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The Mistake The Matrix Made | The Hierarchy of Transcendence | Part Two | Masterclass: The Myth of Self-Actualization

Hello, Fabulous One.

From an early age, we start school and have never stopped running.

Have your parents ever said to you, "You know, after high school, I think you should just relax, take a one-year break, do nothing, and figure out who you are and what you want? Uhhh, what?! Hahhahaha, we wish, right?!

If only we could take a breather to examine ourselves and choose who we want to become so we know which way to go.

Did it ever occur to you this has been done by design?

And if yes, ever wondered what's the cure against it?

Why do we wait until we are 70 to live our best lives?

So when we finally reach retirement age, we can enjoy our lives? Slow down, sit in our garden, read a book, and feel content. Contemplate the meaning of life. Really?

By that time, the only things you will contemplate are:

  • All the things you should have done.

  • All the things you spend way too much energy on.

  • The fact that you no longer have your youth to start over.

We take our power back by redesigning our lives in reverse.

"Life can only be understood backwards, but must be lived forwards." - Soren Kierkegaard (19th century philosopher)

Ancient philosophers knew the truth; I blame the psychologists of the 20th century who made us believe that self-actualization was the most important purpose in our lives—leaving out a whole other half of us who never got to see the day of light.

Which other half?

There is another world living inside our body—our inner world. We never got to explore and develop this mysterious energy being because we were too busy running after material goals we forgot the most important one: the goal of our soul.

In this masterclass, The Myth of Self-Actualization, Part Two, The Hierarchy of Transcendence, I discuss a hierarchy we desperately need but have yet to see. We needed it first, but instead, we learned life in reverse.

Watch this video to discover what has been missing from our lives and how to restore order.

Love, Jean

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