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Updated: Jan 27

Speed up your awakening by doing these self-mastery exercises. They are designed to give you that aha-moment and bump you up to a higher level of perception. With each and every light bulb moment your mind will elevate and allows you to see something new. As if for the first time, like a rainbow.

If you would like to do this exercise with me. Grab a piece of paper and a black marker.

Are you ready? Yes. Let's go.

So, I will draw a smiley face. Look at it. What allows you to see the smiley face?

Your answer might be, well, it’s the black marker. I would say look again. What allows you to see the smiley face? How do you know it’s a smiley face? The black marker, Jean?! No, patience. I need you to look again. What is it you are missing?

Our Conscious Universe exists of three; soul, mind and body. You need all three to see.

The reason you can see the smiley face drawn with a black marker is because of the spaces on the paper. Without empty space, you cannot see the shape that the marker made. You are a human being. In order to see the human, it’s the being that functions as the empty space so you can draw the person you want to be.

You have the pen. You are the artist that decides what to draw. A smiley face, a sad face, a surprised face. You decide what the face will look like. Your being is just experiencing it all. The artist who holds the pen, is the divine masculine energy (creator - mind), the drawing itself (creation) is the divine feminine energy (body), and the empty space is the soul.

Your divine feminine energy is in direct connection with Infinity. Mind and body are in your Soul, but only the mind can separate herself. Her purpose is to upgrade the body by creating more and the body makes sure everything works as a whole. Mind and body will reach higher levels of consciousness when they work together. The body is always in the present moment because she is in direct connection with your soul. Your mind can separate herself because she needs to create new things. Once you create something, you can’t uncreate it. You made it real. It will now live amongst you as is. You can never uncreate, but you can always create more.

So, don’t feel sad if you’ve created a sad face. It’s alright, you can always draw a smiley face, you don’t have to erase what was, just accept it and embrace that it was your truth. There is something you don’t know about your life. It’s infinite, and you will never run out of space to create. Draw to your heart’s content. Keep creating because that is your superpower. Don’t look back, keep creating new..

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