What are the divine masculine and feminine energy? | Hint* - not a man or woman | Episode 13

Everything comes in pairs. It’s not that we don’t see it. It’s because we don’t know how to translate what we see. Our experiences are already “labeled” for us. It’s hard to come up with a new label if the world dictates to you how you feel. We are in such a phenomenal position to awaken as moms. If we are willing to look at ourselves with new eyes.

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You know whose eyes are new? Your children’s. They see you for who you really are. They don’t judge you, but just love you. Pure unconditional love. If they see you, it means you exist. Your life has meaning. You are here on earth, seen by those who love you with all their hearts. There is nothing higher, deeper, or better than that. There is no business or amount of money that can replace unconditional love. It’s the gateway to Source. That warm sensation in your body when you look at your kids laughing and playing is a direct link to Source Energy.

You want to know what it feels like to be in alignment? Just look at your kids and watch them play. Sit still and take it all in. Watch. You have the best of both worlds, but you don’t even realize it.

If you will sit still and no longer subject yourself to the rat race, you will stand in a place where time doesn’t exist and where you can just be, and breathe, while you figure out where you are going next. Most people don’t realize there are two components to co-creation.

There is the physical and the non-physical, and both need to be in alignment before you can see it in real life. I am a big supporter of the Tao Te Ching by Lao Tzu, which is the yin yang energy philosophy, but my teaching has many modalities that I have incorporated. Tao is just one of them.

What I have done is that I looked at as many teachings I was interested in and compared them to each other to find the similarities. I saw a big pattern emerge and started constructing my own ideas based on what I had learned. You will hear me speak of many ideologies, philosophies and wisdom, and I do that on purpose to prevent you from putting me in one box. The irony, in order for you to see me or hear me, I have to put myself in a box. I have to draw the perimeters that allow you to see the construct called Jeanice. Which relates to the point I was trying to make earlier that everything comes in two.

We live in the conscious universe. In my book, I have combined consciousness and the universe as one. They are the yin and yang of the universe. The Indian sages speak of consciousness as the highest realm, but I don’t use that word in that context. When you read a lot of books, you realize we are most of the time speaking of the same thing, but we use different words to describe it. Which is why we can’t figure it out. We use words that mean different things to different people. So, therefore, to understand one’s teaching, you will first need to get familiar with the terminology, but also in what context it is spoken.

I try my best to explain it to you in FOP, but I understand misunderstandings happen when we see the same point of view from a different perspective. You will only be able to understand a teaching at the level of consciousness you are. Not at the level of the teacher. That is why it is very important if you wish to learn something new. Ask lots of questions. That’s what I am here for. Just ask me, I don’t mind. When it becomes too much, I will find another way. I will do group Zoom calls to address all questions at once. But for now, use the school, and my WhatsApp to communicate with me. I want you, too. I want to get to know who you are, and what you like about the school. What you might need more help with or explain what might not be clear.

So, what the Indian sages call consciousness, the western teachers call the universal mind. The Tao Te Ching calls it, the name that can be named: The Tao (Mother of all things). So, I choose to call that realm, The Mind of Source or Divine Mother, which is dimension 11 in FOP. She is connected to us, all the time, but because of our dual nature, access to The Divine Mother got shadowed. Collectively, we have cut the energetic umbilical cord. That’s why we don’t know of her presence and forget her importance. We can’t see her light. We got rid of the divine mother and that’s why motherhood is placed in society at the bottom of the food chain. It belongs at the top, but if we can't see it in ourselves. It won’t make it to the light. It will remain hidden in the dark.

Consciousness in FOP means something else, not the universal mind. In my philosophy, it means the yang energy. Some may call it Oversoul or even Akashic Records. I consider consciousness, the non-physical half where all memories are stored. Each individual soul is connected to consciousness.

Then we have the physical part which is the universe, which I call yin, and that is pretty much self explanatory. We all agree with that term and speak of the same thing. So, now when I say Conscious Universe, you will know my interpretation. The original divine masculine and divine feminine energy. Dimension 9 and 10, but each time they lower in dimension, they become a denser version of themselves. It’s like the lower dimension is a shadow of the higher dimension. Just like our shadow on the ground is a 2 dimensional representation of the 3D human. I believe the 3D + Time = 4D human is as well a shadow of a higher dimensional energy of ourselves.

There is a scientist who came up with a very interesting theory called: E8 Theory. His teaching goes way over my head, and I don’t understand it. The only thing I understood was this shadow aspect of dimensions, and that made sense to me. If you look at one of my illustrations in the book about the Russian Dolls. You see, I have created a similar framework. Where one fits into the other one. So, we go all the way down from dimension 11 to 3. Mother is 11 and 3 is the child (or human) And in order to get to the child, peel off the layers. Unveil each Russian doll, only to find another one inside. So, the child (or human) is inside the mother.

So whatever you desire in your heart, comes from up, and must come down. It will have to survive all the layers of dimensions before it manifests in your 3D reality. That is also why it takes so long, and sometimes why it never happens. Your desire stays stuck somewhere because there is a veil that prevents it from materializing.

The biggest reason is because we don’t believe we can make it happen. We have no proof, just an idea, just a desire. There is no physical evidence of what we desire. So, it’s hard to keep believing in something you can’t see. No matter how much you want it, if you don’t believe it in your heart. It can’t become real. No matter how hard you work, no matter what you do, it all starts in the non-physical. This is what we call: “Doing the inner work.” But it goes much deeper than just meditation, journaling, or doing positive affirmations. Understand the conscious universe and how it functions. You’ll have to understand metaphysics. Your lack of understanding how your mind works causes your resistance. The conscious mind focuses on self-actualization, but the subconscious directs her attention to self-realization. Self-actualization is done in the physical and self-realization is done in the non-physical. Both energies need to entrain or align. Both energies require work.

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