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Why You Feel Lost and How To Find Your True Self

Updated: Dec 14, 2023

We are swimming in an infinite ocean. Space isn’t empty. Fish swim in the water but do not know of its presence. In the same way, we don’t feel the presence of empty space, but we can’t live without it.

We focus on what we can see, but growth only happens in the non-physical, the part we can’t see. Could it be just how we humans can’t breathe underwater? It’s impossible for alien species to live on our earth? Maybe that’s why they haven’t shown themselves yet. Maybe there are different life forms, but we can’t live with each other in the same space. The energy vibrations are different. Our 4 forces: strong force, weak force, electromagnetic force, gravity, the air, the climate, the bacteria, and our DNA. Might make it unlivable, just like a fish could not survive on land.

There is only a 1% difference in DNA between us and a chimpanzee. But we are worlds apart if you look at our level of consciousness. Imagine the level of intelligence of an alien life form that would be just 1% smarter than us. It means we are universes apart. We can’t see them, they might see us, but we are so uninteresting to them. They are just watching us, pure entertainment. Our vibration is way too low for them.

We have not reached the vibrational frequency of peace. Only when we raise our vibration might we elevate to higher consciousness as humanity, and we might be so lucky to perceive other life forms. Right now, we are alone in our world, in our Universe, for the simple fact we can perceive nothing else on the level that we are as a collective. But that’s alright. Why fantasize about something that might or could be? Let’s focus on how we can live on Earth the best way we can.

Life on earth is already fabulous. We do not need to be in somebody else’s world.

Maybe this is how Source Energy intended it to be.

Every pawn has its own part to play in this universal reality. We do not need to interfere with each other’s realm. Only a few with special skills will see above duality and soar to higher planes of existence. No telling what you will find there. It is all possible in the mind.

Let me tell you the story of a dream I had about a Merrow. I saw her clear as day, a beautiful mermaid sitting on a big rock in the middle of a lake. I was walking through the bushes. I tried to be silent because I didn’t want to startle her. I had never seen a mermaid up close. Her tail was emerald green, and her hair looked like pure gold. She saw me, and she waved at me. She wasn’t afraid, and I didn’t scare her at all. She made a hand gesture to come closer and said: “Find your way home,” but I did not know what that meant.

Before I could ask her questions, which way to go? She spread her wings. Oh, it was magnificent. I was in awe. Up she went into the sky. I had never seen a mermaid fly!

When I woke up, I had to look it up. Google told me what she was—a Merrow.

Now, it all made sense to me, and my childhood memories came flooding back to me. Remember the story of The little mermaid, Ariel?!

Ariel was a very kind redhead mermaid who dreamt of walking the land. But she didn’t possess the magic to give herself human legs. She can breathe on land but not walk on land and fantasizes that one day she can.

The story of the Merrow I found on Google is similar but with a different twist. The Merrow finds herself very attracted to male humans. A Merrow has a special cape that allows her to live underwater. Whenever she marries a human man, she willingly gives up her cape and stores it away. If the human man is clever enough to keep it hidden, she will never make a fuss and live happily on earth. But if she ever encounters her cape again, she will be compelled to go back to the sea. She will yearn for her freedom and her old life back. She will leave her family behind. As long as you keep the cape hidden from her. She will not remember who she is.

In the story of the little mermaid, Ariel does not marry Eric, start a family, and then leave to go back to the sea. She chose to be on land but did not forget where she came from. She kept the connection between land and sea. She followed the middle path. The road less traveled, but not impossible, if your heart is in the right place.

That’s what we mothers have to learn as well. How to live in this physical world while being from the non-physical world. We have to unite the two as one. How to deal with the dichotomy of living on this earth but not being from this earth? To be physical and non-physical at the same time. To be at home with your family and to be free to fly around the universe and do whatever you want in your mind.

Moms are torn between the two. We feel we have to choose either or. How does this story apply to us? Well, we started a family on land and temporarily gave up our cape to build a happy home, but you hear the call of the ocean? The divine mother is calling us home, but we don’t recognize her voice because we have forgotten who we are. You have been living this human existence for so long. You forgot you were just like a Merrow. Your beautiful cape is stored somewhere out of your memory. But you can’t stop the ocean from calling. Every time you are near the water, you feel there is something missing. You can’t figure it out, you feel the call, and it will drive you crazy. You want to remember, but you don’t know how?

What does your cape symbolize? It’s the symbol of your True Self, and once you put it on. You will remember who you are and transform into a different life form, one that can swim underwater and breathe on land. That feeling of freedom is the highest form of enlightenment.

The difficulty is that you have created a family. You will never leave them behind. So, you understand that a part of you has to stay on land, and another part of you can swim from time to time. If you can reconcile both feelings, you will live a very happy life.

But if you neglect one-half of yourself. You will always feel something is missing, and one half does not compensate for the other half. They are both two different parts of you that need your attention in two different ways. It is about being able to do both. The internet has amplified this call. This inner yearning for something deeper than myself. It’s now in overdrive, an acceleration out of our control. It has created chaos in our world. We don’t know what to do and listen to the world’s clues. They convince us to wrap an anchor around our ankle and throw ourselves in the deep in the hopes we will reconnect to our Higher Self and set ourselves free.

But do you know how to breathe in the deep? Doing what you are told is bad advice. Learn to listen to your inner guidance. Do not follow the masses. In your non-physical world, only your soul can show you the way. Learn how to listen to her call, and you will master both worlds your way.

Remember, you are Fabulous One, and all I am here to do is to remind you of what you forgot.



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