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Co-creation With The Universe Requires You To Take The First Step. Otherwise, Step Two Can't Exist

Updated: Jul 3

We all know to create our lives, we need to have a vision but to actualize it, we must take the steps. Do the work. There is an order in how things unfold; if you don't take the first step, the 2nd step will remain pure potential and can never exist as a reality. If you wish to turn thoughts into things, you must walk the talk.

Hi, Fabulous One.

We all dream of a soft and easy life where we feel on top of our game and everything always works out for us. But, unfortunately, the reality usually doesn't match our ideas. But how is that possible? The plan sounded solid in my mind. So why can't I manifest a better life even though I can clearly see it in my mind's eye? In this video, I will give you a realistic outline of co-creation in the hopes you'll give this idea of "manifesting" up and inspire you to drop it all together to seek a more purposeful outcome that brings inner peace instead.

We seriously underestimate inner peace (lol)

What is your idea of inner peace?

Sitting under a tree, meditating, staring at the sky, doing nothing all day? No longer interested in material things, always in this airy fairy cloud and speaking nothing but woohoo words.

You'll believe me for 5 seconds until you get smacked in the face with reality, and all your wants or ideas of what you deserve surface back to the forefront. Making you feel that inner peace is an illusion.

Inner peace will allow you to play the long game because that's what you need if you wish to turn thoughts into things: patience and a clear path to walk.

The universe is a probability. We have so many possible directions we can move towards. It only becomes real when we choose and decide to take the first step. Only when we take a physical step forward, aka take action, will the universe be instructed to go into action mode.

In my philosophy, I teach you how the divine masculine energy, the fabulous self, and the divine feminine energy, the frequency self, must work together as a team. You need both, and that's why Buddha calls it the middle path because to hold the tension between the two, the real you - the soul - must hold them together.

They both serve a phenomenal purpose and once you understand their function, it becomes easier to take steps in your real world. The frequency self shows you the vision, the complete picture. She can pull all data you have gathered until now and show you what that looks like in a visual. What she can't do is put the puzzle pieces together. She can show you what the puzzle looks like when it's complete. The fabulous self is the pioneer. The fabulous self is the one who should formulate the plan and take the action steps towards it. The plan must be in a linear order. It's as simple as steps 1, 2, 3….etc.

" The whole is greater than the sum of all parts." - Aristotle.

What's so amazing is that with each step you take, the divine feminine energy becomes more complex and can show you a more expanded version of the original vision. All you did was take one step, but that one step added to the sum makes the whole greater. Each step in your physical reality creates a greater outcome in your non-physical reality - you become more.

What if I told you there are no wrong steps to take?

How fast would you start stepping?

What if your trust in your inner guidance is so strong that you'll start stepping faster?

Our ability to turn thoughts into things has nothing to do with positive thinking or doing the right things. It's all about speed. And with speed, there must be trust. Trust in yourself.

With a high speed, your chances of falling become higher, and when you do fall, you can get hurt. So a real consequence comes with any action steps you take and at what speed it is taken.

So what stops us from self-actualizing? Speed.

What are we, mothers, notorious for? Worry, doubt, overthinking, second-guessing. All of which slows down our speed. How many times a great idea pops into our minds, and we go like this:

"Hmmm, is this right? Should I do this? Hmm, I should wait, or I misunderstood. Wait, what?"

I am so guilty of this! It's ridiculous!

If I had only known this information when I was 20!

This has been the frustration my whole life. I am not afraid to jump, but every time I jumped, the vision expanded, and I had no idea what was going on. It felt like I was blindsided each time. So I'm finally brave enough to take that leap of faith, and then the vision changes, and I stop and say: "Uhhh wait a minute, oh, I might need to go left instead of right?"

I am like walking in circles, never catching on, never realizing I am doing the same things expecting a positive, forward-moving outcome—one step forward, two steps back.

So, after I made a few "wrong" steps, I started to doubt myself more and more. Slowing down my speed. Walking slower and slower because I had to ensure this was a good idea. It always ends up not working out, second-guessing my every move. As if there are guarantees?

What happens is:

Start-stop-go back-start-stop- go back - start-stop...

Are you with me?

I'm gonna tell you something that's just gonna blow your mind.

There is no moving back in the universe?

Once it's created, once the step is made, you can't go back. There are only zeros and ones. The rest is an illusion. There is a natural order in the universe. Once the seed is planted, it must follow the path or perish.

When the egg is fertilized - the outcome is already determined. This will become a little human being. The vision is clear. Yet, the steps in this 3D reality must be taken; 9 months must pass before it is manifested. We don't second guess this outcome because we believe it's real. Yet, we don't believe it's real when it comes to other things we feel passionate about because we don't have any proof.

So to use the same analogy of pregnancy, we fertilize the egg, meaning the vision is shown, but in month one, we doubt; in month two, we become restless; and in month three, abort the mission and start over with a new idea - you had no proof so you never knew for your vision to manifest it needed nine months, not three. You have no idea how often you have canceled your becoming because you don't understand metaphysics.

What we need to do is keep stepping. If I want to reach "easy," it must first be " hard, " and I must surrender to the journey. If I wish to be Mozart, I must accept that my first step will be to use one finger and play do-re-mi. If I can't accept that excellence requires a beginner's mind, don't even bother. Yes, I am telling you to give it up. Stay where you are, and become a grumpy old woman—complaining and nagging. How many of those do we have at the moment? Do you want to be one of them?

I understand now that we all have our own vibrational setpoint, and with that frequency is a vision attached. However, the vision has limits - yes, you can't see further than your vibrational setpoint. So, if you wish to expand and create more, you must take action steps - only then will the universe unfold. You need to take the first step to ensure the 2nd step will exist. So seeing the vision is marvelous, but you have to break up the steps to get to the vision and understand that the vision will keep changing along the way and become more.

That's why the fabulous self has to set clear boundaries and create focused action steps toward the first vision. Otherwise, you find yourself lost in the bigger vision, and you will keep second-guessing your action steps or just stop moving because you need to understand why the goal keeps increasing. It's never enough. You are not imagining this feeling. You are right. It's never enough, but not in the way you think. It's because of what you are. A soul, mind, and body that exist to expand.

For example, my daughter wanted to spend time with me. She asked me if we could go to the cheesecake factory on her day off from school, a very nice restaurant in the US. I said, sure, I love to spend time together. So, on her day off, we jumped in the car to go to the cheesecake factory as promised. I was so happy. Such a wonderful bonding moment with my daughter. In the car, she says, hey, Mom, since we are eating at Cheesecake, and there is a mall attached to the restaurant, can we go shopping? Because I saw a few shirts I wanted and would like you to buy them.

Huh? Wait?

I thought this was about spending mother-daughter time in a restaurant. How did you suddenly add an extra hour or 2 to go shopping?

I said, no, this wasn't the plan. So, here we go, but why?????

You never get me any nice things. All my friends wear these shirts. I want one too. We are already at the mall so we could go. It’s not that complicated.

No, Josi, we are not going shopping today.

Now she is mad, stops talking to me, and has a grumpy face driving to the restaurant.

So, what just happened?

How did her mind jump from step one to step four, metaphorically speaking? I agreed to step one. It made her vision bigger. Now she wanted more because she was shown a bigger vision. A vision where she gets her cake and eats it two. She tried to convince me of her bigger vision and got upset when she learned it wasn’t gonna happen. In my mind, it created overwhelm, I was willing to pay 100 dollars for us to have a nice lunch together, but now I need to add another $100 to pick up some shirts and two more hours of my time I didn't calculate. And if I say no, I am the bad guy, busting her bubble, big bad mama.

My daughter gave me a bigger vision, and I got overwhelmed and immediately felt that just taking her out to lunch wasn’t good enough anymore. Now, I have to sit here and watch her pout, and it’s my fault.

What if I got angry in the car, turned the car around, and said: You are not appreciative of the fact I am making this time and effort to take you out to eat? You are getting mad about something I didn't even agree upon! Where do you come off, expecting this and for me to just say; Yeah, ok? And if I don't? I get the cold shoulder? If I had done so, I don’t think you would have blamed me for it, right?

This is why self-mastery is so important. It allows you to see from a higher mind. I understand that these situations have been happening to me my whole life, and I had no idea until I opened my third eye. I see it coming and understand what's happening, so I don't have to get mad.

Instead, I explained to my daughter about metaphysics and how her thoughts got her here in the first place. She understood, snapped out of it, and we had a great time at the restaurant.

The moral of the story is that even though the vision is shown, your fabulous self, conscious mind, needs to make it into practical steps that you can take in a linear fashion so that the journey toward reaching your goals becomes tangible. You will need to be patient and trust the process. You can't jump to step 5 ahead of time. Only when you take step 4 step 5 is available. Rushing your expansion will make you crash and burn.

You must trust and follow the plan, and don't become impatient with imaginary rushed deadlines when things are supposed to manifest because once it does, the vision becomes more.

Focus on mastering each step and moving forward, not the end result. The end result will always change by the input of one - therefore becoming a greater whole.

If you don't respect the step-by-step process, whatever you want, it doesn't matter, great body, fabulous husband, smart kids, more money, it won't happen because you lack trust that this is the right path, and you will jump off before anything of substance can appear. You will have abandoned your diet, divorced your husband, disowned your kids, and closed down your business (lol)

If you respect the process and surrender your ego to what needs to be done, you will have the patience of a saint to keep doing the work until...

Until what?


You will keep doing the work because someone in the awakened state understands it has always been about mastering the steps. So it's not the actualization of the vision but the steps I took to get here that made me more.

If you wish to master the self. I invite you to join my self-mastery school for moms, where I share many free resources to take you through Stage One.

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