknown. When we make something "light," it becomes a science. The 21st century is about spirituality coming out of the dark and into the light as a methodology we can implement so we can all transcend our unconscious and walk the earth as HER.


In this last episode of season 2, I discuss the concept of timeline jumping and how to use Time & Space to make our dream woman appear here in the Now. Yes, she is real. You imagined her for a reason, and it's time you let her out. 




Love, Jeanice

timeline jumping, becoming her
How to become your dream woman in real time

All Secret Podcast Episodes are in the Student Program | Self-Mastery School for Moms | I help you make your Dream Woman Real by mastering the self | Join The Free Student Program:



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