The Metaphysics of a Magical Marriage | Secret Podcast Episode

There is a crisis happening among women who feel the need to expose themselves on social media so that the world still knows they got it going on. Nothing wrong with showing off your beauty, but it feels to me there is something deeper going on that a lot of us women are not willing to admit. Let’s put our metaphysical hats on and see if we can uncover why we are in this predicament and how we can turn things around.

What am I talking about? Haven’t you noticed, more and more women are putting themselves out there in half naked/bikini pics to show the world they still got it? But a lot of women are not showing off their wisdom.

We tend to all navigate to our physical beauty, but we seem to neglect our inner beauty. What message are we sending our teenagers?

Should we all just take our ball and go home? If you are over 40, are you damaged goods? It seems women over 40 refuse to be silenced, and it’s their right, but why? What happened?

If we do our homework, what do we find?

The world has gotten smaller. Everyone in the world is within reach. It means you need only 6 people to reach the entire world. Back in the days, a long, long time ago, let’s say 30 years hahahah there was no internet. You know, ancient times, it felt like we were living in the stone ages compared to how we live now and not much time has passed. If you found your prince charming back, then you had little competition. You just had to watch out for your neighbor friends and some sneaky co-workers at work. But in the world, we live in today, the entire world can reach out and touch your husband. They can easily send him a dm, no matter where they are from. This has made a lot of women insecure, because we all see the most gorgeous women online, we see them, so we are sure our husbands see them too. To compensate for this fierce competitiveness, I noticed, especially amongst older women, they are showing the world to not count them out just yet. And their husbands whomever they may be, can as well see their women are still very much adored and admired by the world. It raises their value in this 3D reality. Has nothing to do with any spiritual motivation this is pure physical desires at work.

So, how can you stay happily married while this is going on the internet?

You realize that everything that deals with youth, beauty, looks, attractiveness is the arena of the divine masculine energy, our physical reality. And if you try to compete with anyone, it might work for a little while, but you will always find women who are more attractive than you. So, there will come a time, where you admit that no matter how beautiful you are, there must be something more to this. I must differentiate myself from the rest.

Challenge yourself to take the road less traveled, sister. There is hardly any competition there, but it’s not what you think. A lot of women decide to set a higher standard by becoming financially attractive. They educate themselves, become very book smart, and get high paying jobs or start a business which generates a good income. They are financially independent and it adds to their resume, but it means nothing in the heart's domain. Women who have a higher education and higher income don’t seem to be very successful in finding a man or keeping a man by their side.

It’s because financial independence is again the arena of the divine masculine energy, and therefore you will always encounter women who are more successful than you or make more money than you. So, it feels like a lose - lose situation. No matter where you turn, there are more beautiful women out there that even make more money than me and it’s very hard to stay on top of your game in this divine masculine energy dominated world.

Everything that we can see with our physical eyes is the domain of the divine masculine energy. So, if you thought a sexy-looking woman must be very much connected to her divine feminine energy, you would be mistaken. What you see is her divine masculine energy showing off her looks.

The domain of the divine feminine energy can not be seen and therefore it will be so much harder to pinpoint her value, to give her the props she deserves and therefore very often an aspect in ourselves that is very much neglected. If you can’t see it, it must not be real.

This is a big misunderstanding, and without the divine feminine energy fully activated, you will feel as if you are always in this rat race trying to keep up with Mrs. Jones. Who got something going on, right? You will exhaust yourself trying to keep your husband happy. And like a circus animal, you will run circles around yourself trying to please your man until you throw in the towel and just give up. Which is a good thing because it allows you to see what is not there, your divine feminine energy.

I know the world tries to convince you by raising your divine feminine energy you will become more magnetic, which is true, but it’s not something that can be seen in your physical reality. Who you really are cannot be seen with physical eyes?

Don’t mistake divine feminine character to be the divine feminine energy. Femininity has nothing to do with divine feminine energy. We’re talking about a different thing. It’s not even apples and pears. It’s like a fresh apple and an iPhone. It’s both called Apple. We are using the same words with interchangeable meaning.

If the matrix can confuse you by using the same words, but give them a different meaning, you will be stuck in your outer world. And you will never explore your inner world. They know that if they can convince you to compete with other women in your outer world.

Why would you ever want to bond with them and form a sisterhood?

Why would you ever unite as one?

We have a justified reason to keep the separation between us alive… “competition.”

You won’t be able to change the way you see things unless you change the way you see.

You will try to keep yourself looking as young as possible, as attractive as possible, because you fear the worst when it comes to other women and your husband who can send him dm’s from everywhere in the world.

Your concerns are valid. Yeah, it’s a real threat. You’re not imagining this. It’s real.

But the method or the solution that you now provide for yourself to solve this conundrum, is a solution that is going to make you feel desperate, stressed out and exhausted. It’s very unhealthy for women not to eat. We need sustenance. Nutrient dense food. We need carbohydrates because our brain functions a lot better with it. Here we are, trying to stay in our best shape, but without food, we have no brain power. Our husband might be happy, but we are Hangry!

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If you are interested to transform your Inner Saboteur into your greatest power, but you don't know how and you would like some help?

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