Meditation is dangerous for the untrained mind | Episode 10

Let’s talk about the elephant in the room.

Is your meditation practice helping you master the self?

They keep telling us to meditate. Who are they?

Well, let’s just say the western spiritual community.

But with what purpose?

To quiet our mind.

Be more at peace.

Is it working?

Did it end your suffering?

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I feel the emphasis on meditation is way too strong. Here's the reason.

It’s the easy way out. Huh, what?

Hello Fabulous One, welcome to another episode of the Secret Podcast.

With your favorite self-mastery teacher Jeanice Nelson.

In today’s episode we will discuss why meditation isn’t for everyone.

Why meditation sometimes can be more harm than help.

And what I would suggest you do instead of meditation that will be more effective.

Yes, the masses love doing the simple things. Not you. If you are listening to this podcast, it’s clear you are ready to do hard things. The masses love doing easy things, and meditation is the easiest thing to do. So, if that's already hard, forget about self-mastery. That’s impossible. Instead, we should focus more on doing the hard things, first and the easy stuff later. Meditation should be a bonus. A reward once you have done the hard work. It should not be the starting point.

You need to earn the right to meditate if you understand what I am saying.

All these western spiritual teachers who promise you that meditation will end your suffering are dead wrong. Yes, meditation is a fantastic tool used to expand your consciousness, but it will not, never, ever end your suffering. Never eve? Never eve.

They say that meditation helps you quiet your mind, but there is something else that happens they don’t share with you, or they don’t know. When you meditate, you open yourself up to consciousness. The problem with that is that you are unprepared for what happens next.

The biggest reason is because once you open up to consciousness, you allow a larger amount than usual of life force energy to flow into your body. It’s like you pour infinity into yourself. It will expand the subconscious mind at a quick pace that doesn’t allow the conscious mind to comprehend what just happened. You’ll activate your shadow and she’ll take over. She will use all this newfound energy to create chaos within your mind.

I don't know how many teachers out there are telling you this, but I had to figure this out myself. Did I not have the firm foundation of my Fabulous One Framework. It would have driven me mad. Out of touch with reality. There are people just doing stuff because it's popular. The next fad. I don’t blame them . We see a large group of people doing something. It must be right.

But if you had no proper training, no proper preparation, and no guidance from a spiritual teacher. How do you know you are doing it right? Of course, you won’t understand what you are dabbling with. It wouldn’t even occur to you it might cause more harm than help. I could say the same for those who claim plant medicine is the best way to connect to your Higher Self. No! Not without proper supervision and education. Not without a trained professional. Do not touch this stuff! But that is a podcast episode for another time. You don’t need it, anyway.

You have a default built-in system that will connect to Source automatically if you learn how to stop fighting yourself. Your default state is joy and happiness. There is nothing you have to do aka meditation or take aka plant medicine in order to experience or feel one with the All. Source is already within and it’s a matter of remembering who you are. Therefore, all these so called spiritual activities where they have you “doing” for a result are not real. Your reward is going to be an awakened mind? No, sorry, don’t fall for it. You don’t need to do anything. There is something you need to understand and remember.

All these spiritual practices increase your potential, and where there is more potential there is more chaos. Therefore, more potential for things to go wrong. Your inner saboteur has much more fuel to cause havoc if you open the portals to higher consciousness and she will sabotage your life. So, meditation is something special that you only get to do when you've earned your points. When you are ready. The cherry on top of the cake is meditation after you have done the hard work.

An unprepared mind will start her journey through meditation and will experience all of a sudden for life to become harder? Why is that? Because the difference between who you are and who you could be, becomes too big of a gap. The void you feel of never being good enough just becomes bigger. Once your mind tastes peace, it will never be ok with her life as it is. You will feel so far removed from a life of joy and happiness that you think you are not meditating enough. Or you are doing it all wrong.

“Once the mind is stretched by a new idea, it will never return to its original position.”–Ralph Waldo Emerson.

The days you don’t meditate you feel more anxious, more stressed out, more things are not going your way, and your mind is just having the best of you. What do you do? You will retreat increasingly more from society, from people, because you suspect they might cause your suffering. Before you know it, you find yourself completely isolated. All alone. You want to interact less and less within this 3D reality. All you do is meditate because that is when you feel at peace. At peace but all alone, afraid to co-mingle with life. The very thing you started doing to have more peace in your life has caused you to lose touch with life itself.

So, you got to be very mindful of meditation and if you are just getting started in the spiritual awakening process, meditation would not be the first thing I would suggest you do. The first thing you got to do is study. You just need to study, study, and study. Do not even try to meditate, study books and first get a good comprehension of what you are playing with.

You know, enlightenment sounds really nice.

Awakening sounds nice.

But what are you really awakening within?

What is the roadmap of the awakening process?

Become more curious about the mechanics and the process of awakening. Ask better questions. You won’t be able to ask better question if you don’t study. The goal is to feel at peace when you are not meditating. One hour of meditation and 23 hours of horrendous suffering? That is not, right? Let’s make a trade. How about 23 hours of pure bliss and 1 hour of suffering? Would you trade for that?

Meditation is not the goal. The goal is to be at peace no matter what time of the day. No matter where you are and who you are with. What you want to be is in The Awakened State. A state where every day feels good, no more fear about negative thoughts, no longer need to quiet your mind because your thoughts no longer scare you. No longer need any spiritual tool or practice to feel in alignment. You just are and it’s enough.

That’s the missing link. Study before meditation. Study is missing.

First, make the conscious mind super smart about the awakening process. She needs to understand consciousness. When you understand the dynamics of the conscious universe, The Divine Mother within the eleven dimensions, and becoming the non-dual mind. Maybe then can you pick up a meditation practice.

Every time you level up to a higher level of consciousness, your conscious mind has to readjust, recalibrate, to the new vibration, and if she cannot, if she can't vibrate at the same level, she's going to lower your vibe. That's how you become unconscious. The conscious mind becomes afraid, and she'll lower your vibe or vice versa. If the conscious mind is not afraid, but the subconscious mind feels fear. Then she’ll lower your vibe. So, your conscious mind just got a great idea. Let’s meditate! Yes! While your conscious mind meditates, she opens up the subconscious to higher levels of consciousness. Your subconscious is wondering what in the world are you doing? You are exposing me?!

Your subconscious becomes the little inner child and shrinks. She connects herself to the unconscious mind and allows the unconscious mind to take over. This is how the divine feminine energy becomes dark. She gives over her life force energy to the unconscious. The unconscious takes over and switches everything off and................... boom!

You have just entered the dark night of the soul. This is how it happens. When the conscious mind wants to reach higher levels of consciousness but has not done her homework. She did not study up and came unprepared by opening the portals. By doing so, she allowed the unconscious access to power that she has never felt before. She feels all that life force energy and becomes the spirit ego. Have you ever heard of the spirit ego?

I dedicate quite a few chapters in my book Fabulous One Philosophy, Self-Mastery Study Guide for moms about how we create the spirit ego. You can read chapters 9, 10, 11 and 12. No, we don’t do it on purpose, but I give you a full explanation how we become the spirit ego and how to transcend her.

When you meditate, you open up all the ten dimensions within your body and so now life force energy can come pouring in. But if you are unfamiliar with all the dimensions and haven’t done your studies. You will become afraid of your own body. There is good news here, lol. I believe you can tap into the conscious universe on an energetic level and expand all the way to the mind of Source. I am living proof of that, but if we do not prepare your conscious mind to deal with what we show to her. Your mind will become chaos. Close the door if you understand what I'm talking about, or if you're experiencing what I'm talking about. The answer is not more meditation, that's going to drive you nuts. Shut the door, stop meditating altogether, and start studying. Study until you have a better understanding. You need to have a grasp on what it is you're doing. Which book would you start with?

Well, funny you asked hahaha I have a book like that lying around that will guide you through the entire process. So, first study and self-inquiry. That is why I have as well created a self-mastery workbook that is the companion of the self-mastery study guide. You can find the self-mastery workbook in my work with me page.

You need to earn meditation. Meditation is a bonus. If you haven't done the hard work. You do not get to meditate and that's the truth. But I don’t hear other teachers explain to you what happens and in the same breath advice you to meditate.

So, the meditations are opening you up, and therefore you're going to enter the dark night of the soul. If you're not ready to go into the dark night of the soul, stop meditating, because that's what you're doing. That's what you're creating. And I understand that’s what the spiritual teachers want? Because they know if you go through the dark night of the soul, that you're going to come out on top and after that you will feel great!

But why doesn’t anybody prepare us? Just throw us in the deep end.

Meditate for days on out, and, boom, you feel a small awakening.

It’s feels like a small batch of fireworks. You will feel magnificent for a hot minute, and then the doors are going to close on you. The light will become dark until it's pitch black and you cannot see, anymore, but now it's worse because you saw something. You got a glimpse of something. You felt for a moment how it could be, but now it's taken away from you. It's taken away from you, and you don't know how to get it back and that's where spiritual teachers fail.

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