Why you feel stuck in life and what to do about it | Episode 15

Do you feel excited when you start something new? The idea alone gives you this high feeling, and you can’t wait to get started? Once you are doing it and you find out how much routine work, you need to do to execute that same idea. It becomes boring and just a matter of time before you drop it. Only to find yourself, scrambling for a new idea so you can feel that high again. Today’s episode is: “No, we are not bored, we are unconscious.”

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Take content creation, for example. We love the idea that someone else loves our work and it will go viral. But before you can create such a masterpiece. You will have to create a bunch of content and that means you will have to repeat the same action over and over. Then there is this imaginary deadline. You know about that? You tell yourself something has to work within a certain timeframe and if it doesn’t, you failed? So, we do the same thing repeatedly, expecting a different result. I don’t think those are feelings of excitement more like insanity. In order to protect ourselves from feeling embarrassed that we can’t make it work. We might say, oh content creation is boring. We have got to do the same thing, every day, every week, and nothing comes out of it. A few likes here and there, and some views. You felt bored. Have to Photoshop something, again, have to write, again, must edit again *sigh. So, you stop, and if someone asks you.:” Hey, how is it going?” You will say: “Oh, I stopped doing that because it was boring.” Wasn’t as much fun as I thought it would be.

This can become a big problem because we are programming ourselves to give up as soon as we feel the slightest boredom. It also tells your brain not to come up with bright new ideas because you end up doing boring routine work. You will look for things that give you quick rushes in order to feel that excitement. Like scrolling on social media, quick rich schemes or reverting to alcohol and sugary sweets. Every time you feel bored, you rush to do one of those quick dopamine hit activities to soothe the pain of not moving towards your growth. Without you realizing it, you made the entire world a boring place to be. Nothing worth pursuing, everything ends up feeling the same. So, why bother?

Life is boring, and you fall into a deep sleep. This is not what it means to feel bored. This is what it means to be unconscious. When you are unconscious, everything feels like a drag, hard, impossible, booooring. This is good to know. You know why? If you feel this way. You can tell yourself: “Oh snap, I am trying to veil myself from a reality I can not see. I am trying to keep myself in the dark.”

Life itself is very exciting, there is lots of proof out there on the internet.

So, why do I feel bored?

What don’t I see?

Henry Miller said: “The moment one gives close attention to any thing, even a blade of grass becomes a magnificent world in itself.”

Of course, I understand, doing the same thing over and over again can cause feelings of boredom. But do we feel this way about taking a shower, brushing our teeth, or eating every day? Do you feel bored when you have to eat every day? Chances are you won’t even think twice about it. You just do it. The key is mastery. You are a master at brushing your teeth and stuffing food down your throat. Now, challenge yourself to master other things. This will always involve something new, and with something new, there is always a learning curve. If you wish to get yourself out of boredom. First, know there is something you don’t master and be interested enough to find out. If you never challenge yourself, you’ll always feel stuck in a rut. Doing the same thing, never progressing, never growing, just doing the same thing. But even if you master something new and you’ve hit a mental ceiling, boredom kicks in.

So, you have to do something where you can see the incremental change, something that has a long shelf life because otherwise it’s going to be hard for you to keep moving towards more complexity. If you can’t measure your growth, it will feel as if you are standing still. That is why the thought of connecting to your Higher Self is so ephemeral. You can’t grasp it, so it becomes a euphemism, a romantic idea that can never be real. Who can see your growth in consciousness with their physical eyes? There is no status, no degree, no title to be got once you reach a higher level of consciousness? There is no proof, merely your words that fall on deaf ears, not attuned to the higher levels of vibration. How can you get better at something that isn’t there?

What’s the difference between the version of me today and from 5 years ago? According to the world, I didn’t change, but in my mind, my world did not stay the same. My mind opened up to the void and became the universe. Untapped potential energy everywhere I look. So many new ideas I could explore, too many to choose. How could I ever be bored?

You want to know why I say: “We are not bored, but unconscious? It’s because someone who is tapped into the universal mind already knows she can’t learn it all in this lifetime. She feels the abundance bestowed upon her and looks at her world in awe. Understands she has to become all she can be and goes to work. There will be no more suffering of what needs to be done, and how long it will take. She received universal stamina to achieve whatever she dares to undertake. Her life is full of ecstasy because she knows divine intelligence turned her into physical energy.

It becomes clear like night and day when you stand in opposition with the mind of source. You can hide it from those who are blind, but not from those who can see. It will be hard to pretend you love your reality. You can’t fake it till you make it. The challenge is to find the excitement in your work, not the end-result.

How clean is your bathroom?

How clean is your kitchen?

How clean are your thoughts?

If you can’t keep your house clean, what makes you think you will ever have positive thoughts? The clutter in your home shows what’s going on in your mind. Boredom will cost you the chance of a magnificent life.

How can you expand your consciousness? When you master something in the physical without losing tension. You find something you deeply care about and pour all your energy into it. You get to choose. You are the creator of your life, and it doesn’t have to be connected to money, either. Find something you love to do, and push yourself to become better at it in incremental steps. Choose something that has no mental ceiling. Where you can’t reach a final destination, but learn to enjoy the process of becoming. It’s in the way you express what you already possess that makes you a master. The ones who can hear you sing will show up to listen.

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