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I Am Whole and Complete | I Am One | Spiritual Wholeness | Poetic Motivation

Updated: Dec 14, 2023

I sever all energetic links, energy blocks, or shadow aspects of self.

My mind can no longer hold me hostage, cause I finally understand what it means to know thyself.

Where there were obstacles.

Now, they are stepping stones.

Where there were walls.

Have now become revolving doors.

Where I once drowned in this infinite ocean.

Now I know that when I breathe in,

I cling and create chaos,

but when I breathe out, I create order.

When you remember who you are,

the two will unite as one, and you can breathe underwater.

Cause I can see now what we are.

Entangled energy reaching for the stars.

We sold ourselves on this idea that we have to go together, or we go not.

The audacity to go without you leaves you distraught.

I spread my wings. Then you clip them off in the name of love.

Afraid of what the future brings, you tell me;

“I need protection from much more violent things.”

The courage to be me creates resistance amongst them because they are convinced it is safer if no one sings.

Ssssssshh… don’t make a sound.

You wouldn’t want to wake those who can bury us underground.

Your song will remind them of their inability to see past their fears.

They only see separateness and not the Holographic Universe that is already here.

Our Universal Matrix has a structure, an order, designed to make us expand.

So much territory still to explore if you are brave enough to venture into the unknown.

Let’s take a chance and dare to walk alone.

Your strength is already within because your atoms commune with the eternal spin.

A feedback loop orchestrated to reunite with your Divine Feminine Energy,

The only self that can help you grow exponentially is if you wish to reach Infinity.

Letting go is part of becoming One with Consciousness.

Loosen your grip if you wish to feel eternal bliss.

For this sacred union to take place, I have to follow the road less traveled and find the field of flowers where there is no time, only space.

My soul and I share a special closeness.

So, I hope you don’t mind, but just for a little while,

I’m going to follow my inner guidance and return to spiritual wholeness.



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