What a Spiritual Awakening Feels Like | Transcendence of The Dark Feminine | Episode 17

Updated: Jan 27

A self-mastery teacher will only get you there half of the way. The other half still depends on your willingness to do the inner work and surrendering your fear to the universal mind.

There is a saying; “You can lead the horse to water, but you can’t make him drink.”

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Therefore, it is difficult to be a great teacher, because you need great students, but once you encounter a great student, it’s not the master, but the student herself who is the gifted one. So, a true master will never take credit for the work you have done as a student. So, if a master is great, she will always be in the background. Like, a well kept secret, nobody knows, and the student will shine in the eyes of the world. It’s only the student that knows who was in her corner and helped. Because a true master doesn’t care about fame, or validation. A True Master wants you to become a Master and live a life full of health, happiness, and abundance. Sometimes students seek a teacher to confirm within themselves they are not there, yet, or they don’t have what it takes, and look up to the teacher who they feel does.

Being in the close premise of the teacher, her high energy vibration will make you feel as if you are close to enlightenment. Yes, you will feel great in the teacher's presence, but what is important is that you learn to recreate that feeling when you are not with the teacher. The whole point is for you to become your own teacher, so you no longer need the master. Be your own guru and tap into your subconscious mind to extract the wisdom that is already within you.

So, the moment you ask the teacher:

“Do you think I am close?”

“How much longer do I need to study?”

“Do you think I am a Master?”

The moment you ask these types of questions; you can practically guarantee yourself. You’re far away from enlightenment. Mastery has no end. There is no certificate you can earn after reaching enlightenment. There is no final exam. It’s an intrinsic knowing. Wisdom will enter your cells. Once it happens, you will know. You will feel it, and your body will be at complete rest. So, how do you know you’ve become a Self-Master?

When the questions stop. No more questioning if I am there, if I am close, how much longer? All questions cease…. All seeking ends. If you are still seeking, there is nothing wrong with that. Just keep at it until you reach a point where you no longer feel the need. It will happen naturally, nothing you have to force. It won’t feel like a big climax either. It’s more of a silent firework within because you will be more alive than ever on the inside, but nobody can tell on the outside.

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Today’s episode is about the 3 Phases of the spiritual awakening process, and how The Matrix Resurrections and Smart Hulk can help you understand the relationship between the divine masculine and divine feminine so you can unite the selves as one and become The Higher Self.

We can divide this process into 3 camps:

Camp 1 - Dual State

Camp 2 - Non-Dual State

Camp 3 - Integrated State

Camp 1 promotes your spiritual seeking. Go on the search. We all start here. It’s a wonderful place to be, exciting, because you just realized the pot at the end of the rainbow is real. You will pack all your stuff and go on the search because you know now with certainty you will find what you are looking for.

Once you find the pot of gold. You will find yourself in Camp 2 - The Non-Dual State, which means your seeking will stop. You have found what you are looking for. It’s amazing, such a buzz, you can’t wait to tell everyone, but wait…, you are alone, nobody around you. Just to make sure, you stand up, look into the far distance. You can see the vibrational waves of the sun rays creating crinkles in the air, but nobody there? Anyone? You realized you left everyone behind in your obsession to find the pot of gold. Now that you have found it, you wonder: Was it worth it? Maybe I should start searching all over again because it felt for a moment I did the right thing, but now that some time has passed. It feels indifferent. I no longer feel that buzz. Maybe there is more gold somewhere else? In camp 2, you will feel “enlightened” for a little while and then it becomes the norm and it no longer feels special. But what you should not do is second guess or doubt your path. Here is where most spiritual seekers stop and become disappointed. They can’t believe all this hoopla for nothing. No, it wasn’t nothing, it was a big deal. A huge deal, you just weren’t done, yet.

Have you seen The Matrix Resurrections? What happened to Neo?

He became The One in the other movies, but in this movie, he fell back to sleep?

How is that possible?

How can you fall back to sleep once you awaken?

Agha! Because……….. He wasn’t the only one who had to awaken in order for this to work.

We can compare this movie as well to the 3 Phases of Awakening according to my book Fabulous One Philosophy:

Phase 1 Small Awaken