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Embrace your light... if not for yourself than do it for her | An Urgent Call To All Moms | Poem

Updated: Dec 14, 2023

The Rise of The Great Mother

Ignorance is not sexy.

If you do not have a personality, there is nothing about you that is attractive for the Soul to see.

You can be pretty, slim, and have glowing skin, but it means nothing if you still feel empty within.

Fill your life with life force energy and ignite your mission with passion and power.

A strong heart who doesn’t fear the light but instead completely opens up like a flower.

Show your truth on the inside. You have nothing to hide.

Bear your all; show them what you got.

Know your worth.

A daughter can’t learn from a mother who believes she’s “NOT.”

It is not charming if you don’t know your female history.

It is not adorable to play dumb.

Don't call it humility by looking like a bum.

Don’t be less educated because you fear offending anyone.

Those days are over. You need to expose your truth.

You need to know who you are and pass it on to your daughter.

We need to awaken and start paying it forward.

It is not enough to stay in our own bubble of bliss.

That’s selfish…

Fill up your cup, but share your wisdom.

Nothing can be taken away that truly belongs to your kingdom.

The Conscious Universe will give anything to a mother who feels proud

and not afraid to sing her song out loud.

Help your daughter out; otherwise, she will get lost in the crowd.

Give her the vision to see her destiny.

Ignite in her the confidence to stand on her own two feet, who dares to be different, and sees her fabulosity.

The only way to reach this state of ecstasy is when you transcend space-time reality.

You need to reach a higher level of awareness to solve this mystery.

Make yourself whole again, and feel the power of your divine feminine.

When you are gone, your daughter will be the one to sit on your throne and pass this sacred wisdom on to her little one.

Let your light shine.

Believe in yourself.

Don’t stutter or fumble.

Teach your daughter what it means to be a woman.

We have no time to be humble.

Write your teaching down so it can be passed on to the next generation.

Use your voice to set yourself free, and the soul will grant you the gift of immortality.

By making this single decision because of you, we will rewrite history.

Forge a new path for our daughters to follow,

so that we can create a better future for all of us women… TOMORROW.



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