Why we dream big, but play small | Stop self sabotage at the very beginning

Welcome to mind expanding exercises, short videos designed to help you quantum leap to a higher level of consciousness. In this video I will tell you the secret how to execute big ideas successfully:

Life becomes boring when you lose tension. There has to be resistance for you to feel the pull. It’s not that the repetition of the same things becomes easy, but the fact that we have to do them repeatedly with the same results gets us. We lose interest, or motivation to keep doing it. So, the key to keeping your life interesting is by adding a little tension. Making it a little more complicated, so that it becomes more interesting to keep going. It becomes a bit of a challenge. But there is a fine line, we can as well get overwhelmed quickly if we add too much. There is a balance, in science they as well call this homeostasis. Anything too high or too low will cause a stress response. So, the trick is to keep it in the middle with slight fluctuations otherwise we will just quit all together. If you want to work towards your best self, be patient enough to add a low dose of tension that will slowly move you towards your vision. When you stick to these incremental changes over time, you will notice a tremendous growth over a long period of time, but you will only be able to see it afterwards. Only afterwards can you connect the dots.

The hard part now is to believe in the invisible. Hold on to your vision when you are in the making of it. What we need to focus on is what is right in front of us. And if we can make what’s right in front of us a little more challenging. You will improve and move closer to your goal. It’s like playing piano. We can play the same exercise over and over again, but it is no guarantee you will become Mozart. Just playing the same song or exercising at the same speed, in the same way will make you good at that one particular song, but if you practice nothing new or add any extra tension, you can never play at a higher level. Challenge yourself a bit by increasing the speed or choosing a song that’s a little more complex. There has to be consistent tension.

Another example is going to the gym. Maybe now you can lift a 15 pound dumbbell. But at a certain point your muscles get used to the 15 pound dumbbell. If we add no weight, we will always stay at that same level. Comfortably lifting 15 pounds, but never more. The mistake we make is that we overwhelm ourselves by pushing ourselves to grow too fast. You decide to go from 15 to 30 pounds. That is a lot of weight, but we don’t create the steps in between to get there. We want to jump from one place to a whole other level by skipping steps. We aren’t happy with slow incremental growth, but the jump to a higher level is impossible because we never practiced, so we give up. It’s not worth it. If we can’t have what we want, right now. Why want it at all?

We’ll come up with good excuses why we can’t continue. As well, boredom kicks in doing the same 15 pounds dumbbells all the time and at a certain point, you’re just going to stop, or you’re just going to give up, because in your mind, you tried to do 30, and it didn’t work. Going back to 15 pounds is boring. It’s not good enough anymore. Yes, we all know when we speak about dumbbells that we should just take it easy on ourselves and move from 15 to 16 to 17, etc.

Who is silly enough to go from 15 to 30 pounds? It’s a no brainer. Yes, it’s obvious when it’s weights, but we do this in our minds all the time. This applies to the intangibles, not just the tangible things. We push ourselves mentally to believe in a big vision, but we don’t admit to ourselves what needs to be done to get there. We don’t give ourselves the time and space to figure things out. Patience is a virtue, but scarce. We convince ourselves to do big things, but at the slightest resistance; we give up. If you wish to connect to your Higher Self and find your soul’s purpose, take it easy on yourself, but still keep that tension within range. Don’t overwhelm yourself to where you just give up, but add enough tension to where you see growth over a long period of time. Learn to love to grow slowly.

If you have a dream, a vision, then move in slow incremental steps. This way you will find yourself on the path of least resistance and within no time, you will pick up that 30 pound dumbbell or play a Mozart piece. And by consistently challenging yourself, you did not get bored with the repetition of it. It’s a win-win in my book.

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