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When you feel stuck in life - How to get unstuck | Poetic Motivation | Jeanice Nelson

Updated: Dec 14, 2023

Set Yourself Free.

No longer trapped in the cage of a fake reality.

We are all lost and confused.

Morals and values misconstrued.

Swimming in the sea of selfishness.

Awaiting your bliss.

This never arriving happiness.

Blind to see what’s right in front of you.

You have experienced the lesson but didn’t learn.

Too deep in thought.

Did you think “experience” is a mental construct?

Don’t be distracted by the mind.

Stand in the middle of your thought.

Exactly…there is the spot.

Happiness and Abundance are within reach if you just allow your Higher Self to be.

The limitations of the world can’t touch your boundless energy.

When it feels right in your heart.

There is no line that can be crossed.

You are the mirror that’s holding the image of your face,

that only you can replace with a fake.

You want to know in which dimension you live.

Look inside your Soul and walk into the field where separateness doesn’t exist.

Where the bond is strong.

Where you are neither right nor wrong.

Empty space, darkness in place, awareness breathes in your face.

You finally understand you don’t have to participate in this rat race.

Exempt yourself from people’s opinions, ideas, and criticism.

Feel your flow and give yourself the gift of compassion, empathy, and heroism.

The sun and moon are your guidance.

Mother Earth your provider.

Claim your real estate in the world.

Put up your walls of freedom.

Use the currency of love to move freely.

Protect your Inner Space with;

Wisdom… as your Weapon.

Truth… as your Strategic Behavior.

Victory… will be your Savior.

Set Yourself Free.

No longer trapped in the cage of a fake reality.



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