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The Divine Masculine Energy Will Save The World but Only If He Does This...

Updated: Dec 14, 2023

The divine masculine will save the world, but only if he will die a psychological death for the divine feminine energy. There are many stories in history, too many to mention. But first, we must agree upon the following. When we speak of the divine masculine and feminine energy, many believe we speak about men and women or male/female characteristics.

In the book The Master and its Emissary, Dr. Ian McGilchrist makes a very bold statement: He says there is no difference between the left brain and the right brain in intellect or creativity. Their difference lies in their perspective of reality. The left brain, which is the divine masculine energy, and the right brain, which is the divine feminine energy, see the world differently. The left reasons from the individual perspective, and the right reasons from the perspective of the whole. What makes them unique in their function is that the divine masculine energy is the container for the divine feminine energy. The divine masculine energy is the will, and the divine feminine energy is power. Together, they form; willpower. When they unite as one, they are unstoppable.

Here comes the most beautiful part. Every one of us has a divine masculine and divine feminine energy since we all have a left and right brain. The biggest reason it’s hard for us to grasp these metaphysical concepts is that, in order to make something tangible, we need to use words.

Words create limitations and, therefore not correctly describe the meaning of something, but we have no choice but to use words. When we describe the divine masculine as a “he” and the divine feminine as a “she,” we confuse ourselves because they are energies. We, humans, give everything human traits in order to understand something.

What we need to know first is the history of the two energies and how they ended up being divided:

In order to explain it. I have created a diagram. I call it; The mind of Source. We are cells that grow into a baby and become adults, but the adult can never be a baby again. There is a natural order, a hierarchy that the conscious universe is made up of, and it always moves forward.

The One is The Divine Mother who created the two: Consciousness and The Universe. Those two created the third, but before we continue, something else happens that we can’t skip. Which is that consciousness and the universe lowers in dimensions. Consciousness breaks into soul parts, and the universe breaks into body parts. The Soul is a part of consciousness, and the body is a part of The Universe. The difference lies between the weak and strong forces. Gravity pulls them down to the 3rd dimension. Once consciousness and the universe lower in dimension, the gravitational pull becomes stronger. The cut-off is at dimension 6. The soul becomes the conscious mind, and the body becomes the subconscious, and the interaction between the two creates the unconscious mind. The unconscious mind, sometimes called the physical mind or shadow, is the emergent property of the conscious mind and subconscious mind being in resistance to each other. It is the unconscious mind that makes us human. The human being comprises three.

Why do I say that the divine masculine energy needs to save the world?

It’s because, as you can see, the original divine masculine energy is consciousness, and the original divine feminine energy is The Universe. But The Universe is dimension 10, and consciousness is 9 in my diagrams. There is a reason for that. It’s the divine feminine energy that always expands to a higher dimension, and so the divine masculine energy needs to contain her and therefore forced to grow with her. The problem starts when the divine masculine energy refuses to grow. If the divine masculine doesn’t grow with the divine feminine energy. She will grow out of control and become the dark feminine.

The Indian sages share a similar story about Shiva and Kali. Kali became the ego slayer but couldn’t control herself anymore and started killing all the villagers. Shiva was the only one who could calm her down and bring her back to her senses by surrendering himself to her. He was ready to die by her hand and gave her complete trust. She calmed down and became Shakti again.

They are each other’s opposites but the same. It has nothing to do with being a man or a woman. But when we tell a story, we have to use human characteristics to make it real. We need to move away from this idea and see them as energies that are dancing together to evolve the conscious universe. The divine masculine energy is order, and the divine feminine energy is chaos. She is beyond powerful, but if not contained, she will destroy the world. The problem with our human brain is that sometimes we want to stop evolution because we are comfortable where we are or the other way around. We just want to get rid of everything without replacing it with something better.

We either want to destroy everything or don’t want to change at all. And that is because the divine feminine energy can not stand still, ever. She will always grow to a higher level of vibration because that is the will of The Way. It forces the divine masculine energy to adjust and create the new…evolve.

When these two energies work together, there is a beautiful harmony and tremendous growth. When they don’t work together, their resistance activates the unconscious mind, and in my book, Fabulous One Philosophy, I call her the inner saboteur. She is a “her” because I am speaking about myself. As soon as the two energies can’t get along, the shadow is activated to keep them separate because they are one. We cannot separate them; therefore, the shadow does what is expected of her to do. Veils them both.

You become blind, and she takes over. That’s not good, but a story for another time.

All these debates out there that a man has to behave a certain way and a woman has to behave a certain way might be true on a human level. But they have nothing to do with the divine masculine and feminine energies. Both energies are within a man and a woman.

“The whole is greater than the sum of its parts.” - Aristotle.

We need to create synergy by harmonizing these energies. They both need to trust and surrender to each other. They have to allow each other to grow individually because they alternate in power. They don’t grow at the same time.

Unconditional love for self is how they will align and stay in alignment and render your false self obsolete. The false self is not real. Its misalignment of these two energies and misalignment is a given. It is a universal law designed to make us expand. The secret is… to stay in alignment even when these two energies are breaking their balance during their growth phase. In science, they call this A-symmetry breaking.

If you wish to connect to your soulmate or find your soulmate? All you have to do is accept him or her for who he/she is. You don’t have to behave a certain way to attract a certain person. Finding the key that fits your lock is a slow and painful process. If you want to quantum leap your life, become the master key, which allows you to open all doors. Meaning anyone you meet can become a soul connection because you no longer judge yourself or others. They will all fall in love with you because of who you have become. The dancer and the dance united as Fabulous One.



The Master's Mental Model replaces your old framework and gives you a new one where you can veto the inner saboteur's input whenever she decides to show up and leave her two cents. In the Master's Program, you will learn how to detach from the collective group mind (6D)and restore the connection to your Soul Mind (5D). Once you've activated your soul realignment, you can call upon your inner soul's guidance without the interference of the shadow self. The Fabulous One Framework® is a new lens of perception that empowers you to believe in yourself and see a world full of possibilities. For more information please click the button to watch the explainer video.


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