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Rebirth of the mind | There are many ego deaths, not just one | Each time you want to level up...

Updated: Dec 14, 2023

If you wish to feel present and tuned in, we have to slow down your thoughts to the point you become a one-track mind. Several rules at play work interchangeably and give you a contradicting feeling. It’s “the contrast” that makes us restless, and we can’t find peace with it. The opposite of the other, and that is because of the law of polarity. We are always balancing against an opposite point in order to hold ourselves stable in the middle. As soon as you release tension in one or the other, you move either all the way to the left or all the way to the right and create the distortion.

For example: Are you familiar with the saying: “This too shall pass?” Which is a famous Buddhist quote. The problem is that we can only interpret everything in two ways. And if you wish to awaken, you will have to add a third way of seeing. Not right or wrong, but in the middle. There is always a middle way or middle path, as Buddha said.

If we would reason from one side of the equation, it might feel futile to do anything. Why would we? It will pass, right? What’s the point? You can’t hold on to things because they will pass? If that’s true. We can as well be relieved because however bad I am feeling right now. It will pass. It will go away. I don’t have to worry. I won’t stay stuck here forever.

Depending on your position, you will choose one statement that suits you, but if you pay attention, you notice both statements won’t help you grow or reach a higher level of consciousness. You are spinning in an infinity loop (yin and yang) from one side to the other but never moving towards feeling better, always recreating the same scenes. It’s because there is a third way, and the third way is: “This will never end.”

And once you adopt this principle, you see that whatever passes, the process of it all never ends. There are ups, and there are downs. There is birth and death, but then there is “rebirth.”

We forgot about the rebirth of the mind. We are stuck on the birth and death parts of the body and try to do everything in between as quickly as we can before we reach the death part. But in between physical birth and death are many rebirths of the mind.

Many new cycles allow you to tap into higher versions of yourself. We can’t stop the birth and death cycle of the physical body, but we can add the “rebirth cycle of the mind,” which allows us to slow down time dramatically. The higher your vibrational frequency, the slower the aging process of the body. This way, we make our life more interesting and tap into our full potential without feeling we need to rush or hurry.

If you are stuck in duality, you will want to move fast because you will find yourself in a state of suffering, and you will try to take yourself out of suffering by improving certain aspects of your life. You will find yourself on this never-ending wheel of karma. You create karma; you try to get rid of it. You create more karma; you try to get rid of it. Never realizing that who is the one that creates the karma? You are playing a cat-and-mouse game with yourself that feels like catch and release. “This too shall pass.”

Now, I suffer, now I don’t, now I suffer, now I don’t. It’s a never-ending cycle of torment if you keep yourself on the wheel of karma. We have never learned to stand still and wait. If we did, we would see a third path or middle path appear that has always been there, but we never saw it.

The wheel of karma is a fast spin from left to right, but the middle path is one straight road to the mind of Source, without distractions. On the path of karma, you are always subjected to highs and lows. Now you are happy. Now you are not. You jump from one best thing to the next. And once it passes, which it always does, you find something else you can feel good about. It means that the whole journey towards it is suffering.

If you wish to walk the middle path, you need to slow down. No longer should your motivation be to get anywhere fast. Your motivation should switch from fast to consistent. What can I do, or what do I want to do consistently that will help me grow?

Your focus is on doing the work consistently because someone who places themselves on the middle path understands that: “This will never end.” Why the rush? Why am I in such a hurry to reach where? Where am I going? Rushing to reach Nirvana or Pure Bliss? Does it exist?

It’s not the final destination I am after. It’s an emotional state, realizing it has been here with me all this time. I don’t need to reach anything because once I place myself on the middle path, this feeling will never end. So, instead of trying to get somewhere fast and reach an end goal. You will realize I have to feel my way there.

At this moment, I have it all.

At this moment, I feel whole.

At this moment, I am Fabulous One.

Once I connect to my True Self, I no longer feel the need to run. I will stay in one place. The wheel of karma will make you think you are running out of time. Hurry, it’s going to be too late for this or that. You rush, race, to get there, only to realize “there” has passed. It always does. It always passes, but then suddenly, you find yourself on another wheel. Your mind doesn’t allow you to stand still for a moment. Your mind will jump from one thing to the next thing. That’s the biggest reason we can’t seem to get “there” because we’re trying to get to a place that has no end. Whenever our imaginary end goal isn’t reached. We drop what we are doing, stop for a moment to come up with a new plan, and move on to the next goal, which doesn’t allow us to master anything fully.

“Jack of all trades, master of none.” - Robert Greene

Your focus is on the wrong method of thinking. If you want mastery in any aspect of life, stay consistent, not fast. Consistency is a whole different animal. You can only stay consistent when you are in alignment with what you are doing, not with your final destination. When you move fast, it’s because you are racing to get to an end goal that doesn’t exist. When you move slowly, you are using your energy to stay in it for the long haul because you understand: “This will never end.” There is no rush to get to any goal. Once you reach that goal, the path will further unfold. There is only one path that you are on, which is the path to wholeness. You are under the illusion that the fast track leads to the pot of gold, but that’s fiction. The path always leads toward your Soul.

So, if you want to reach that place that makes you feel fulfilled and whole. You must take yourself out of the rat race and pursue a connection with your Soul. Reaching your Soul requires a different work ethic that does not abide by the rules of your 3D reality. Connecting to your Soul means you will have to stand still—no more jumping from one goal to the other. Stand still and wait. You will stop the flow of time and tap into what was always here—the present moment.

It’s not about how many goals or trophies you can reach in life. It’s about the work that needs to be done in order to feel complete. If the work fulfills you, you will stop space and time. You will be in flow. When you are in flow, you will connect to your Soul and feel whole. The reward is given exactly at that moment. Once you catch on, that will become your only goal. You will try to stay in the middle path all the time because you realize: “This amazing feeling will never end.”

Remember, You are Fabulous One. I am just here to remind you of what you forgot.



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