This is why you feel stuck in the matrix

Updated: Jan 27

We trapped the mind, in a mind of her own making. You know the saying: “Think outside the box.” Yeah, it’s not possible. Think about it. We are all One. A unified whole. There is no separation, but the one we create in our mind. Escape the matrix.

If you want to think outside the box, it implies you are not part of the box, separate from the box, and you see that is a bit tricky because you are the box. You can’t separate yourself from yourself. So, what do they mean when they say: “Think outside the box?”

The only thing that you can do is expand your level of consciousness. Expand the box. You don’t need to escape the box. Why would you want to? We hear it all the time, right? Escape the Matrix.

In my Self-Mastery Study Guide, I call it The Human Matrix because we humans have created it. There are three boxes or matrices. You can use these two words "box or matrix" interchangeably.

1. The Universal Matrix

2. The Human Matrix

3. The You-Matrix.

The You-Matrix is our individual box, each one of us has a unique perspective on how we see the world. And through the lens of this personal box, we create our reality. Right now, this You-Matrix is old and outdated. It’s not serving us and is the cause for our suffering. Our You-Matrix is in control of our thoughts and our behavior. Right now, this framework does not allow for expansion beyond The Human Matrix. It's like an invisible mental ceiling. Carl Jung calls it “The Collective Unconscious.” It’s humanity’s group mind, a field we can all tap into and access everything that is known to us.

The Human Matrix isn’t a small little box. There's already so much known in The Human Matrix. It will take you a 1000x lifetimes in order to know what the entire world knows. Throughout the years we have blamed The Collective Unconscious for all our suffering. If it weren’t for The Collective Unconscious, we would all live in light, peace and joy?

I don’t think so. People who speak in terms of consciousness or unconsciousness as a measuring stick to decide if something is right or wrong are just as “asleep” as people who don't know what we're talking about. We have condemned The Collective Unconscious. Made it a terrible place to be or be part of. So which group do you belong to? The group mind that is wrong, the unconscious or the group mind that is right, the conscious. See?

Somehow it doesn’t feel right, does it? Instinctively, you feel there must be something missing.  Words create the distortion we seek to avoid. It is the words that create the separation. As soon as you think in terms of unconsciousness or consciousness, you split in two. You no longer see from the whole. Do we have to choose? Do you have to stand on one side of the fence? Hmmm. How can you stand on both sides of the fence? Those who can see through the eyes of oneness understand that The Collective Unconscious aka Human Matrix is not separate from us but part of us. So, we have to become one with it or transcend it. Even the word transcendence explains nothing. A better word is “expand.” We need to expand the box, make the box bigger. The You-Matrix, the little box or your little mind holds a limited amount of information. If we want to access more information, we need to make our box bigger.

So, visualize a little box. Can you see it in your mind? Now, make the box bigger with your mind. Expand it. Give yourself room inside the box. You have been cramping yourself in this tiny box and there has been no room for you to grow. No space to walk. No room to breathe. Expand your box, Fabulous One. You did not mean to squeeze yourself into a limited version of you. You are infinite.

What size box do you think holds all of you? Here is where the problem starts; “What do you mean, Jean, expand? We fixed this box in size. You can’t make it bigger. It will always be a small box, right?” No, that’s what we forgot...

We are a Quantum Box.

It means you can become form or formless whenever you say so.

You have permission to change whenever you want.

What is The Collective Unconscious, really?

What is The Human Matrix, really?

It’s all the information known inside The Conscious Universe. History of all times, all the way to the Big Bang stored in our collective group mind. In order to understand all the information in this field. You will need a 1000x lives, probably even more.

For example; Who do you want to be?

Think about that. Think about all the options you have right now, known to humanity, of who you can become;

You want to become a police officer?

You want to become a business owner?

You want to become a ballet dancer?

Whoever you decide to become The Collective Unconscious knows of its existence and has a path for it. All you have to do is research and study. Do the work.

Do you want to become a piano player? Study music.

Do you want to become a singer? Study voice.

Do you want to become an artist? Go to art school.

Do you want to become an actress? Study acting.

We know the other half as The Collective Consciousness. This is the half that is unknown to humanity inside The Conscious Universe. So, you have the known and unknown and you live in both. Both of them together form the largest box, I call; The Universal Matrix or The Conscious Universe. You can never escape it. You can never leave it. You will always be in it because you are it. This is what it means to be multidimensional. The Human Matrix is a dimension of many more dimensions inside The Conscious Universe. You can access each dimension because it is part of you. You feel confined and restricted by The Human Matrix because you allow it to define you or you can feel free and spacious in it because you define it.

That's why the masters say when you wake up, the first thing that you know is that you know "nothing." Not because you know nothing, but because you finally understand what "Infinity" means. You understand how infinitely small you are in this infinite conscious universe, and you’ll remember that you are The Conscious Universe at the same time. As above, so below.

You are the unlimited box. There is no way you know everything because that would mean you would know what Infinity is. Nobody knows that. We are nobody. When you understand in your heart, you are nobody. The funny part is, you’ll feel elated and energized by it, which sounds very counterintuitive, right? Like? I am nobody? Hmmmm alrightie, then?? I just found out I am nothing and you say, I am gonna be excited about it? Yes, it’s a whole new world, now. An adventure. You can go on the hero’s journey and open up to new experiences in life that you never thought possible and be the bringer of good news. Tell the people your stories.