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5 Ways To Strengthen Your Belief-System

Updated: Jul 4

In this blog post, I will give you 5 ways to help you strengthen your belief system, so you can keep the promises you make to yourself and come out a winner.

The difference between me before my awakening, and now, is that I used to focus on the end goal. I gave myself something I wanted to reach and then I would just jump in and try to do it. Usually, halfway I would run out of energy to complete it because I would be met with obstacle after obstacle. There was always a good reason why it was just not a good idea anymore and I would change course. Do something else until I give up on that too.

After I silenced my inner saboteur, I don’t hear these negative thoughts anymore, and I realize, it was never about the goal. There is no more end goal, I finally understand I am the goal. Who do I want to become? Only when you become clear on who you are and where you are going, will you restore the energetic link between you and the universal mind. Once that link is restored, you can tap into an infinite amount of energy and you will know that you will come up with as many goals as you want as long as you do them one at the time.

This is how I wrote my book. I have never written a book before, and English is my second language. So, I had plenty of reasons to give up on myself. But instead of focusing on a finished product, a book. I asked myself if I want to be an author, what do I need to do? Write.

So, if I truly want to believe I am a writer, I should write. So, my goal became: Write every day. I didn’t say how much I should write, but I did set a fixed time every day to write for 5 years straight. Some days I write a lot, some days I wouldn’t, but I kept the promise to myself. I started to believe I am a writer way before the book was finished, and with that belief in myself, finishing the book was just a matter of time. There was no doubt in my mind. And as a side note, I wrote two books, because I was so focused on the writing process itself that the words just started to flow.

This is Book One The Soul, and the second book, I still need to edit it, and I will do that in the year 2022. Hopefully, by 2023, I can as well publish my second book. I just wrote so much that I had to divide it into two parts. Believing in yourself is not something that just happens because you meditate. There is no aha moment. There is no epiphany and belief is here. Your vibration will increase, and therefore your belief system when you do something often enough, so you can actually get good at it. When you do one thing, really well, and you keep improving that one thing. Your belief in yourself will be restored once you can do it on autopilot. To reach that level, you will have to practice, over and over, again.

But it’s the inner saboteur who always pops her head and says: “Are we there, yet? Are we there yet?” And you get impatient because let’s say in my case, the book hasn’t manifested. What’s taking so long? The inner saboteur doesn’t want you to find yourself, so to confuse you, she will keep laying down land mine, after land mine, stirring you in a different direction, never standing still long enough with one thing to truly solidify your belief in yourself. Because she knows once you focus on one thing, it will open a portal to your Higher Self. Distraction is her choice of weapon. So, instead of doing one thing really well, she will have you do many things on a mediocre level, good, but never getting great. It doesn’t matter whether our goals are tangible or intangible. You want to find a husband, but he seems ok, not really the love of your life, so you dump him, again, waiting for Mr. Perfect. You want to have more money, you go start that business, but you realize it requires many skills to be an entrepreneur to make money, so you give up. You want to be skinny, but you realize it is a lot of extra work to eat clean and go to the gym, and you don’t like to do all those things, so you quit and give up.

If you are not willing to go all in, you will never develop a strong belief system because you are teaching yourself to quit when it gets hard. When you focus just on the end goal, the chances are very high, you are not very realistic about what needs to be done. The chances are very high that half the things you need to do to reach that goal are things you don’t enjoy doing. So, you will run out of energy. How long can you keep doing that thing, that is not fun, that is supposed to prove you are worthy? There is no real motivation nor energy behind this endeavor. Your inner saboteur can easily throw a wrench and redirect you to do something else again, something that feels better in that moment, but never get you to where you want to be.

So, what is going on when we don’t believe in ourselves? The mind and body are not in alignment. They are both walking in two different directions. And as long as these two don’t see eye to eye. It will be very hard to get them on the same page. The friction between mind and body causes you to activate your inner saboteur, and she is the one who takes away your life force energy. In spiritual term, they would say; “You are leaking energy.” So, you are always running out of energy to really go after that thing you want because the fuel is allocated somewhere else. Somewhere where it doesn’t need to be. And you stop believing it is possible. You will stop believing in yourself.

How to believe in yourself:

  1. Choose something that is in alignment with your Soul. Something that will force you to change into a better version of yourself in order to achieve it.

  2. You need to choose one thing and focus on it completely until the task is completed.

  3. Switch off any other distractions. Make it clear to yourself that once you make a choice, your mind is no longer allowed to change it, no matter what happens. You will stick with it for at least one month. Even if you fall off the wagon, the next day, you pick yourself back up and do it again.

  4. Once you complete the one month, celebrate yourself, and make it a big deal.

  5. After one month add some complexity, make it a little harder, so you need to improve the same skill and do this process all over, again.

The inner saboteur loves to play the martyr, poor me. I am a victim. Look at me suffering while others have all the fun. Why must I do it this way? Shouldn’t I be doing something else? So, you will notice that the inner saboteur will talk you out of your own good ideas over and over.

Every step you take towards your own self-improvement is going to strengthen your belief a little bit and a little bit more until one day you will wake up and that thing that you used to dream about. Will be second nature. It will feel normal as if it has always been this way, and that will give you an enormous boost in your self-esteem. And you will get excited, and your mind will ask you: “Ok, what is next? Let’s do this!”

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