What is Shadow Work?

Updated: Jan 27

Why you don't have to fear it and how to make it easier.

It sounds so scary, right? Must I really battle my shadow. Must I really go into the dark and find out all the horrible things that I have hidden from myself, and now uncover them and bring them into the light. Of course, we don't want to do Shadow Work who wants to do shadow work, right?!

So, what is it about? In this video I'm going to share with you what shadow work truly is about, that it doesn't have to be deep dark and mysterious, we can lighten the load, and that you can come out of this on top. Before you get too excited, it’s not because you are not going to do shadow work, but because the work is no longer going to be in shadow. I am going to teach you how to bring your shadow into the light so you can examine it and look at it from fresh angles and no longer feel afraid.

Shadow simply means it’s unknown to you, it is not something scary or evil. There is a great reason why we need shadow. It’s because our conscious mind cannot handle all of the conscious universe at once. The Divine Mother created a build in safety net which is called the subconscious mind. Everything is stored in your subconscious, but the reason why you are not aware of it is because your conscious can’t access all this information at once. Whatever is not in focus for the conscious mind is pushed to the background. Shadow mean unrealized potential. It is hidden in darkness, just not seen yet in 3D reality, therefore not manifest. All that has yet to manifest is considered shadow. So, all your dreams, desires, and potential remains in shadow. So, we are afraid of something is our biggest and fastest resource to connect to our Higher Self.

Now as we grew up, of course we have pushed things that we dont like about ourselves to the background and pulled things we did like about ourselves to the foreground. That is why your persona can be divided into two. You have the persona you show to everybody in the light, and then you have another persona you hardly show to anyone or just a select few and we can debate if they should feel really lucky for having the privilege of knowing all of you hahahah. Ok just kidding but in our defense those who get to see both personas are usually people who are very close to us and love us unconditionally. So, it’s alright.

But the people who only get to see the part of you that you show in the light do get a distorted version of reality and don’t know the real you. So, how you can put more of what is dark into the light without the fear of judgment. First you have to figure out what is dark and what is light. This can be done by checking in how you feel about the topic or conversation. Does it make you feel expansive or does it make you contract. If you feel contraction, you feel small, or you don’t want to act on it, there is something to investigate. This is where you have to ask yourself, why is this such a hard topic for me. Why can’t I explain myself on this topic. It’s about asking the right questions to the inner saboteur so she has to answer you and tell you what’s going on. So let me tell you a little secret.

The inner saboteur has to answer to you when you ask a question. She can’t ignore you; she has to comply to your request. This can become an enormous superpower. Because if you know this, it means she can’t hide from you. Every time you ask a question you put her in the spot-light. So, asking questions is a safe way to get to some revealing answers. But haven’t you noticed sometimes when some of your friends or family members ask you questions about a certain topic you don’t want to admit too, you kinda avoid answering or change topic?

Well, your inner saboteur will try to do it to you as well. So, it’s about being aware that she does that and constantly coming back to the same question until you get an answer. Some days you might have to be patient because she will try to resist you but like I said before she has no power to ignore you, she answers to you. And now it time for a light-bulb moment, because I just said: “She has to answer to you.” It means there is no question she cannot answer. She holds all the answers to why you are the way you are and what you did to become her. We are afraid to ask questions but seek answers to problems we haven’t clearly identified yet. And when you start asking questions you will put the inner saboteur in the spotlight. The question is the answer.

This is how you make shadow, light again, once you ask a question and your receive an answer, you check in how that makes you feel. If it’s the truth you will feel a release, a letting go, when you admit or become aware of something it feels something just relaxes in your body. But if it is not true, you tense up again, you feel tighter and as of you are cornered. You feel restless and want to move away. But you can’t run away from yourself, so when you ask the question, the inner saboteur has nowhere to run.

If you want shadow work to be less scary, you will have to ask yourself a lot of questions. Usually, we want to avoid shadow work because our focus is on our pain. Why are we suffering or what has been done upon to us. We go in to find that pain again and relive that moment over again. That can’t feel good, and neuroscience has confirmed that by reliving that moment, again, your body actually believes it is happening right now.

So, constantly talking about the pain you are in, is not true shadow work. It’s actually strengthening your belief in the shadow and that you can’t get rid of the pain.

It is about asking yourself the right questions that set you free. Very often I can imagine that is hard to do. How can you think outside the box you have caged yourself in. You can’t read the label when you are on the inside of the bottle, right. So, you will have to find someone you trust and have them ask the right questions that lead you back into the light. The questions itself will lead you back into the light.

Shadow work is a relief when done, right. It’s an un-layering or peeling of energetic blocks that have been there for years because you have simply not relieved them from their duties. In childhood they received the order to protect you from harm and therefore a certain part of you became dark, but as adults we should release these energies because they are no longer serving us and they use a lot of our positive energy in the background. That is why it feels so hard to move forward in reality, because in the non-physical you are attached to negative energy that doesn’t allow you to move forward. When you ask yourself the right question, the answer will release you from that block, and will allow you to move forward.

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