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How to stop judging yourself and others | The answer might surprise you | Poetic Motivation

Updated: Dec 14, 2023

You say, “Don’t judge me,” but I will.

You say, “Don’t be against me,” but I am.

You say, “Be yourself, but don’t judge,” but I have.

To stop judging you is not to be me.

To stop judging you is against my humanity.

To stop judging is a judgment.

You can’t escape the dichotomy of being Judgment Free.

To judge is to choose; it’s the decision I make;

Good or Bad.

It’s the choices I make that are going to make me;

Happy or Sad.

Judgment is the premise of my survival.

My life depends on my judgments.

My mind wants to keep me safe.

My body will behave according to the judgments I make.

If I keep denying you to have an opinion of your own.

If I keep denying your right to have an opinion of me.

I am denying my own existence because I will always have a preference for what I see.

I will always feel drawn to something or move away from something.

It’s my universal nature to run interference with the energy of my brilliance.

My opinions can build constructively, or I can use these same words to destruct the essence of me.

I will always use my innate survival skill given to me since birth.

I have to frame my own cage of reality.

If I don’t express myself, I will hurt.

How can I live my life if you condemn me as unworthy?

How can you live your life if I confine you to the chambers of my judgmental mind?

We are both stuck in the same place, where there is no space to shine.

Allow judgment to stay.

Create a private space for our minds to misbehave.

Where we feel safe and no longer have to be in each other’s way.

You be true to you, and I be true to me.

Stand up for what we believe.

Our highest achievement ever will be;

when we can say without guilt, "Never."

When we can say without shame, "Stop."

When we can say without a doubt, "No, I will never give up."

Only then are you open to inquire with curiosity;

"Why doesn’t she want to be the same mom as me?"

Speak your truth.

Electrify your words with meaning and soul.

Know who you are, and you will become whole.

There is wisdom in being GOOD.

This knowledge will give you the power to bridge the differences between sisters,

supply you the strength to build on our similarities and...

unite based on Motherhood.




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