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Becoming Your True Self | Your Ego Is Playing Hide and Seek... Awareness is Key | Public Podcast

Updated: Dec 14, 2023

What if you just know who you are? Truly, on the deepest level of your existence. What if you have been walking towards her this whole time?

When you see the vision of your best self in your mind’s eye. It means she’s already here. Otherwise, she would not appear in your mind. You will not receive a vision of someone who you can not become. Your dreams are to show your potential. What is possible if you walk the path? If you follow The Way.

It’s your conscious mind who is confused—wondering who to trust. The outside world or your inside world? You will only become who you believe to be even if you can’t see her yet in your physical reality.

The true quest is for you to walk in faith, seeing no evidence. You’ll have to walk with so much conviction to a destiny unknown to you. Walk as if you already know where it is. In essence, you do.

You have seen it inside your mind. It’s just that nobody believes you yet, and you think you need the outside world to confirm your beliefs before you have permission to chase after your dreams. You will try to convince them, but all you have to do is walk your path. Stop listening to the outside world and follow the voice of your Higher Self.

Keep stepping towards your destiny, do not look back, but as well do not get distracted by people on the left or right. It’s all to distract you from your might. Keep walking, and it will just be a matter of time. That’s the feeling you need to have in your heart. Whatever you are in pursuit of. It has to live in your mind first.

Do you want your boyfriend to propose?

Marry yourself in your mind’s eye.

Do you want your husband to accept you as you are?

Accept yourself in your mind’s eye.

Do you want your business to take off?

See abundance in your mind’s eye.

We have learned to manifest upside down, and that is why it takes so long or it never happens. You are looking for proof in your outside world before you give yourself permission to feel good. If you want to become a powerful co-creator with Source. Feel it first and wait for it to appear. Imagine the desire in such detail that it looks real. You can’t second guess yourself. Any doubt and you delay the appearance of whatever it is you desire.

Inaction will lead to your desired outcome, but we never learned to feel good about that. We think we have to become lazy, dream and fantasize all day. That is not what it is about. Become the person in your subconscious mind before you can make her appear in your 3D reality. Your vibration has to shift if you want to see it in your physical world.

Before my enlightenment, I was under the impression that I had to do, do, do, action, action, action. That was easy for me. I have no problem with taking action. I mean, you say jump; I say, how high?

How high do I need to go in order to reach that goal?

I have no problem with doing the work.

But every time I jumped: “The stairs extend.”

Who was it that said: “Go ahead, jump?”

Your inner saboteur wants you to go fast, so you crash and burn. She doesn’t want you to sit still and contemplate that there might be a better way. If you jump before doing any inner work. Your manifestation will be short-lived. It might come in fast, and it will leave just as fast. When it does, your suffering will be worse.

For example: What would feel worse?

Never knowing what it’s like to have a boyfriend or going through a divorce?

You had something, and it slipped through your hands. You couldn’t hold on to it.


Having no substantial amount of money in your life ever or inheriting a million dollars only to find out you have to hand it over to someone else?

Once you have had the experience, you can never undo the experience, but what happens afterward is despair and depression because you want it back, and you don’t know how.

Some say it’s better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all. Even though it’s a beautiful quote, the evidence in the world says otherwise. The evidence says; Those who have loved but lost are suffering the most. Ignorance is bliss. You can’t miss what you don’t have any awareness of.

I am more of a…” You don’t know what you got till it’s gone, type of woman.” That is why I make sure I am always grateful for what I have today, not in an imaginary future.

Let go of any fixed ideas of how you want things to go in your life. First, imagine who you want to become instead of always desiring certain physical outcomes. You don’t attract what you think about, but you attract who you are.

If there are certain things you wish to achieve in your life, embodiment comes first before it can manifest in your life. So, all this “doing” in your outer reality is just moving you further away at a faster pace. Who is the voice in your head telling you to be a rat in this rat race?

The more you do in your outer world, the further away you feel from becoming her.

At some point, you must catch yourself and say: “Hey, hold on. Hold on one second. Hold on. Wait a minute. Wait a minute, waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaait. a. minute. Something ain’t right?”

All this doing and doing, taking action after action, is making me feel miserable. There must be a better way. I keep chasing this invisible carrot, and the faster I move, the faster the carrot moves away. It’s like chasing the horizon. When will you ever meet? You can see the horizon, but will you ever reach it?

What if you make the horizon come to you? What if who you want to become you already are? What if there’s nothing you have to do in order to be the embodiment of her? You just have to sit still. What if all this time, you just forgot who you were?

I’ve been looking in the dark for myself. Using a flashlight to find my true self. What if I just switched the light knob on the wall and illuminate all? Why do I keep walking in the dark with a little lighter if I wish to find myself? Maybe I don’t want to know who I am. What if I don’t like what I see? What if I don’t believe it’s me?

Once you turn on the light switch, you will know it was fear that prevented you from understanding that all this time, you were already here. All this time. I was already here.

What if you already know?

How would you act?

How would you behave?

How would you be different?

You would move with such ease and grace. You would move slowly and take your time. There wouldn’t be any race. Because there’s nowhere you need to go. You’re already here.

Once you take yourself out of this world, you can live in it. But as long as you are in this maze, you’re going to desperately look for a way out. Only when you can see the maze from a bird

's-eye view, will you know where you are and where you are going? The path will become easy. Almost feels like cheating. And when you softly land back on your feet from your flight, you’ll just easily walk your way towards it. Even stop and smell the roses on your way.

Once you connect to your Higher Self, you will know, not only that, you know, you know. No more second guessing, no more wandering, but pure knowing. When there’s nothing more to figure out, that’s when you become still. You will be at complete peace and happiness. Who you really are, is already here, but you will have to close your eyes to see.

You are Fabulous One, and all you have to do is remember what you forgot.



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