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Free Your Mind by Mastering Your Bliss Energy So You Can Become Your Dream Woman

Go From Good To Great Through The Five Stages of Self-Mastery So You Can Make Bliss Your Default State & Give Yourself Permission To S.H.I.N.E. 

Who Should Join Permission To S.H.I.N.E.?

-The Five Stages of Self-Mastery-

A mom who

  • wants to be free to shine her light without shame or guilt

  • wants BLISS to be her default state

  • feels stuck in a golden cage and guilty for wanting more

  • wants to go from good to great

  • desires to grow without disrupting her peace

  • wants to make decisions from her inner power 

  • wants to unleash her fierceness and be fearless

  • wants to show her kids how to follow your bliss 

  • wants to become the woman of her dreams 

  • wants to expand to 5D Consciousness

Join Permission To S.H.I.N.E.
& Discover Your Bliss

What's Inside:


A Metaphysical Teaching How To Make BLISS Your Default  

Living in 5D will require us to have a 5D Mind. Learn a completely new way of seeing yourself. Take a deep dive into your mystical inner world and learn why motherhood is the gateway to becoming the woman of your dreams. There is nothing we have to do to feel absolutely fabulous about ourselves, but something we must remember. Read the self-mastery study guide for moms to find out. Download the PDF inside the school. 

Self-Mastery Study Guide for Moms


Journaling To Illuminate The Way To Bliss Consciousness

This downloadable workbook is a companion to the self-mastery study guide. In this workbook, you will find self-awareness journal exercises and deep thought experiments to reflect upon. This will allow you to organize your thoughts and see the bigger picture. The big cosmic puzzle is you and by journaling you will unlock a piece of the puzzle until you can see the whole 5D You.  

Self-Mastery Workbook for Moms

Sacred Visionary Visuals To Activate Your Bliss Body

Receive a library full of Visionary Visuals to unlock your subconscious mind to 5D Consciousness so you can wake up your Bliss Body. These illustrations will help your subconscious form a more detailed image of who you are becoming and activate the law of attraction so you can align with the woman of your dreams and bring her into your physical reality.



Bliss Body Meditations 

Powerful transcendental activation meditations to feel the frequency of the woman you see in your dreams. A woman who is in an ultimate state of peace and joy. Find a quiet room, put on your headset, and let the meditation guide you to a place where there is no time, only space, and fill your body with Bliss Energy! You will never be the same after this.

Transcendental Guided Meditations


Secret Podcast

Learn The Hidden Knowledge To Create A Blissful Life

This is a private podcast to discuss all questions regarding the self-mastery study guide, masterclasses, and additional teachings to deepen your knowledge about ancient wisdom and mastery of self so you can put thoughts into action a lot faster towards becoming the woman of your dreams and create a blissful life. Two seasons ready for you to binge-listen. 

Fabulous One Philosophy Presents: The Secret-Podcast


Masterclasses To Give Yourself Permission To S.H.I.N.E.


These masterclasses are designed to give you Satori (Aha) moments to help you understand your inner world. Understanding will inspire you to take action steps in your outer world to create a Blissful Life. Click on the carousel to see the masterclasses that are currently running.

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 Are you ready to become Fabulous One?

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