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How to believe in yourself so you do not fear the self-actualization process | Part 3 | Masterclass: The Myth of Self-Actualization

Hello, Fabulous One.

In parts one and two, I made you aware that there is a Hierarchy of Transcendence, with self-mastery at the top of the pyramid. To fully transcend the self, we must go through the five stages of self-mastery. This is a special secret podcast episode because it is Part 3 of the masterclass, The Myth of Self-Actualization. 

You might be familiar with the saying: "The way you do one thing is how you do everything." An approach you would have to embrace if you wish to master the self. Self-mastery doesn't happen linearly; it happens non-linearly, so you can't know exactly how many steps you will need to go from Stage One to Stage Two. 

That "je ne sais quoi" makes the universe so mysterious, but it is comforting to know that you will know when you transition. Everything about you feels different. How you move, speak, act, and respond to others will all change. People in your environment can feel the change in your energy. They might not know exactly what you did, but they will say, "You have changed," but not always for the better. 

It's important to understand that people's perception of change depends on whether they see a benefit in it or not. If they don't see any advantage or believe the change has made things worse, they won't be happy about it. So, before celebrating any change, ensure you are doing it yourself. Only you can decide if the change is good for you or not. If your ability to change depends on others perception of you, that is when self-actualization becomes:

- an anticlimax if you were doing it to be seen by others in a positive way. 

- a disappointment if you were doing it to be happy.

- an illusion if you thought it would make you feel good enough.

In this part 3, Episode 02E14, I share my story about how I went through the five stages of self-mastery: reset, reframe, restore, remember, and renew to become courageous enough to believe in myself and no longer fear the self-actualization process, and fully going after my goals without sacrificing my marriage or motherhood.  

Click the image below.

Love, Jean 

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