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It's A Call From The Divine Feminine To Connect To Your Higher Self

Learn The Five Stages of Self-Mastery So You Can Silence Your Inner Saboteur & Awaken The Master Within

What's Inside School

What's Inside The Free Student Program 


Receive A Free Digital Copy of The Self-Mastery Study Guide 

Read The Complete Teaching and learn a new way of seeing yourself. A deep dive into the metaphysics of motherhood. You will learn why motherhood is the gateway to your Higher Self. There is nothing we have to do to feel absolutely fabulous about ourselves, but something we must remember. Read the self-mastery study guide for moms to find out.

Self-Mastery Study Guide for Moms


Receive The Digital Workbook 

This downloadable workbook is a companion to the self-mastery study guide. In the study guide, you will find self-awareness journal exercises and deep thought experiments to reflect upon. With this workbook, you can organize your thoughts and have them in one place. All fields are fillable and have unlimited characters.

Self-Mastery Workbook for Moms

A Picture Speaks More Than A Thousand Words

Receive twenty-one visionary visuals to open your inner vision. These illustrations will help deepen your understanding of The Higher Self and activate your mind's eye. 



Receive Five Transcendental Guided Meditations 

Powerful activation meditations to reset your mind and remember who you are. You will mind-travel to a place where there is no time, only space, and connect to your Higher Self. Download these four mp3s on your device and listen whenever you want. 

Transcendental Guided Meditations


Secret Podcast

Learn The Secrets of Ancient Wisdom & Universal Laws

This a private podcast for students only to discuss all questions regarding the self-mastery study guide and additional teachings to deepen your knowledge about mastering the self so you can take the small wins and create a beautiful life with a strong foundation of inner knowing. 

Fabulous One Philosophy Presents: The Secret-Podcast


Access Free Masterclasses To Reset Your Mind & Body


Catch a glimpse of sudden enlightenment and deepen your inquiry into the self so you are empowered about what is needed to reach your goals in your physical reality. These masterclasses will motivate you to take action steps in your outer world and keep you inspired to walk toward your Higher Self. Click on the carousel to see the masterclasses that are currently running.


A Private Student Account

You will have a private student account inside the school. You can't see other students, neither can they see you. Only the teacher has access to your account, and you can always reach out to her. To become a student, you must create a username and password on the registration form to register. Once completed, you will get immediate access and receive a "Student Badge" so you can enjoy all the free resources inside the Student Membership.  


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