The Rise of The Divine Feminine | Episode 6

Updated: Jan 27

We hear these two terms a lot and I am pretty sure you know a lot about this topic already, but I am going to surprise you with some new information, about these two energies, that will give you a very different perspective of who they really are and how they compliment each other. This information will as well help you handle any relationship because you will have a better understanding where the other person might come from. What’s very important is that we both agree. There is a lot of confusion about what these energies mean and how they operate. But I just want to say upfront, I am not talking about gender. We are not talking about a man or a woman when we speak of divine energies. These two energies are within each one of us. They are the yin and yang of the universe.

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So, if I take myself as an example, I am a woman, and I have a masculine energy and a feminine energy. In the Fabulous One Philosophy, I take it a step further to say that these energies are a self. So, they are autonomous to each other and they think for themselves. I call the masculine energy, fabulous self, and the feminine energy, frequency self. The reason I call the divine masculine energy, fabulous self, is because I don’t want you to fall into the trap of thinking masculine means men, so this way, you won’t forget.

Modern science has made some discoveries on their own, and they have hypothesized, which I agree with, that the masculine energy is the left brain, and the feminine energy is the right brain. And traditional science will give you a very comprehensive list of what the differences are between the two. They will tell you that the left brain is more analytic, force full, dominant, logical, reason, language. The right brain is more creative, nurturing, caring, giving, and focused on love and harmony.

But according to the author, Dr. Ian McGilchrist, who wrote the book; The Master and his Emissary, he says that’s not true. The left brain and right brain are similar in intellect and function. They can both do the same things. The left brain isn’t better at math than the right brain. And the right brain isn’t better at creativity than the left brain. They are equal in their skills and abilities.

According to Dr. Ian McGilchrist, the difference is the way they view the world. They both have their unique way of seeing the world. They use a different lens. The left brain looks at the world from the individual perspective, and the right brain looks at the world from the whole - perspective. Because of this, the divine masculine can come across as more selfish, because the divine masculine will always put her family first. Survival of your own family is her priority. The divine feminine energy, she looks after the collective, so she will sacrifice the family if it means the survival of the species. She will sacrifice herself if she has to, so that you can live. Of course, the divine masculine will never allow that to happen and here lies the conflict that they have. Two complete opposite views of the world and their place in it.

Another thing that is very different is that the divine masculine energy is an expert in details. She is a genius, her intellect it’s infinite. The divine masculine can pull apart anything. Let’s say a car, for example. The divine masculine can become an expert in the engine, pull it apart, examine it and figure out how the engine works. Which is a powerful skill to have. The divine feminine, her special power, is to take all the pieces the divine masculine has improved and make them work together as a whole. So, the divine feminine can take all the parts that make a car, and put them together and make them work together. The divine feminine creates the car. This makes the divine feminine powerful because she has a gift that the divine masculine doesn’t have and vice versa. The divine masculine doesn’t know how to make all the pieces work together. She needs the divine feminine to do that for her, but the divine feminine doesn’t know how to improve every component. She needs the divine masculine to improve and maintain the pieces. When a piece breaks down or needs an upgrade, she won’t be able to do that. I can give you two examples:

Example 1. The divine feminine energy is the garden. Lushes green, vibrant plants and flowers who thrive in the sunlight. But without the gardener, the garden would perish. It will grow weeds, the plants and flowers will die. It needs constant maintenance and renewal which is the job of the divine masculine energy. The garden and the gardener are one. They can not live without each other.

Example 2.

Let’s take one more example of a computer. You have Windows 10 software, but every few years, they upgrade to the next version. I saw an email that windows 11 is coming out. So, windows 10 is fine, works great. The divine feminine is windows 10, but the divine masculine energy is the computer engineer who made some updates, improved some stuff, and because of it the divine feminine energy can become the upgraded version of windows 11.

So, how do these two end up fighting each other? The divine masculine energy loses trust in the divine feminine when she won’t upgrade or when she upgrades without the consent of the divine masculine energy. Or if the divine masculine energy refuses to do the work to create more updates so that the divine feminine can keep expanding. What do I mean?

So, let’s say, you don’t want to upgrade to windows 11. You want to stay on Windows 10. You fear it will mess things up, it will change your settings in your computer and other software products might not function as well with the new upgrade. This is the same as the divine masculine refusing to add new updates. It’s the divine masculine energy who improves the product and invents new updates for windows 11. It’s the divine feminine who becomes windows 11. But if you say no to upgrade, you will degrade, your PC will become old and outdated. You cannot use the technology in the way it’s intended. It’s like the divine masculine energy stays the same. There is no growth. It’s always the same, day in, day out. The divine feminine can’t create something new. This goes against the laws of the universe.

Why would the divine masculine energy refuse to make upgrades?

Because she fears the new. She got comfortable with what is. She is happy with windows 10. Why do I have to upgrade? She wants everything to stay the same. As a result, your PC becomes old. When the divine masculine energy behaves in this way. We can call it toxic. The fabulous self refuses to change. All she wants to be is fabulous and stay fabulous. If anything changes, she won’t have that guarantee. She prefers to stay the same out of fear.

This is the birth of the patriarchal system where everything looks the same, and we all have to agree to the same things. Look how we build houses, one house next to the other in rows. We build communities the same way, in the same order, with the same rules. No change, and the ones who want change will become outcasts.

But you can’t stay the same forever. Impossible. Upgrade or throw your PC away. We made the divine feminine obsolete. Threw her away, made her lesser than because the divine masculine energy doesn’t understand her importance. If everything functions as is, why change?

Now let’s go a little further in this fantasy-analogy. In real life, this would never happen, but this is just to make it fun. Let’s imagine our PC is the divine feminine energy with a heart. This leaves her feeling devalued and neglected by the divine masculine energy. She takes it upon herself to upgrade to the new windows 11 without the permission/help of the divine masculine energy. From one moment to the next, the fabulous self has to deal with a whole new, frequency self, a version she is no expert in.

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