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How To Visualize Your Future Self | Frequency, Vibration & Energy | Nikola Tesla's 3, 6 & 9 | Learn The Secrets of The Universe

Hello, Fabulous One.


For a long time, I pondered, 'How can I attract low-vibe people if I am on a high vibe?' This led me to question my vibe, 'Am I on a low vibe, too?' and third, 'How do I meet high-vibe people?' 


It left me feeling misunderstood and misaligned with the family and friends I was in contact with. I was too afraid to voice my thoughts, not wanting to accuse them of being low-vibe because I wasn't even sure what that meant. So, I allowed people to behave as they wished, but deep inside, I was very frustrated. I yearned to create a different reality, a reality that resonated with my inner self.


After studying more ancient philosophical texts, I realized I had asked the wrong questions. My initial questions create a separation between me and the people I love. It won't improve your life. Best case scenario, you will move away from many people because you can't seem to "align." Especially in romantic relationships, social media teaches you that as soon as you sniff an inkling of negativity, you must tap out—only to go through the same thing with the next person you meet. 


So, I started to ask better questions: 

  • What do I still need to learn & understand?

  • What do I need to change within?


Of course, you should understand by now there is always a metaphysical truth veiled from our understanding if things in your physical world do not manifest the way you want. This took me years to discover and implement, but it was not until I finally understood how frequency, vibration, and energy really worked that I started to manifest a whole new life for myself. 


In this Secret Podcast S02E17, we will explore the process of creating a better future self without needing anybody else to be more positive.  




Love, Jeanice 

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