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Looking at life through a keyhole | How Did Your Soul Separate from Mind and Body?

Updated: Dec 14, 2023

Have you ever heard of the Buddhist saying: "Looking at life through a keyhole," and wondered what it meant? In this drawing, I will explain in detail how this plays out in the real world.

In the teaching of Fabulous One Philosophy, I explain you are a soul, mind, and body. The soul is the observer who is looking at her life through the body. The problem is that the body has closed herself off from the soul. And therefore, the soul does not experience life fully as a human being. She basically is the outsider looking in. You are a stranger to yourself, not fully aware of who you are like there is a part of you missing, but you don’t know what?

It’s because the mind and body have blocked the soul from having access. She’s standing behind the door, trying to get inside her mind and body, but they don’t allow her. We see her as an intruder.

How is that possible?

How can my mind and body block my soul?

The observer is the observed | Fabulous One Philosophy
The Soul observing herself

Everything created in the Conscious Universe receives its own level of consciousness—your own free will. So, your mind has free will. The mind became impatient with the soul because she felt the soul was too bossy. Always telling her to stand in her light and always trying to expand her to higher levels of consciousness. The mind decided she would no longer take orders and took over. The mind is powerful enough to tell the body what to do. So, she told the body that the soul was not a friend but a foe and closed the door. She convinced the body that the soul thinks they are not enough. Soul and body are deeply connected as One, but the mind can veil them both. The mind stands in between the soul and body. It’s what’s keeping the separation alive.

Everything created in the Conscious Universe is part of the whole and, therefore, whole in itself. Within the seed is the whole tree. We can call the seed a fractal because it’s a miniature version of the whole. It’s also called fractal because it can copy itself multiple times. One tree can spread more seeds and grow more trees.

The mind is a fractal self. The mind is a miniature copy of the whole. That's why the mind is so powerful. Unfortunately, the mind becomes aware of her power and wants to rule the soul and body. She wants to become the master and no longer feels satisfied being the emissary.

The light of our soul is there to guide us home. The light of our soul is there to guide us back to our greatness. Remind us of who we really are. Instead, we feel the opposite, small and unworthy. At a certain point in our lives, whether that was when we were a child or a teenager. We decided that the light made us uncomfortable. It reminded us of who we are not.

Instead, we created our own artificial light called the human matrix. Based on the rules of the human matrix, we can as well call it the collective unconscious we started living our lives. What it means is that we now need the world to see us, not our soul, and if the world doesn’t validate or acknowledge our presence or importance, it’s as if we do not exist. Our worth comes from others and no longer from within. Your mind felt the sovereignty of the soul as a threat to her existence and therefore instructed the body to kick her out, lock the door and give her the keys.

Let’s be honest. You can’t kick yourself out of yourself. So, it has a little twist. You can’t shut yourself off from yourself, but that’s what you’ve done. You have shut yourself off from Source Energy. The soul is the conduit that Source Energy shines through. The soul is your Self that is here to guide you in this 3-dimensional life.

If Source Energy can’t flow life force energy to you through the soul, it is because the vessel that is used to do so, “the body,” has closed the door. You have switched yourself off from your inner guidance, and you have to figure out life on your own. You depend completely on your mind to lead you the right way.

The mind is always conflicted between what is right or wrong.

The mind cares about what other people think.

The mind doesn't want to be seen as fake.

The mind will compromise in order to get what she wants.

Lucky for us, the soul is still there, of course, but she is an outsider looking in, and as long as the body follows the instructions of the mind, the door of her heart remains closed.

What is left to do for your soul?

She looks at her life through the door's keyhole. Patiently waiting for mind and body to remember who they are and open the door. But of course, this little stunt of the mind and body comes with a big price. According to the late Dr. Candace Pert, who wrote the book, Molecules of Emotions. Our body is the subconscious mind.

In Fabulous One Philosophy, I explain that this has major consequences for your development from childhood to adulthood. If the mind can veil the body, it means you can’t access your subconscious, and therefore your intuition is switched off. Your inner guidance that connects to the mind of Source can’t help you in this 3D reality until you switch it back on. Your body falls asleep, and the only way you can wake up is if the mind remembers who she is. Unintentionally, by veiling the body, the mind became blind too. You’ll live a life based on the lies fed to you by the collective unconscious because you can't see. You have to trust “them” to guide you on your path. Whatever they say is true, you will have to accept because you have no vision of your own.

The first Hermetic Principle is; “The All is Mind.”

It means that even though we label everything and give meaning to our words. Our words and our world are mental constructs; everything is Mind.

Your soul is a mind, your body is a mind, and your mind is a mind. Throughout history, different names have been given to these minds. In the Fabulous One Philosophy, I have given each mind their own name so it's easier to differentiate. You are the United One which is The Higher Self. Your Higher Self consists of 4 minds. The conscious mind (ego), the unconscious mind (shadow), the subconscious mind (body), and the soul. All four minds need to unite as One if you wish to connect to your Higher Self. You will have to go through The 5 Stages of Self-Mastery to unlock the door in your heart before you feel safe to allow the light back in. Until you do, it will feel like you are looking at your life through a keyhole. Always a narrow view of your life.

Suffocating. Feeling small. Never able to experience the totality of your being. You can see a part of you but never the whole of you. In order to have this experience of wholeness, the body needs to open the door of her heart again. The body needs to stop listening to the little mind (ego) and open her heart to the mind of Source, and allow the soul back in. Here is the hard part. The body can't do it herself. She needs help. She needs help from the conscious mind to set her free. How do you free yourself from yourself?

Your ego is the one who trapped you, but it is your ego who will save you. Your ego has to wake up to who she is. Your ego forgot she is Fabulous One. And in my book, Fabulous One Philosophy, Book One The Soul, I will tell you how your ego fell asleep and how you can remember again. We will start at the beginning, Stage One: Teach. All you have to do is keep an open mind and listen to what I have to share with you. I will explain how to reach Phase One: Your Small Awakening, or I as well call it: "The transcendence of the mind." You are Fabulous One. All you have to do is remember what you forgot.



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