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Self-realization vs. self-actualization | Living life in reverse don't wait till its too late

Updated: Mar 20

Hello, Fabulous One.

The dilemma of awakening: when you are young, you don't care, and when you are old, it's too late to do something about it. Throw in modern-day distractions like social media, TV shows, and video games, and we have a recipe for disaster. But hey, as long as it's in the future and we can't see, hear, taste, or touch it, it's all okay.

We all know there is no real equality in the world. We also can see now how women who do not live in Western countries do not have the same privileges. Yes, we all live in the 21st century, but we aren't all part of modern society; it depends on where you live. On top of that, western women have to deal with many mental health issues that the idea of "awakening" is not a priority and pushed down the list. I will wake up when I am dead.

Sounds morbid? Really?

Look at the world and tell me how we are doing.

Are we evolving in a way that will create a better world?

Should we care? Why should we care?

I can't answer those questions for you, but as an awakened one, I can tell you without a doubt: "Yes, I care."

Being human is a privilege. It's so special that we can't stand ourselves for it. "You think you're special, huh?" will be the words you hear whenever you have the bold and brave idea to do better.

So, let's forget about the world and its distorted views and focus purely on ourselves. The world will remain here for a long time, but we won't. Funny enough, to improve the world, we should not focus on selflessness but be selfish enough to heal ourselves first.

How can we do that?

We should prioritize self-realization in our and our children's lives so we can pass this on to future generations. Mothers like you and me should build programs where soul, mind, and body alignment are taught so we won't forget who we are again. Just because we are aware now doesn't mean we will remain so. We must keep doing our inner work and connect to our Higher Self.

In this video, I explain how we have removed our Higher Self from the pedestal, replaced it with a dysfunctional world, and made it our norm. Click the link below.

Love, Jean

Go to my podcast page to listen to this episode: Podcast 

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Self-Mastery School for Moms | Learn The Five Stages of Self-Mastery so you can awaken The Master within | Join The Free Student Program:



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