Why You Need To Connect To Your Higher Self | My 8 Reasons Why Now Is The Best Time To Awaken

Enlightenment is not the end but where we start. The reason I say this and why this is so important is because when I look at myself and my past I can clearly see I was unconscious. Seeking validation, appreciation and love from others to prove my worth. But once you wake up, that desire will be gone, and all that is left is the expression of self, but this time it will come from a place of peace and surrender. You won’t seek confirmation from the world, but you are here to give to the world. Selfishness becomes selflessness and it’s set you free.

Attachments make you feel powerless, always at the mercy of others' goodwill. When they show you love and affection you will feel invincible, but when they withdraw their attention you feel worthless. It’s an emotional rollercoaster that we need to stop riding.

So, whenever we choose to do something. It has to come from a deeper part within yourself. There has to be a strong why that is moving you into the direction of who you are becoming. With that said, I wanted to tell you my 8 reasons why I have created FOP.

I am very passionate about mothers awakening to their Higher Self and I am eager to share why. I am going to give you 8 reasons why now is the best time for you to awaken. Let’s get into it.

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Reason 1.

My child will fall asleep regardless if I am awake or not. I must awaken, but as well have a formula/method to help my child wake up. The human matrix wants you to believe our children are perfect angels and we the parents are the bad guys who don’t allow our children to evolve because we condition them with our unconsciousness. That is a half truth completely distorted to serve a false narrative. Children are jerks for a reason! It’s waking up the parents and teaching us unconditional love. The universal mind has designed us to fall asleep. After the age of 7, our frontal cortex kicks in and that’s when the false self shows her face. At age 21, our children will be unconscious.

Right now, it is happening alarmingly faster because of the internet. Conditioning on steroids. Our teenagers are suffering beyond our comprehension. Just because I woke up as a mom, does not mean my child will. She will have to go through the whole spiritual awakening process herself. I wrote FOP because one day my daughter, who is 11 years at the moment will ask me how I did, and I have something tangible to show her and help her through the whole process.

I am here on YouTube because of my daughter. I am not just telling her, but showing her what it means to be connected to your Higher Self. I am documenting my journey. 10 Years from now, my daughter will have an arsenal of videos she can study if she wishes to learn. And the day she is a mom. She has my book, podcast and YouTube channel to start her awakening. My big why is my own flesh and blood and that’s why I will never stop or give up spreading my message. I am going to be here for a while. Ya'll better get used to me.

Reason 2.

Demystify the mystery. Make it tangible so we all can wake up, not a select few. Create a roadmap that we can follow and pass on to our loved ones. I wrote FOP to make it real. Not just some abracadabra mystical speech. I turned chaos into order and I am now presenting it to you in a logical way, so it makes sense and it will open your heart. Life becomes easier when you understand it. A confused mind is a lost mind. I wrote FOP to help you understand soul, mind and body, so it’s easier for you to connect to your higher self. Understanding is the key to your awakening.

Reason 3.

Motherhood is much harder than we are made to believe and if you complain you might come across as ungrateful, but it’s the hardest thing you will ever do, but in the meantime, life doesn’t stop, bills need to be paid, and errands need to be run. Inflation makes everything more expensive, and now you need two incomes instead of one. Life is becoming super expensive, but no help for mothers to make their life easier. You are expected to be Superwoman. Work outside the home and inside the home like a robot. If not careful, you will drown in your day-to-day tasks and will lose yourself in the midst.

Motherhood wakes up your energy body, and it’s time you learn what that means. You are given an opportunity to connect to your higher self and disconnect from the matrix, so you no longer feel overwhelmed by it all. Shame and guilt for not being a superwoman will no longer affect you. You will take yourself out of the rat race and see yourself for who you really are. I wrote FOP to help you see another reality that is right here in front of you, but you need to open that door. Motherhood is the gateway to your Higher Self. FOP shows you how.

Reason 4.

I’m Generation X and it means I am the last generation that knew of a time before the internet. I grew up during the Madonna movement, the era where women claimed their independence and power. The fewer clothes you wore the more powerful you thought you were. Walk around half naked to earn your respect. I have done some shameful things when I was a single woman I am not proud of and could possibly write books about. I had raised my masculine energy to where my divine feminine had no more space to shine. I was equally brainwashed and thought I had to become this super sexy, successful woman who ruled her world and the men in it. Who teaches you how to be a grounded, wise and eloquent queen who treats her man like a king? A woman who cares about others and creates harmony and synergy within her environment. A woman with many friends who love her for who she is. A woman who doesn’t have to pretend to be something she is not. I learned it’s my way or the highway. I learned how to be a toxic masculine woman, and that is as well how I treated the men in my life.

Until I met my husband, a true divine masculine energy, a king in human form. We have been married now for 17 years. It was for the first time I remembered who I was, and our bond woke up the divine feminine within me, but it was only until I became a mother I understood true unconditional love and it was for the first time I saw my husband as divine.

With this book, I want to show you that men are not our enemy and they are here to help us awaken the true divine feminine within, if you let them. But you will need to surrender your ego to your man and, in my book, I tell you how. The most powerful you, is not the divine feminine or the divine masculine. The most powerful you is when the yin and yang energies unite as One. When you become whole, your false self ceases to exist, and the True Self will stand up.

Reason 5.

When I became a mother, my days were full, and I wondered where I would go from here? I am not free to move as I please. I have all these responsibilities towards my family, but I am not just a mom or wife, I am me. I had to ask myself: Who am I? And what do I want? I love my husband and I love my daughter. They are the most important to me, but not to the extent I will neglect myself and my personal growth.

But social media doesn’t help. It just makes you feel bad about not being more than you are. Even worse, you think you might have made a mistake, and the human matrix inspires you to get rid of your role as mom or wife in order to feel better again. It’s trickery and illusion to keep you stuck in the matrix. I had to go through a spiritual awakening to realize my life belongs to me. Nobody dictates or decides how valuable my choices are, but me. This is my life and I choose to live it as I please. I am in a complete space of peace and harmony. The world can’t get to me. I disconnected from the world but found a way to live in it. I wrote FOP to find new meaning of who I am and show you what I have done, so you can do the same. Contrary to popular belief, enlightenment is not the end. Integration is.

When you can be the light in a world of darkness.

When you can stand in your truth, even when those around you don’t believe you.

When you can hold your head high even when others want you to bow down and stay small.