Why should you connect to your Higher Self? 3 Big Changes that will improve your life | Episode 8

If I can see my shadow, I can see yours too. If I am afraid of my shadow, I will fear yours, too. If I love my shadow, I will love yours, too.

The 3 big changes that will happen once you connect to your Higher Self...

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Do you want to express yourself authentically? Your only option is to connect to your higher self. If you don’t, your inner saboteur will always hover over you. A shadow trying to protect you from being your True Self. Your unconscious mind thinks she is helping you stay clear from the true you because she doesn’t want to see you hurt. There was a time in your life, where you have given her the idea that being real was not in your best interest and she took it to heart. She had made sure no matter what they did, your real self was never thrown under the bus.

Ever thought about recording a video or audio about yourself and upload it online? How long did it take for you to make it? How many times did you have to do it over, and over again before you felt comfortable to release it into the world? And some of you have videos sitting on your phone for months or even years, but you never had the guts to upload them.

Or what about that conversation you need to have with someone you love because you are unhappy about certain things. But since it is not a big deal, yet. You just let it slide, but deep down inside you know it’s not alright. You don’t speak up because you are trying to keep the peace. Save yourself from being hurt or embarrassed.

But it still hurts and you are still in pain. It’s just a great place to hide because they can’t see you are on fire on the inside. Your judgment covers up your Higher Self with an invisibility cloak. She’s there but you can’t see her therefore never reach her. You will never be free if you allow judgment to rule your life. You will always wonder, is this the right thing to say? Should I say this, right now? As long as you see yourself through the dual mind, life will not feel as if it’s on your side.

In secret, looking at other women online, wondering why they aren't afraid? How come they just say what they want to say? Well, plenty of them will admit to you, I am scared too, but I did it, anyway. But that will not help you. It’s still coming from a dual mind-set. Yes, it’s better than nothing, I will admit that, but it won’t last. You’ll become afraid, again, but this time, it will feel worse.

Women pretending on the internet will lead other women off the cliff because they have to keep up appearances. Make you believe they are confident in what they do. I have had plenty of experiences myself, where I made a new friend who seems very confident on her social media profile, but in real life, when you meet them in the flesh. It’s a different story.

Women like that are good at suppressing their shadow for a certain time period, but it never lasts. The fake self will always turn up somehow, someway. Especially when they meet someone, like me, who asks deeper questions because most people are used to just interacting with someone on a superficial level. I find that hard to do. I ask the questions that your heart has to answer, which, of course, can make people feel uncomfortable.

It’s impossible to keep up the façade with someone who is their True Self. I will admit, I cut straight through it, and get to the point. Many women dance around a topic. They come with angles or try to say something in a very soft way to make sure not to offend anyone. I don’t do that and tell you how I feel. You might not like it, but you will respect it.

In order to reach deep, there is a level within yourself you must have reached, first. If you haven’t met yourself on a deeper level, you can’t see the depth in others. You won’t be able to touch their heart nor express what’s on your mind. That’s why connecting to your higher self is the most important thing to do in your life, because once you connect to your higher self, there are 3 big changes that will drastically improve your life... Change 1:

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