The two big lies the inner saboteur tells you and the 80-20 rule of happiness | Episode 18

Our inner saboteur is connected to the collective unconscious, which I call dimension 6, The Human Matrix in my book. It’s called “Human” because we have created it as humanity. These are all the spoken and unspoken rules of society. Everything we know about our world, universe and galaxies. Our conscious mind can only focus on 5% of the whole. Whatever you zoom in on is what will be in your direct awareness. The rest, 95% will be the domain of your subconscious who is aware, but can’t act on what she sees without the consent of the conscious mind.

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Our happiness is orchestrated by the inner saboteur who uses the human matrix in her favor to stop you from moving forward. She keeps you distracted with shiny objects. Desires never fulfilled. In an abundant world, it feels very overwhelming to be reminded of everything you could have but don’t have. And it will take a spiritual awakening for you to release all desires. Not because you can’t have desires. Desires are wonderful, but not if they make you feel not good enough. You daydream about a life, but do not know how to get there and therefore you will never reach. Not because you don’t deserve it, but because nobody tells you what needs to be done in order to get it.

All the human matrix has to do is make you believe there is a better life than the one you have now. It doesn’t have to provide you with the “how or why.” That’s why when we see something we want. We feel it must not be that hard to get it? Because it feels so close, it feels real, and especially if someone you know has what you want. Our 5 senses are not a good indicator to know whether we have what it takes to get what we want. The human matrix isn’t concerned with that. All it has to do is make you feel that if you don’t have it your life sucks.

FOMO - Fear of missing out.

Everything becomes magnified. We feel we lack so many things. Friendships, happy marriages, money, status, and fame. Your inner saboteur feeds off negative energy. It fuels her and keeps her in charge of the body. As long as she controls the body, you will be in motion, but there will be no movement. The Human Matrix and the inner saboteur prefer you miserable. Because unhappy people spend a lot of money on happiness.

Happy people don’t need a lot of stuff, or spend a lot of money, because they are already happy with what they have. They will work hard for something they are passionate about doing, but money is not their inner motivation. The money they receive for doing the work is the icing on the cake, but not the cake. The cake is doing the work. Unhappy people buy stuff in order to feel good. Happy people do stuff that makes them even happier.

We have to agree on one thing; The human matrix and the inner saboteur will not help you feel good as long as they remain unconscious. There is an Utopian world in my dreams where the entire world is awake, and we live in peace and harmony. Happiness for everyone, but I am aware I am dreaming, and it’s not the reality, today. Maybe one day, but today, no, not even close. If we both can agree on this, we can move on and speak about the 80-20 rule of the mechanics of happiness.

How do we create happiness?

And how to maintain a happy state daily?

Let’s look at your life and compare it to the lives of others who are close to you. What do you see? What is the one thing we can say with certainty that we all have to do? Without a doubt, we can say that we all have a day to day routine. There is repetition in our day, weeks, and months. In order for us to live our lives and feel safe, we must repeat certain routines every day. The type of tasks might vary between people, but the foundation is there for all of us.

And now look at what they are trying to make you believe in social media. Life is flashy, full of excitement, lots of expensive things and perfect bodies. Feeling alive and on top of your game. It’s true but what you see on social media is only 20% of their lives. What they don’t share is the other 80% because that part of life looks like yours. Rich people have to maintain their life and in order to do that they will need to do 80% of repetitive work on the daily. The boring stuff. Maintaining what you have already built. They don’t tell you that on social media because it doesn’t sound flashy enough. Not attractive to speak about the actual work that gets you to where you want to be. You think people’s lives on social media are 100% ease and excitement, but you are only looking at 20%.

And that’s what the world, the collective unconscious does really well. They blow up 20% of their life. They make it look the most magnificent, the most awesome, the most phenomenal, the most fantastic, and blow it up. The fancier the better. The other 80% you don’t get to see. Repetition, doing the same day-to-day tasks, routine to maintain what they already got. This applies to everyone, poor, middle class or rich. It doesn’t matter if you’re rich. You’re still going to be stuck in the routine of your day-to-day life.

Even unhappy people with money fall into the same trap. Looking at social media and thinking they are missing out because life should be so much more fun and it isn’t for them.

How can that be?

What are they not seeing?

We have a lot of women who have Masters and PhDs leaving their corporate jobs, not because they don’t make enough money, but because they are unhappy. They want the laptop lifestyle, or become a business owner so they have freedom and true happiness. Only to find themselves in an even harder grind because nobody told them that this business requires you to stick to routines for it to thrive. Such an anti-climax.

We fall for the lies. Why? How is it possible that smart women, like myself, get mesmerized by shiny objects? I was part of the human matrix myself. I used to work as a professional model. I made enough money, and I was one of those women, with her fancy pics and her fancy stuff, and it was never enough. I do not know when and on what I had spent my money on. All I know is that I needed to be up to date with the latest things I cared about. I was into technology, makeup and hair. I didn’t care too much about expensive clothes or shoes. Lucky me. I needed to have the latest phones, high quality make up, and $1000,- hair extensions. I used to love hair extensions, I still do, but I don’t need them anymore. I am happy with how I look, and who I am, and all this extra spending can be allocated elsewhere. That was a big mistake I made when I was modeling. Ignorant about investing in myself. Spending money on nonsense just because I can. And 10 years later, what did I get to show for it? Nothing. Money gone.

That happens when you are plugged into The Human Matrix. Money goes out just as fast as it comes in. You will wonder what you did with it? Even the rich. We are all in the same boat.

Why don’t they tell you the truth? Do you really want to know?

It’s because we don’t want to hear the truth. We prefer to be put to sleep with a beautiful lie if it means wake up to the cold, hard truth. We can’t handle the truth. It crushes our little ego. We think we know better.

There are some truth tellers out there. I consider myself one of them. Don’t get stuck on the 20% you see out there. It is only 20%, not the whole pie. Everyone has a daily routine to maintain what they have. And the ones who get lazy or comfortable stop growing and eventually lose what they have built. That is why you see these very rich people work so hard. You might wonder: If Oprah sat on an island for the rest of her life. She wouldn’t have to worry about a thing. All her bills are paid and she can just chill and party all night long. Is that what she is doing? She retired from Oprah Winfrey Show and she immediately moved on to something even bigger, which is opening her own network OWN. I don’t think she will retire soon. She knows that if she ever stops doing the work that she can’t feel fulfilled by that 20%. She functions on 80% of doing the work. That’s where her passion is. Her happiness comes from 80% of doing the work.

The number one lie the human matrix tells you is that you will feel fulfilled once you get that 20%. When you live that lifestyle, you always dreamed of. If Oprah is still pushing herself and doing the work on a day-to-day basis, then what is my excuse? Why am I not doing the work? Why am I not working my butt off to achieve my goals?

But when you are plugged into the human matrix, you can’t hear this message. It will go over your head. It will pass you by and you feel a swift wind and never knew something just flew by. But let’s say we become aware enough to realize this lie and rise above it. We decide that doing the work is important and we are ready to grind. Put in our hours, earn our stripes. There is another way the inner saboteur will get you.

Lie #2 Just with hard work, or following a strategy is going to get you where you want to be. What they don’t tell you is that whatever you want to achieve in life, whatever goals you have there has to be consistent resistance in order for you to grow to a higher level. Just hard work won’t get you there if it’s not met with an increase in complexity.

Let’s compare it to playing piano. Practice, practice, practice, practice, practice, practice, but if you play twinkle little star for one year, you will get nowhere. The first month you might practice twinkle little star, but then you got to push yourself because you got to play more complicated songs. You can’t just be playing Twinkle Little Star for one year, for two years, for three years, for four years, etc. You’re going to remain at the same level. Your daily routine needs to challenge you to get better even if it’s 1%. Keep improving yourself. Do something better. Choose one thing and get better and better at it. Doing the same thing, but tweaking it, make it a little better. Do it a little harder, on a day-to-day basis. You have to challenge yourself with whatever you know you want to get good at. Challenge yourself and find the people who can challenge you, not the ones who make you feel this is easy and if you can’t do it you are not smart enough. They make you feel bad for not being able to level up and make you feel you don’t want it enough.

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