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The Path To Enlightenment | Conscious Motherhood & My Letter To You

Updated: Dec 14, 2023

Hello, Fabulous Mom,

This book is about MOMS because my story is the same as yours.

My old life didn’t exist anymore.

My body became a mother, but my mind didn’t understand what she was in for.

In deep conflict, there I sit, wondering why my mind thinks I’m falling behind.

I searched for answers, and to my surprise, she was staring into my eyes.

Only afterward can you connect the dots. I realized this was a setup.

Everything was going according to plan, only the plan wasn’t mine.

This was by design. Who showed me the signs?

This emotional rollercoaster called motherhood is the gateway to your Higher Self.

But nobody ever told you how?

Instead, you judge how you feel and disconnect from the here and now.

This book is about you because the world needs you now more than ever.

Your selfless heart has put you in this endeavor.

You made the right choice, but there is an imbalance.

Mind and body can’t hear The Soul’s Voice.

I sat still for 7 years, observing the world and myself.

I had to see my part. I did the unthinkable, switched off my mind, and connected to my heart.

There I saw you, a mother who can’t see beyond her pain.

I felt your hurt cause my heart knows you and I are the same.

Fabulous Mom, you’re not to blame, but where you are now is where you will stay.

First, go beyond your suffering before the soul shows you a different way.

”You are Divine, but if you want to feel whole, you must think with a New Mind.

Once I received the message from above, I understood its meaning.

Writing it all down completed my healing.

We trust our mind to give meaning to our physical reality, but we never question its validity.

Unintentionally, the mind has trapped herself in a fantasy.

We crave acceptance, but it never comes.

It makes us sad.

Feelings of unworthiness become our identity, and then we become mad.

Angry at the world because we deny our truth.

A prisoner of Duality.

Your beliefs become a self-fulfilling prophecy.

Your Higher Self is unknown to your senses.

You are blind because the unconscious has veiled it with imaginary fences.

There is a part of you that doesn’t want to know.

It’s time we break down those walls and allow our inner being to grow.

Replace the old with the new.

A new meaning that will empower you.

Becoming a mom was no compromise.

Sister, you are called by a Higher Mind.

Open your heart and allow the Soul to H A R M O N I Z E.

If you feel a loss of identity and lack of direction.

It’s the unconscious desperately holding on to something that doesn’t exist.

When you let go, there will be peace, abundance, and true happiness.

It’s the Awakened Mother that will change the world.

She will wake her children up.

Your family will no longer be caught in the illusion.

Our children will be free to create heaven on earth.

It is your stay-at-home status that will catapult you to the next stage of higher conscious awareness.

You will awaken and reach non-dual levels.

That empty spot filled with Soul.

Your view will change from one single point to being able to see the whole.

Never again, a victim of circumstance,

you will take your power back and unite the dancer and the dance.

Mother” is the highest title you will ever receive.

Who made you believe this is done with ease?

This is the hardest thing you will ever do.

Nobody dared to tell you!

FEAR is how the unconscious puts you to sleep,

never claiming your true power,

never know who you could BE.

Too much information, but nothing for moms.

Nothing that says: “Yes!!”

This is my path to achieving higher consciousness.

Time and energy are priceless.

Focus it in the wrong direction, and you will dim your brightness.

Titles will come and go.

It’s the meaning you give to words that will decide your flow.

Awareness is your sharpest tool.

If you have no clear sense of who you are.

Your unconscious will make you feel like a fool.

She’ll distort your life lesson.

Self-Mastery will become your most powerful weapon.

Accept your life with grace.

Forgiveness is the only act that can erase.

You are unique, and that makes you complex.

There is no shortcut.

You can’t fix this with intellect.

I teach you how to transcend time and space and become an unstoppable force.

Where all the separate selves come face to face and unite as One in the eyes of Source.

We place ourselves at the bottom of the food chain

because of unjustified guilt and shame.

I am here to set the record straight.

I have nothing to prove to the world.

I am here to ignite YOUR ETERNAL FLAME.

Fabulous One Philosophy........will set you free.......

Fabulous Mom, you are The One.

If you find yourself attracted to my book:

“Welcome. Your Spiritual Awakening has begun.”

Are you a mom who seeks inner alignment?

Who wants to learn something new cause the old ways don’t work?

Who understands that the world has changed.

It’s our minds that need to catch up.

I will help you remember who you are, transcend your fears,

so the REAL YOU can appear.

Your Higher Self will become your permanent station.

Self-Realization is The Transformation.

Join My Fabulous One Family and become a Visionary.

So, we can course correct our lives in the direction it’s supposed to be.

There is so much more than meets the eye.

The Soul has set you up.

You are the Super Star of your Story.

It’s time you wake up!



The Master's Mental Model replaces your old framework and gives you a new one where you can veto the inner saboteur's input whenever she decides to show up and leave her two cents. In the Master's Program, you will learn how to detach from the collective group mind (6D)and restore the connection to your Soul Mind (5D). Once you've activated your soul realignment, you can call upon your inner soul's guidance without the interference of the shadow self. The Fabulous One Framework® is a new lens of perception that empowers you to believe in yourself and see a world full of possibilities. For more information please click the button to watch the explainer video.


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