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What is your biggest problem?

The voice of your inner saboteur is louder than the voice of your soul.

Mind and body have separated themselves from the soul, and the whole purpose of life is to reconnect all three as one. When your soul is allowed back in, you will be in the awakened state, and all ceaseless chatter of your mind will stop.

How do you know the difference between being conscious or unconscious?

When we are unconscious our negative thoughts will remain stuck in our body. At a certain point in our lives, especially when we get older, it could create all kinds of ailments or mood swings. You can’t sleep at night, your hair is falling out, you become restless; you are gaining a lot of weight for no apparent reason. You will eat to numb the pain but will not understand what’s hurting you. You just notice you feel better when you eat comfort food. You will snap at your husband or kids about small things. You will feel tired all day even though you slept fine. Everyday tasks become harder and harder. Simple things like tying your kids’ shoes will irritate you; “Can’t you tie your own shoe?! Shouldn’t you be old enough already?!”

Or you get mad because for the 100th time, you pick up your husband’s clothes from the floor cause for some reason he can’t see that huge basket there in the laundry room. Everyday life will feel like a drag and your mind will scour her surroundings to find the culprit, but you can’t put your finger on it.

It’s because all these negative feelings are a cause and effect of another cause and effect that goes all the way to Infinity. You will need to find the root cause and if you dig deep enough, you will realize the root cause is never feeling good enough. You feel you are not living up to your true potential, and wonder why life is unfair or so hard. You will beat yourself up, telling yourself you should have made better choices in your life, or blame others or your circumstances for the life you live today.

It’s all illusion, designed by the inner saboteur to keep you spinning in circles. As long as she can keep your mind racing, and you have no rest inside your body, you won’t feel at peace and present in your own mind and body. Presence is the moment you will connect back to your soul. Your inner saboteur’s biggest fear is for you to leave her for the soul. So, she made sure you need her in your life by making you believe that life is problematic and you need her to keep you safe from it all. She is making herself irreplaceable by bombarding you with fear and coming to your rescue. What would you do without her, right?

There will come a moment in time where you wonder; Okay, so what’s really holding me back? You question if it’s truly “them?” When you say to yourself; You know what? This is going on for way too long now? I think I’m doing something I am unaware of? I blame others, but I can’t control them, only myself. They don’t feel bad; I do.

So, how do I change?

I don’t want my happiness to depend on whether my environment behaves in alignment with me.

This is the moment you are ready for Transformational Talk Time.

Your first question to me will be;

How do I move my inner saboteur out of the way and connect to my soul’s guidance?

My answer will be; You don’t. You don’t get rid of her. That is the biggest reason you haven’t been successful. Most spiritual teachings tell you to get rid of your inner saboteur. You can’t get rid of something that doesn’t exist. We are fighting an illusory self. A self created by mind and body because they needed a veil to separate themselves from the soul. That veil is called the shadow.

Why does it feel so real?

Because we are all suffering the same predicament. As a group, we shared our experience of the shadow and made her real. A real boogie man or, in our case woman. We needed someone to blame.

Our biggest reason is fear of who we are.

You feel in your gut you are not walking in alignment with your highest self, but you need a reason to justify why that is not possible. We’ve created our fake self to protect us from the big bad world.

She tells you;

- How everyone is working against you and that they don’t love you.

- To stop trusting people and just be by yourself. All they cause is hurt and pain.

- You are not smart enough, pretty enough, disciplined enough, or courageous enough to change

anything for the better.

- Your ideas, dreams or desires are unrealistic and just stick with what you have always done

because that's the safest thing.

Before you know it, you have put yourself in your own mental box. Even though you have plenty of people around you all the time, you still feel isolated and alone in the world. You are secretly angry at them for not understanding you, and even worse angry at yourself for feeling powerless to do something about it. The unconscious mind has you in an Infinity-loop of despair and desperation. It’s time we break the chain and take your power back.

In order to do that, we need to understand our unconscious mind at the deepest level. The fake self has a bigger agenda besides keeping you small. Her true intent is to keep the veil up between your conscious mind and your soul. She wants to keep you “unaware.” She fears that if you remember who you really are. You will no longer need her and replace her with the soul. The emissary has become the master, and she doesn’t want to give up control.

That is why we need a new approach. Quieting your mind or killing off your ego doesn’t work if you do not understand your unconscious mind. If you do not understand your deepest fear. Which is that you fear your light, your own greatness, not your weakness. Your true potential scares you more than dealing with the distortion in your environment. The thought that you could never live up to the expectations of your soul has kept you small all this time.

So, the inner saboteur decided; it’s better not to remember we have a soul connection at all. She severed the energetic bond between your conscious mind and your soul by placing a veil between your conscious mind and subconscious mind, as well known as the divine union of the divine masculine and divine feminine energy. She keeps your conscious mind occupied with distractions and has put the subconscious mind into a deep sleep.

Traditional teachings aren’t working so well anymore because we live in the 21st century, the age of new technology where confusion and distraction is at an all time high. Every minute of the day, there is an attack on your time and energy. Your focus is scattered because everything in your world seems to be important. It’s hard to distinguish between what is a priority and what isn’t. Everything seems to blend in with one another.

What you will notice is that even though you are super busy. You never seem to have time to care for yourself. You are always busy doing very important work, but it never involves taking care of your own soul, mind, and body. You avoid dealing with yourself and at some point it has become the norm. Self-care is no longer part of your repertoire, but it comes with grave consequences. It means that no matter what you do, you always feel this gaping hole inside of you, wondering why you never feel enough. Your body lacks energy and power, your mind is confused, wondering why, but can never find an answer. And even when you have a moment of clarity, and you start a self-care routine, within no time, your inner saboteur overwhelms you with feelings of shame and guilt because how dare you take care of yourself while neglecting others?

Everywhere you look, no matter what you do, you always end up in the same place. The place where you dim your light.

Who would you be if your inner saboteur became your inner strength?

Who would you be if you could embrace all of your light?

You would be a walking, talking soul.

A soul in the flesh who has no shadow.

Light knows no shadow.

Your shadow would cease to exist.

How do we reach this Awakened State?

You need to talk yourself into it through understanding. Your inability to understand yourself, your own mind, stops you from staying in complete peace and inner alignment. Confusion and distraction is what’s keeping you separate from your soul. You’ll have to keep talking to yourself in order to transform. Your inner saboteur doesn’t want you to investigate. She wants you to be quiet. Don’t ask too many questions. You will notice your own mind will avoid answering your own questions and that’s why you need someone else to help you hold yourself accountable to answer the questions you fear most.

A self-mastery teacher can speed up your progress by asking questions you don’t even know how to ask yet. In this dual-universe, everything has both polarities. Where there is a question, there is always an answer. Where there is a problem, the solution is created at the same time. But when we are stuck on the vibration of the problem, it is impossible to move ourselves to the vibration of the solution unless you allow a self-mastery teacher to listen to you and identify where the imbalance is. The gift of a self-mastery teacher is to hear the words you are not saying. A teacher knows the language of the unconscious mind and can translate what she says, therefore making you aware of where you have placed the veil and remove it. Bring it into the light so you can transcend the veil once and for all. Very often, you stand too close to the problem, which prevents you from seeing the solution.

How do you know what is real or fake?

You need help.

You need someone who mirrors you back so you can see yourself. Someone who you can bounce your ideas off and help you sort your thoughts out. Bring clarity back into your mind. You will learn to recognize when you speak from your soul and when you do not. You will as well be able to differentiate when you speak from fear or when it’s just sound discernment.

A teacher who can see from a non-dual perspective is not veiled by her inner saboteur and therefore is connected to her Higher Self, and can show you the whole picture.

A self-mastery teacher shows you what you are missing.

A self-mastery teacher knows there is nothing to fear, only to see and become aware of.

She will grab your unconscious mind by her ears (metaphorically speaking) and bring her back into the light. The teacher creates a safe space for you to speak without going into a fight-or-flight response. The teacher will create an energetic field where it is safe for you to question your own thoughts. Only when you are honest to speak your thoughts out in the open, will you be able to transcend them?

As long as they are thoughts you keep locked in your mind, you can’t let them go, and they’ll keep lingering. If you allow the self-mastery teacher to question your unconscious mind (which is still you by the way), you will find out hidden truths about yourself. You need this feedback loop in order to know you are on the right track. If you do not have a point of reference, which is me, your inner saboteur can always twist you in many directions to create confusion.

Social media is making things worse by sowing so much self-doubt, low self-esteem, insecurities, but also anger, jealousy and envy within us. It’s hard to be a woman in this day and age. You are attacked from every angle, not giving you a moment to stand still and wonder if all of this is serving you. Especially if you consider yourself an intellectual woman. Your inner saboteur has plenty of ammunition to keep you “asleep” because you have so much knowledge that she can use against you.

Transformational Talk Time will activate your heart’s intelligence, which overrides your intellect and returns calmness and clarity back into your mind and body, which allows you to make better decisions based on conviction and courage. Right now, you can’t hear your heart, aka your soul’s mind, because your unconscious mind is blocking communication.

A self-mastery teacher will create an energy field where your head and heart can communicate with no fear of judgment. These talks will help you reach a higher level of consciousness and you will be more excited to open up to yourself and find the truth within. When you combine study and these transformational talks, you will progress faster towards the awakened state until you have opened up the channel between your head and your heart and you can take it from there.

My method to get you there is through “understanding.”

You don’t have to do any spiritual practices, no meditation, no journaling, no positive affirmations, no vision boards, and no spiritual rituals. There is nothing you have to do, but something you have to realize or remember. You need “study and transformational talks” with a teacher to talk yourself back into the arms of your True Self.

What can you expect when you book a session with me?

You can talk to me about any situation in your life that is bothering you. The intention of these transformational talks is not to solve your current problem, but use your problem to solve the biggest problem of all, which is to remember who you are. I will use your personal life situation to show you where and how the inner saboteur is hiding the truth. I will shed light on your situation by giving you new knowledge, which allows you to make the connection between what has happened in your past and how it is blocking you now. You’ll become aware where and how you have stopped yourself from becoming your True Self at the root.

It’s important we find the root cause. Just like when you remove weeds out of your garden. It’s pointless to only remove the leaves because the weed will grow right back. You will need to remove the weed at the root and it will be gone forever.

In Zen-Buddhism they call “removing weeds,” as well “satori.”

Direct translation means a “sudden enlightenment.” And we, westerners just simply say: Aha!

You need aha-moments. Gotcha now moments. Where you catch the inner saboteur in the act and snatch her from behind the veil. When it clicks, true self-understanding will allow you to let go of an old story that hasn’t been serving you and a weight will fall off. You will feel light again.

The more aha-moments you have, the closer you will come to figuring out who you really are. When you study the Fabulous One Philosophy and combine it with transformational talk time sessions in due time you will solve the mystery of who you are. After that, all other problems will feel insignificant and easy to solve.

Please understand, once you awaken, you are never problem free. An awakening will give you the mental power and clarity to deal with whatever is in front of you. You will check in with your inner guidance and decide what’s in your best interest and get to work. You will always have to do the work.

Don’t wish to be problem free. That’s an illusion. Wish to have the mental strength and clarity to deal with whatever comes your way on the path of life. Let me help you understand what needs to be done to remove the veil and set your mind free, so you can make each day your masterpiece. I am looking forward to being your guide.

If you wish to learn more, all details availability, fees, contract and policies are found inside my online self-mastery school for moms. TTT is only available for my students. If you wish to become a student please sign up for the student level membership which is free. Link is in the description. Looking forward to working with you.

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If you are interested to transform your Inner Saboteur into your greatest power, but you don't know how and you would like some help?

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