Teach the Inner Saboteur better feeling thoughts | Episode 11

Updated: Jan 27

Do you know your mind doesn’t tell you the truth?

If you’re not aware of that, half of your life will pass by; never feeling good enough.

Every day, she reminds you of who you are not?

Every day, she reminds you; you are not good enough.

Every day, she reminds you that your spouse isn’t good enough.

Every day, she reminds you your kids are not even good enough.

Is that the truth? No, of course not?! Ok, well, why do we have these negative thoughts?

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So, we can become self-aware.

Pay attention to how your mind always twists towards the opposite.

Take anything you do or have, something good, or amazing. And watch how she turns it into something so ugly that you’re wondering how you could think this was fabulous, in the first place.

Is there a deeper reason besides making you feel bad? Yes, there is, and in this episode you will find out what.

Hello Fabulous One, welcome to another episode of the Secret Podcast.

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Today’s episode is about: How to tell your inner saboteur to give you better feeling thoughts.

So, let’s get some facts of the Fabulous One Philosophy out of the way. Haha, I say facts but you can take them with a grain of salt because I made them up. But at some point you have got to take a stand. Invent the rules of engagement. Set some boundary perimeters in order to work with what you got. I think most of us don’t realize that’s even possible. We never gave ourselves permission to come up with rules that serve us. Our own set of rules, not the ones society gives us, because that is one reason we can never figure ourselves out. We are following the blind, hoping one day they will teach us how to see. What are the facts according to FOP? I am going to say FOP instead of Fabulous One Philosophy because it’s quicker. I’m going to list the facts and then elaborate on them.

Fact #1: The inner saboteur cannot be created or destroyed. It is part of the conscious universe and serves a purpose.

Fact #2: You are energy in motion, you rotate from positive to negative many times during the day. Therefore, the inner saboteur always gets her turn, always.

Fact #3: The inner saboteur is not the bad girl. She’s giving you resistance so you can appear where you are and move towards your soul.

If we are not aware of the facts, you will constantly question yourself. Is this correct? Is this supposed to be like this? Is my husband supposed to behave this way? Are my children supposed to behave this way? What reason do I have to believe I am really fabulous? Why can’t my family members just act, right? What’s wrong with everyone? What’s wrong with me?

So, with my mind, my default position is always:

1. My mind is not telling the truth.

2. I am not my mind.

This way, as soon as a thought pops into my head, positive or negative, I don’t take it seriously. Huh, what do you mean, positive, too? Yes, because you might think highly of yourself and give yourself permission to act like a jerk. Many famous people, you know, have shown you that once they drink their own Kool aid, all bets are off. So, all thoughts are not to be taken seriously. Just dismiss them.

But wait, what? But who would I be without my thoughts? Ah, well thank you Byron Katie for this beautiful question. I am not my mind. I am the soul who has a mind and body. I can now separate myself from my thoughts and examine them more closely without feeling upset about what I hear.

I ask myself; Why would I think something like that? What proof do I have? Is it really true? Where have I shown these same qualities or where have I shown up not as my authentic self before I point fingers at others?

Yes, it takes a high level of consciousness to even ask yourself these questions. So, that is why you need a self-mastery teacher who always confronts you with ideas that don’t even pop up in your mind. Be very critical of the thoughts you think. Don’t take them at face value. Always question your own motives for thinking the thoughts because chances are there is a deeper reason or a stronger emotional epiphany you need to get to. Which you should not expect just to be shown to you because you asked. You must dare to dig deeper.

So, the first initial thoughts my mind tries to throw up: “Well, it’s because you know, he doesn’t really care, she doesn’t really care, or they want to hurt me on purpose.” All these negative thoughts. I dismiss them. I give them back to the fake self. I tell her to show me some better feeling thoughts. I demand she dig deeper and find something useful that helps me move forward or make progress. I completely deny her the power to lower my vibe. I am the Self-Master. It means that the little self listens to you. She has to obey your wishes. It’s when you give her too much freedom to roam freely. She’ll get you into trouble. Thinks all kinds of bad thoughts because she roams inside Infinity. How many bad thoughts do you think you can find in Infinity?