Welcome Message Students of Secret Podcast | Episode 1

Updated: Jan 27

Hey welcome everybody, I'm so happy for you to join my self-mastery school for moms. I know, exciting right, it’s a lot to digest. Like, how you come up with this idea?! It’s a loooooong story haha.

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So first things first, let’s do some housekeeping. You are a guest in my house, so I expect you to be nice, ok. This is a safe space for all mothers, welcome, and thank you for wanting to be part of my vision. You are in my house, be respectful, and play nice with each other. Please read all my policies, especially the one about the membership. This student membership is something I offer for free, as an extra service, but if under any circumstances, you disrespect the rules of the school, you will be banned. We all have a lot to learn from each other, and if we can remain open to our differences, I believe we can accelerate the learning process, and open up new dimensions to our understanding of life and all thrive.

I opened a self-mastery school because study is super important if you wish to reach self-mastery, the most important if you ask me. I know, spirituality puts a lot of emphasis on meditation, positive affirmations etc. I come from the angle of self-inquiry and self-study, I put more importance there.

We all go to earth school for almost 21 years, some of us even more. We get all the schooling in the world how to be a human in a physical world. But nobody teaches us how to understand the being in the non-physical world and integrate her in the physical world so we can become a whole, again.

Back in the days, 1000’s of years ago, philosophers would open schools, and many students would come, listen, and study the teachings and use the wisdom of the teachers to empower themselves.

These schools hardly exist anymore or they are not mainstream. Throughout thousands of years, we have learned to neglect The Being, and we have shut ourselves of from ourselves. If we want to successfully integrate the soul back into our hearts, we will have to learn first who the soul is, what the soul is, and how the soul operates/functions in our conscious universe. So, we need a “being-school.” A school where you learn how to BE. And contrary to popular belief that means you will actually have to take the time to study. You will have to deepen and widen your knowledge about the non-physical world we live in.

Times has changed. We have more information available to us than ever before. Everything is new nowadays. We have the new science, new biology, new psychology, and let’s not forget we even have created new words that did not even exist a 100 years ago, like epigenetics, advanced nutrition, and psychoneuroimmunology and many more names, I am sure you can think of a few more.

This is a fantastic turn of events, it means that us, normal folks, now as well have a shot at figuring this stuff out. All the information is at our fingertips, and you don’t need to be a professor anymore to understand how everything all works together. And yet, we seem more distracted than ever before. We have so many new dangers that keep us occupied that we don’t feel we have the time to focus on growth and expansion.

Who has time to figure out the meaning of life when you have bills to pay and drama to watch on tv? The world is always coming to an end. Fear seems to be our constant state of awareness. It’s unfortunate, but that’s the way of the world and it will not get any better, it will only get worse, if we, the masses, don’t take matters into our own hands. We need to invest in our own self development and the price is high if we don’t.

Our children will be the ones to suffer. If we truly wish to create a new earth, we will have to go back to the drawing board and create a whole new mental framework to see the world through. A new meaning that will move us out of our low vibrational state and move us into a high vibrational state. A meaning that propels us forwards. A meaning that allows all of us to shine not just some of us.

The good news is, we don’t have to start over, we need to add something, that is missing. We are missing our other half and it’s time we put ourselves back together again, the way we are meant to be.

What needs to happen? We need a new framework that incorporates the being in the totally of who we are. No longer separate from us but is us. But to allow that to happen we need to be able to sustain a higher level of energy because the soul functions and operates at a faster speed. Most of us are not able to sustain that level of energy that is needed to understand what is happening.

Whenever you go to a higher level of consciousness, the speed increases and when the speed increases entropy increases. And when entropy increases, it means you can break down faster. I wrote all about entropy in my study guide and I will make sure to create a lot of content on this topic because it is extremely important that you learn how it affects our mental framework.

There are a lot of new things we need to learn. Old modalities have served us in the past but they are no longer serving us, today. That’s why I have created the Fabulous One Framework. A new mental model that serves you here in the 21st century.

A mental model you can use to think with clarity and purpose.

A mental model that helps you put all in perspective, and not just one sided view. It’s about being able to see from a holistic point of view, a higher plane, and my Fabulous One Framework can help you with that. It is the framework that allows the Higher Self to be seen and heard in our 3d physical reality.

How can you think outside the box if the box is all you have?

How do you explain to a blind person what a flower really means?

I am here to support you with my secret podcast where I discuss all chapters of the book, where we deepen our knowledge, and go on a journey to explore the conscious universe and who you really are.

We can continue the discussion in the “Secret Podcast Talks” in our Fabulous One Family Community. Make sure you respond to the right episode, do not create a random posts, but make sure you write it in the right episode, so we all know which episode you are responding to or want to know more about. I will as well reply and participate in the discussions, but if this topic deserves more attention, I can always decide to create another podcast for you so I can go deeper into the material. If it is something I need to visualize, I can as well make it into a YouTube video, and post it online, and let you know the answer to your question there.

Last but not least, you can send me a private message, isn’t that awesome!! I think so. Whatever you want to know in regard to self-mastery, you can ask me. Or if you have some important technical or admin question, you can send me a private message as well. If I notice that you are sending in the same questions, I will answer them through a podcast or YouTube video.

Life is about remembering who you are. We do the things we do because we want to feel happy, we want to feel in alignment because it gives us a strong sense of self-worth. We are on a journey to discover our Authentic Self and in order to maintain or sustain that inner alignment, you have to connect to your higher self and throughout the weeks to come in this secret podcast we are going to dive deep and uncover things about yourself that you never knew was real or denied for so long. We are going to figure out why you can’t connect to your Higher Self and what needs to happen in order to feel whole.

We all want to change the world, but the only real change and impact you can have is on yourself. If you are not willing to change yourself than please forget about changing the world. It will not happen. The world reflects who we are on the inside, and as long as misalignment is in our hea